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Ways to promote authors and intellectual property

Unfortunately, the modern world is arranged in such a way that Talent (the most gifted person) who has presented the product to his public of his creativity can not be sure that tomorrow a certain, slightly more agile user will not give his work for his. And it's not always a matter of recognition or a financial issue.

Business partners

Market and description of the existing problem


  • Low level of private authorial activity (domination belongs to the business sector)
  • Low level of interaction between business and entrepreneurs with intellectual property (lack of a quality direct “bridge” between the author and business)
  • Lack of a high-quality and uninterrupted ecosystem available to authors of the “initial link”, as well as the presence of an authority factor among authors and the possibility of excluding the term “turn”
  • Constant difficulties with tracing the violation of property rights on the object of the author.


  • Providing the author, who is in a "sleep" and "home conditions" mode, the possibility of full involvement in publication and popularization with access to an expert audience.
  • A platform that allows quickly, in a quality and understandable language to establish interaction between the author and the person interested in the usefulness of his work for himself, as well as allowing to ensure rapid organization of the team decision by combining the authors into one project.
  • Multifunctional platform with the possibility of the maximum rapid development of the author, as a holder of cultural value in the form of his work.
  • Own algorithm for recognizing duplication of an audiovisual and text object on the Internet, which will speed up the processing of data to identify copyright infringement, up to automatic notification of the author in the case of using his work.

Ecosystem of the «Brain Space» project

“The creation of an infrastructure that will become a strong foundation for the intellectual property market in the world, as well as reduce the process of identifying and developing the potential of authors to the level of access to the international arena at times”: the Brain Space team works to solve this task, because without the accessible, convenient and understandable procedures for registration and recording of the results of intellectual activity, and without the necessary and understandable tool it is difficult to imagine the achievement of the goal indicated in the strategies of a multitude of institutions scientifically technological development of the cultural sphere.

Own capacity

We are accustomed to sharply raise questions concerning the safety and speed of the technology of our projects and developments. That's why our company decided to build its own data center with a capacity of 2,500 KW, a total capacity of 5 Petabytes, a total of 200 server racks and a total capacity of 40 Gbit / s each.



We believe that the trust of users is one of the most important components on which the activities of the developer company are based. But trust can not be earned simply by saying “We can be trusted!”. That is why we want the activity of our team to be as transparent as possible. We will allow any user to follow the progress of the development, observe the interactions within the team through social networks and blogs.


We consciously approach everything we do. That is why we want to contribute to the development of the direction of protection of copyrights and IP objects. We are well aware of the problems faced by authors who need copyright protection, monetization of IP objects, as well as buyers interested in obtaining such rights. We are focused on creating a platform that will solve these problems as high-quality and convenient.


We believe that the high goals we set for ourselves are largely achieved due to the professionalism of our employees, the effectiveness of the decisions made, competent leadership and competently placed priorities. We develop each side of our company to achieve the most expert and professional development team.

Mutual respect

First of all, we develop our platform for people whose interests we share and want to help them solve their problems. Therefore, we consider respect and mutual respect as one of the important aspects of our activity. We respect not only our customers and users, but also employees, because they are the most valuable link in our company.

Why will the growth of tokens and their relevance

IMP Coin. Token and its description

Safe and fast payment for services: - lack of ability to track the source of receipts and transfers; - imposing additional commissions of gateways for the use of payment services; - security of personal payment details. The process of payment for the services and services of the Brain Space project is fundamentally different from traditional methods through the use of Blockchain encryption technologies and Smart-Contracts.

The principle of token

IMP token is a universal payment tool in the project "Brain Space" with unlimited potential as a means of payment, and an investment instrument that can increase the amount of your investments when you buy it in two, three, or even five times, depending on the fluctuation rate in the market and from the total turnover amount in the system, as well as from the total number of holders.

The value of the token for holders

In addition to the single settlement currency on the project, the IMP token will be further used on crypto-exchanges as a trading instrument, which will lead to its immaculate growth in relation to traditional currencies, for example, such as: dollar, euro, yuan. - IMP token - Global marketplace currency with constant turnover.

Why invest in a token?

1. Buying an IMP token at the ICO stage - you are already guaranteed to increase your investments, because the sale of a token implies several stages; 2. By purchasing an IMP token - you invest in a global potential project, you invest in the world market of unique products; 3. Unlimited number of interested buyers and sellers located around the world; 4. The IMP token has the potential of constantly increasing liquidity on exchanges.


Shcherbakov Evgeniy


Storozhilov Anton


Vorobyev Vladimir


Yurchenko Kirill


Adam Ibrahim

Backend Senior Developer


  • Q4 2017

    Data collection and analysis;

    Consultations with lawyers;

    Expansion of the team for project implementation;

    The beginning of work on the development of the concept and mechanics of the project.

  • Q1 2018


    Imperivm Change Prototyping;

    Prototyping "Brain Space";

    Collection of data analytics, online surveys;

    Study of competitive services implemented without the involvement of technology Blockchain;

    Developing LightPaper.

  • Q2 2018


    Preparation of an advertising campaign, design;

    Development of PR strategy;

    Completion of working prototype creation;

    Study of competitive services implemented without the involvement of technology Blockchain;

    Developing WhitePaper;

    Development of reporting documentation.

  • Q3 2018

    Start Bounty;

    Preparation of an advertising campaign, design;

    Organization of personal meetings with potential investors;

    Preparation of data for publications at ICO sites;


    Developing WhitePaper;

    Preparation of publications in the mass media.

  • Q4 2018

    Starting the ICO;

    Registration in the project, limited functionality and testing with users;

    Location of headquarters in Estonia;

    Online product presentations to the online community;

    Development of technical documentation for the development of data center;

    Conclusion of partnerships with media resources, IP banks and products.

  • Q1 2019

    Completion of ICO and summing-up;

    Registration in the project, limited functionality and testing with users;

    Conclusion of partner relations with the countries participants of IP registrations;

    Online product presentations to the online community;

    Development of technical documentation for the development of data center;

    Conclusion of partnerships with media resources, IP banks and products.

  • July 2019 - September 2020

    The launch of a neural network integrated into the network of partners.   

  • Q4 2020

    Official product release.

  • Q1 2021

    Running the datacenter.

White Paper

Investment Info
Accepting ETH, BTC
Token Info
Hardcap $72 630 000
Softcap $14 526 000
Token IMP
Platform Ethereum
Type ERC20
Token Price 1 IMP =$ 0.08
Token Count 2,700,000,000
Pre-Sale Start Date 2018-November-19
Pre-Sale End Date 2018-December-16
Crowd Sale Start Date 2019-January-14
Crowd Sale End Date 2019-March-10

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