CyBit  - Platform to Empower Startups and Investors
Token Count
1 CBT = 0.25 $


A Crypto Platform Utilizing Crowdfunding to Empower Startups and Investors!

CyBit is an Open Source Ecosystem to facilitate Crowdfunding! Our platform is built on ERC-223 protocol with smart contracts for highly secure validation of transactions and protection from malicious attacks. It adopts methodologies that support infrastructure flexibility and ensures safety & stability of the system.

CyBit supports three kinds of fundraising campaigns; Initial Coin Offering, Crowd Investing, and Crowd Funding. CyBit offers a unique vehicle for Investors to finance projects through CBT as an underlying value token!

We’re providing a comprehensive smart-contract capability for seamless execution of projects with full transparency and liquidity


A Springboard for Startups

CyBit Tokens —or CBT — have many advantages over mainstream currencies. CBT tokens utilize the secure ERC-223 platform to provide Trackable Tokens through Smart Contracts. This supports infrastructure flexibility to ensure safety and stability of the system.

On the CyBit platform for investors, one additional CBT is always received. When investors support pre-ICO, ICO, or Crowdinvesting campaigns, they receive two currencies at once, offering a double benefit. When they support Crowdfunding campaigns, they receive CyBitCoins, insuring them against the failure of the project.

Blockchain Infrastructure

Integrates blockchain technology to provide unique identities for each node.

Easy Token Integration

Every node has its own token. You can earn tokens by doing work.

Global System and Secure

An efficient global system covering all corners, provides best data security.




B. Lee Jones was a recipient of the prestigious CIO 100 Award for his work in Enterprise Application Integration. Lee is a widely published and quoted authority in information technology, regulation and compliance. Lee has held CIO-level positions at companies in a wide range of industries from early-stage start-ups to the Fortune 100. Lee is a sought-after keynote speaker, moderator and contributor on several technology publications. Lee is multilingual and multicultural, which has contributed to his success in projects throughout the world.



Paul is an award-winning Fortune 500 global business and brand strategist, thought leader and creative innovator. His client experience includes AnheuserBusch, Apple, Audi, City of Aspen, Daimler Mercedes, Levis, Manchester United, and McDonald's, Microsoft, Nissan, Puma, Volvo and dozens of tech startups, not-for-profits and government organizations. His most valuable talent is the ability to distill the complex and ordinary into simple, human and highly disruptive business and brand strategies. Strategies that create fresh new spaces of meaning in society and generate immense positive ripple effects inside a business and outward to the world. An oft-quoted thinker, writer, artist and musician, Paul is currently working on two new books and screenplays For CyBit, Paul brings his years of study and participation in leading edge financial and social movements in the United States, Europe and Asia to lead the company to sustainable growth, scale and explosive cultural enthusiasm.



Katy has served as Chief Financial Officer for several international companies. In that capacity, she guided the domestic and international growth and financial and strategic direction of those companies and their affiliates. She participated in the negotiation of consortiums, Joint Ventures, Strategic Alliances, partnerships and mergers and acquisitions in emerging markets. Her experience includes business structure design, analysis, and transition with starts-ups, growth and distressed businesses. She has been quoted for numerous business articles, including cover stories in the Wall Street Journal, Strategic Finance and CFO Magazine. Katy has unique insight and awareness of the geopolitical, cultural and business acumen essentials for global businesses.



Garima is a driven CSO with a broad background in designing and overseeing business operations. Her background includes leading project teams for multinational companies. She has been responsible for establishing and implementing Strategic policies that promote company culture and vision. She is a strategy expert who can develop a complete roadmap for building a feasible and practical business model that benefits all the stakeholders, promoters, investors and customers. She is a recognized leader in managing people and projects. Her skills include proficiency in project planning and building start-ups. She has proven capabilities in maintaining positive control of diverse business operations. As CSO for CyBit, she will play a key role in overseeing strategic growth objectives.



Born in Istabul,Turkey in 1986, entrepreneur Guney Demirci has ventured into many diverse businesses. His entrepreneurial projects started in the hospitality industry and expanded into other sectors. Prior to joining CyBit, Guney owned a consulting company and he managed a diverse project portfolio, including market analysis studies, managed care systems, product feasibility profiles, and customer satisfaction measurement. Prior to this, Guney held various positions as Director of Operations, Director of International Sales & Marketing and Manager of Business Development. With a strong knowledge of both cash and accrual accounting systems, Guney has been responsible for multi-fund budgets ranging from $1 million to $15 million. He has experience in all aspects of financial forecasting, resource allocation, fund management, accounting and control. He will contribute to CyBit's success through his expertise as a VP of Operations. He has proven expertise working directly with communities, regions and organizations to achieve their goals.


White Paper

Investment Info
Accepting BTC, ETH, LTC
Token Info
Token CBT
Platform Ethereum
Type ERC20
Token Price 1 CBT = 0.25 $
Token Count 10,000,000,000
Pre-Sale Start Date 2018-May-10
Pre-Sale End Date 2018-June-30
Crowd Sale Start Date 2018-July-01
Crowd Sale End Date 2018-September-20

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