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Awax is building the global financial system of the future, empowering anyone to exchange, move and manage their digital and fiat money  with complete flexibility, groundbreaking transaction times and significantly lower fees than today's alternatives.

How AWAX exchange works

AWAX uses PoA (Proof of Asset) Tokens and a digital trust fund to broker exchanges between cryptocurrency, fiat currency and real-world assets without lengthy settlement times, expencive transaction cost, and geographical restrictions.

PoA Tokens

Fiat currency and real-world assets on AWAX each have their denomination and PoA utility token, making them far easier to trade than traditional methods. Every PoA utility token is cryptographically secured. visible to everyone on the blockchain, and backed by real assets stored in a decentralized digital wallet.

Digital Trust Fund

Your fiat currency and real-world assets are securely in our digital trust fund, linked  to your PoA utility token. These trust funds connot be claimed by AWAX or anyone  lese, and all underlying assets are protected by strict trust fund laws.

Solving today's investment challenges

Crypto Volatility

AWAX provides an easy way for investors to diversify their portfolios, by purchasing real-world assets.

Counterpartly Risk

AWAX reduces risk exposure from days to less than a minute, using automated smart contracts to achieve near-instant  transaction times.

Seizure & Theft

All assets are traded directly between the buyer and seller's hard wallets, removing the risk of loss due to attack or  injunction against AWAX Exchange.

High Overheads

Smart contracts enable traders to bypass middlemen and clearing houses,significantly reducing the cost of trading real world assets.

Trading Restictions

AWAX accounts are global, enabling investors to avoid geographical trading  restrictions, including the need for a  local bank.

Legal Recourse

All AWAX trades are legally accepted, integrated with real-world financial infrastructure, and fully enforceable in a court of law.

Crypto Basket Funds

AWAX verifies the manager of every fund, carries out cryptographic audits, and signs legally binding contracts on yourbehalf.

Human Error

Smart contracts are used to hold investor funds in escrow, and instantly  releases them to the broker-dealer once assets have been transferred.

The world needs a new financial system

Today's global financial system was not designed to move trillions of dollars for billions of people every day. As a result, consumers and business experience slow transactions, fees and poor compatibility between currencies. Token Supply Awax will buy back tokens; & burn tokens used to fund transition to maintain liquidity and minimise dilation.

We see the blockchain as the solution and are on a mission to build the latest and best global blockchain-based banking and exchange platform, capable of delivering near-instant transactions, seamless commerce between fiat, digital and real-world assets. All this delivered at lower fees, and with greater security and confidentiality thantraditional alternatives.

AWAX will solve the growing and inescapable problem today

Instantly exchange cryptocurrency for fiat currency and real-world assets backed by cryptographically secured PoA Tokens.

The Evident Problem

Despite the finance industry's resistance to change, blockchain- based solutions are set to replace many processes we use today in financial transactions. Our current global finance systems rely on outdated processes - many of which still rely on paper - and was never designed for today's personal and business financial management.

The AWAX Solution

Levering the Ethereum blockchain, self executing smart contracts and unique automation technology, AWAX provides a new, highly scalable global financial solution. Users will have a single global account for their digital and fiat money and complete freedom to buy, sell, move and exchange any type of asset anywhere in the world without restriction. All this at near-instant transaction speed and at significantly reduced fees to traditional systems.

Some of the Awax Benefits

Instant transactions

Financial transaction are processed in seconds.

Fair Rates

Exchange and banking fees are significantly reduced.


AWAX is decentralised and protected from bad players


AWAX connects crypto, fiat and real-world assets.


Users are able to transact directly from hard wallets.

Global scale

Significantly greater capacity than a regular ETH application

AWAX Utility Tokens

AWAX utility tokens will only be released in exchange for Ethereum and Bitcoin during the contribution period which runs from October until early 2019. This is to protect the investor and AWAX as the token will remain inside the project.

Whilst AWAX is already partially funded, a soft cap of $15 million will be required in order to deliver a functioning platform and exchange. If this is not achieved, all investments will be returned.

Our hard cap of $120 million will fund the acquisition of existing banking and exchange services which will expedite our mission of building a fully functioning multi-asset financial system.

Access Utility Token

Broker- dealers and fund managers will use Access Utility Tokens to list their real-world assets and funds on the AWAX exchange; and pay AWAX fees when assets are sold, after which the Access Token is burned.

