BlocVehicle - Share Your Car and Mine Your Coins(VCL)
Token Count
1 VCL = 0.002 ETH

BlocVehicle is an economy of sharing service, where anyone can buy, sell, or share their used cars directly with others.This platform allows people to buy or sell their used cars without any interference from dealerships. It is based on reliable vehicle history data so that people can directly conduct transactions of their car based on P2P network, and create ecology of transparency and equality.

This platform enables generation of profits by leasing out individual cars. By sharing vehicle history data, anyone can rent a car easily at reasonable rates, which can become a foundation of an economy business model, based on vehicle sharing.

BlocVehicle is for everyone; providing quality P2P used-car transactions and convenient P2P car-sharing services

Major Problems in Car Industry

  • One cannot own one’s vehicle history data, because the vehicle history data are saved in various third-party locations that are closed to the public
  • As a seller, one cannot place a determined price for one’s own car, because a buyer cannot trust the conditions of one’s car.
  • As a buyer, one can be at a loss in buying a used car, because any records of vehicle history can be manipulated.
  • One cannot lease out one’s car individually, because the conditions of the car are not guaranteed.
  • One cannot negotiate the insurance rate, because the vehicle’s history information is dispersed among various companies.



Using the Vehicle App, take a picture of washing your car, changing your motor oil, and replacing vehicle parts. VCL token will be awarded, and vehicle history data will be automatically saved in the blockchain. Car history data stored in the blockchain will be a guarantee of your car’s estimate value. 


People dealing in used-car and rental services can also make use of the BlocVehicle Network. Users can search for used-cars and apply for rental of any registered vehicles in the BlocVehicle Network. We are confident that a better ecosystem can be created by cooperating with existing businesses.


Anyone can use the P2P used-card transactions service without the help of dealers. One does not need to pay dealership fee in the transaction and also won’t have to worry about scams.


Anyone can lease out their cars to other users. Owners can generate profit from it, while travelers can use safe and clean cars within reasonable rates.

Network System

Based on the Ethereum blockchain

Ethereum is a flexible, reliable and scalable infrastructure that fully implements all the possibilities of the blockchain technology and smart contracts. BlocVehicle network is a decentralized network system based on Ethereum blockchain technology


Changha Lee

BlocVehicle CEO and Co-founder 

Lee is a CEO and co-founder of BlocVehicle, with passionate interest for Blockchain technology. He also is a successful businessman – having found BaNET Information Technology Co., LTD in 2000, he has developed and maintained his enterprise with a strong team of over 80 software developers. He and his team have provided various security solutions for public and private institutions, mostly on financial databases. One of their products, ‘DataGenor’, is currently being used as database security solutions at more than 200 major corporations, including Samsung, LG, AIG, and Prudential Life Insurance. BaNET will be a valuable asset in maintaining and securing the technological aspects of blockchain, Back Office, and PMO.

Ki Jeong Choi

BlocVehicle COO and Co-founder 

KJ Choi founded his enterprise, Compass System, in 1994. Since then, he had built his company’s career by developing various key materials for vehicle services, including fields on vehicle navigation circuit boards, CCD Camera Circuit boards, vehicle DVR camera, vehicle surveillance system, and high luminance LCD modules for vehicles. One of the company’s automated test equipment (ATE) for semiconductors, AutoMAX 3200, is currently being utilized at Samsung. Choi’s enterprise will undertake the role of developing IoT devices that will be essential in consolidating Car History Data. 

Sungki Lim

BlocVehicle CMO and Co-founder CEO at Adweb Communications

Lim is the co-founder of BlocVeichle and have passion for Blockchain system. He has experience for advertisement and SNS marketing for 15 years. He found Adweb Communities in 2004, and has conducted mobile advertisement more than 100, such as AIG, DB Insurance, Grand Intercontinental Hotel, Korean Air, Office of the Prime Minister, and Ministry of Government Administration and Home Affairs. Adweb Communities can be an important part of marketing and promoting.

Byoungchang Han

BlocVehicle CIO

For the past 23 years, Han has built a strong career of developing software and project managing in the fields of business application software and database security solutions. His experience of participating in large-scale development projects on financial systems has been fully utilized as his asset, with more than 200 major companies (including Samsung, LG, and AIG) adopting his solution for their database security. Han will be in charge of constructing user-friendly system for both software/hardware platform, and will also advise on the application of IPFS/Ethereum.

Jusung Kim

Full Stack Developer

Kim had experience of developing Banking System and Database Security Solution in KDB and SHINHAN Bank for over 14 years. He is a skillful Network expert in Java, Javascript, C and SQL. He is also passionate about Blockchain.


  • Dec. 2017 

    Started project

  • May. 2018

    Published white paper

  • Jun. 1, 2018 

    Started pre-sale of tokens to early investors

  • Aug. 15 - Sep. 14, 2018 


  • Jul. 1 - Sep. 30, 2018 

    Complete BlocVehicle's logical system diagram Complete H/W and S/W logical diagram & development methodology

  • Sep. 20 - Oct. 31, 2018


  • Q4. 2018 - Q1. 2019  

    Form promotional & regional partnership for Asian market

  • May. 2019 

    Complete 1st vehicle system Launch BlocVehicle services (vehicle app, data, dealer & sharing services)

  • Jun. 2019 

    Form promotional & regional partnerships for U.S. & European markets

  • Q1. 2020 

    Complete 2nd vehicle system Launch vehicle link service for used car providers

  • Q3. 2020 

    Complete 3rd vehicle system Launch vehicle link service for car-sharing service providers

White Paper

Investment Info
Accepting ETH
Token Info
Country Singapore
Hardcap 11,765 ETH
Softcap 2,000 ETH
Token VCL
Platform Ethereum
Type ERC20
Token Price 1 VCL = 0.002 ETH
Token Count 1,000,000,000
Pre-Sale Start Date 2018-August-15
Pre-Sale End Date 2018-September-14
Crowd Sale Start Date 2018-September-20
Crowd Sale End Date 2018-October-31

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