Proof of Asset (PoA) Utility Token

PoA utility tokens represent real-world assets in the form of securities. Users receive a PoA utility token in return for every fiat currency, real-world asset of fund in which they invest. This represents a legally enforceable claim to the underlying assets


Richard Haverinen

Chief Executive Officer / Board Member

Sweden Technology, Blockchain, Crypto-currency, Entrepreneur.

Andrew Peciorin

Founder / Board Member / CTO

United Kingdom Technology, Blockchain, Crypto-currency, Entrepreneur.

Magnus Larsson

Chief Operating Officer

Sweden Technology, Blockchain, Crypto-currency, Entrepreneur.

Jevgenijus Cernys


Lithuania CEO at JCernys International LTD

Edvin Babicius


United Kingdom Legal and Financial Compliance Analyst.


  • 2017 Q1

    The AWAX Group LTD is founded

    Registration of AWAX LTD as a legal entity

  • 2017 Q2

    Platform Idea

    Started working on MVP of AWAX Blockchain Platform

  • 2018 Q2

    Initial Arrangements

    Team and Development flow planning

    Company structure formation

    Getting legal advice


  • 2018 Q3

    AWAX Offices in:

    United Kingdom



  • 2018 Q4

    ICO Campaigns and Launch of

    AWAX Forex and Investment Board

    Pre - ICO 2nd Nov - 15th Dec

    ICO 15th January 2019 

    Private sales

    Project promotion

    Initial Development of next-generation tablets / smartphones

    AWAX Blockchain Platform Exchange platform V1.0

    AWAX Blockchain Platform Margin trading V2.0

    AWAX Blockchain Platform ICO V3.0

    AWAX Social Network and VoIP

  • 2018 Q4

    AWAX Decentralizations

    AWAX LTD transformation as AWAX PLC

    AWAX Platform V1.0 / V2.0 / 3.0 - decentralization

    AWAX Blockchain Platform Merchant V6.0

    AWAX Blockchain Platform Banking V7.0

    Launch of the AWAX Debit CARD

    IT infrastructure / Issue personal IBANs

    Merchant solution

    Launch AWAX TV Channel

    Platform update:

    AWAX Blockchain Platform Exchange platform V1.1

    AWAX Blockchain Platform Margin trading V2.1

    AWAX Blockchain Platform ICO V3.1

    AWAX Blockchain Platform Forex V4.1

    AWAX Blockchain Platform Investment Board V5.1

    Financial Conduct Authorities License

    AWAX Blockchain Platform Forex V4.0

    AWAX Blockchain Platform

    Investment Board V5.0

    AWAX desktop and mobile applications

    White label solution programs

    Awax Club Card Software

    Integration in social chat & platform

  • 2019 Q1

    AWAX Offices in:

    Hong Kong

    United Arab Emirates


    Listing at London Stock Exchange / IPO

    AWAX Blockchain Platform Credits V8.0

    AWAX Blockchain Platform Stock Exchange V9.0

    AWAX Blockchain Platform Precious metals V10.0

    AWAX BANK license + adopting 

    AWAX Blockchain Platform with a banking capability

    First release of:

    AWAX tablets and smartphones

    Awax Tv Channel 24/7 Internet Live stream

    Cable TV

    Satellite TV

    Financial Conduct Authorities License

  • 2019 Q2


    Start of Asset Management subsidiary companies

    Platform update:

    AWAX Blockchain Platform Exchange platform V1.2

    AWAX Blockchain Platform Margin trading V2.2

    AWAX Blockchain Platform ICO V3.2

    AWAX Blockchain Platform Forex V4.2

    AWAX Blockchain Platform Investment Board V5.2

    AWAX Blockchain Platform Merchant V6.1Evol

    AWAX Blockchain Platform Banking V7.1

    AWAX Blockchain Platform Credits V8.1

    AWAX Blockchain Platform Stock Exchange V9.1

    AWAX Blockchain Platform Precious metals V10.1

    Financial Conduct Authorities License

  • 2019 Q3

    More Updates

    Never Stop

White Paper

Investment Info
Accepting ETH
Token Info
Country UK
Hardcap $200,000,000
Softcap $15,000,000
Token AWAX
Platform Ethereum
Type ERC20
Token Price 1 AWAX = $0.01
Token Count 30,000,000,000
Pre-Sale Start Date 2018-November-02
Pre-Sale End Date 2018-December-15
Crowd Sale Start Date 2019-January-15
Crowd Sale End Date TBA

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