Emanate - Self-governing Audio  Exchange Protocol (MN8)
Token Count
1 MN8 = $0.12

A self-governing music ecosystem built on the EOS platform

Smart Collaborations

The backbone of Emanate, smart-collaborations are executed at every stage of the music making process. Our first release of this tool will be available in Q3 2018.

Audio Marketplace

More than just a streaming platform, the marketplace will allow the full creative workflow to be monetised and collaborated upon. Influencers can earn playlist payments from followers.

Token Ecosystem

MN8 distributed to early adopters for ongoing participation in the economy and its governance. Discover more about our plans for a high-growth, yet stable and liquid token economy.

DAO Governance

The Emanate platform will be governed by a DAO board. This will launch early and will grow in community voting power as the platform matures.

Emanate is building technology for the music economy of tomorrow

  • Interconnected tools for the $50 Billion music industry
  • 400,000 artists and music industry professionals ready to onboard via Vampr
  • Proof concept: dsound.audio, the world’s number 1 crypto streaming platform
  • MVP on EOS.IO launches Q3 2018

Market entry

The roadmap and market entry strategy takes a grand vision and makes it fully achievable in 3 key stages which align token economics, legal barriers and technology development. Starting with 1) Smart-collaborations and a streaming service 2) An audio collaboration marketplace and 3) A full music ecosystem for artists, labels, partners and node holders.

1. Smart Collaborations

Token distribution phase

2. Emanate Live

Adoption and growth phase

3. Emanate AEP

Audio Exchange Protocol

Market size

  • 176 Million people paying for music subscription services globally
  • An estimated 5 million professional artists globally
  • $50 Billion industry

Problems in the music industry

  • Collaboration does not flourish because of difficulty getting accurate payments
  • Cross border differences in royalty collection rights
  • Lack of trust between independent musicians and majors
  • Slow payments (months or years) due to legacy systems
  • Artists often only monetise final songs or live shows, many just want to compose
  • There is currently little incentive for the industry to change

Emanate's decentralised solutions

  • Ledger and smart-contract based trust-less collaboration framework
  • Instant payments across borders
  • Transparent payments
  • DAO governance for the ecosystem
  • A level playing field for artists, labels and publishers
  • Standardised meta-data


To drive a revolution in musical collaboration, monetisation and connection.


To build a middle-class for musicians, helping those with talent and ambition to confidently rise from the bedroom to the main stage.


Sharing human connection and prosperity through music.


Pedro Reis Colaço

Founder/CTO/Lead developer

Pedro is a full-stack developer of 20 years and a life-long music lover. Also known as ‘PRC’, Pedro created the Steemit based music sharing platform DSound.audio which received an outburst of praise from the blockchain community. Pedro is the technical cofounder of Emanate and is passionate about changing the face of music collaboration and monetisation through the power of blockchain and crypto.

Sean Gardner


Sean has spent the last 12 years creating digital brand communications and technical platforms for top global brands and agencies. He has launched Augmented Reality projects as early as 2010 and produced Australia’s first branded Virtual Reality experience in 2014. Sean is music-obsessed and is known for making impossible ideas an effortless reality.

James Frew

Founder/Industry Relations Director

Jimi is an entrepreneur, music producer and DJ with more than 12 years of professional experience. Jimi has produced, engineered, remixed and curated for Evolution Radio, BBC 1XTRA, KIIS FM and 2DAY FM, Tommy Trash, A-Trak, The Stafford Brothers, Gryffin, Marquee Las Vegas. He has scored film placements for Magic Mike, Trophy Wife, Persons of Interest and the Bold Type.

Trent Shaw


Trent knows music and media inside out, and has over 14 years experience commercialising digital platforms in the music and entertainment space including years with Sound Alliance, Moshtix, and eBay. Trent is also no stranger to the startup space with several ventures and early stage investments under his belt.

Blake Cannell

Full-Stack Developer

Blake is a full-stack developer with 10 years experience ranging from advertising and game development to large-scale web development. In 2011 Blake competed in the World Skills competition representing Australia in web design. Blake is a DJ, designer and developer excited to combine his passions to contribute towards a decentralised future, free of unnecessary intermediaries.


  • Q4 2017 - Q3 2018

    Prototype & Sale:


    Emanate Demo

    MN8 Token Sale

  • Q3 2018 - Q4 2019

    Alpha phase:

    Technical specification

    Token Integration

    Emanate Live Alpha

    Partner Platform Integration

  • Q4 2018 - Q4 2019

    Beta phase:

    Emanate Live Beta

    DAW Integration

  • 2020

    Production Release:

    Emanate Live 1.0 Software Package

White Paper

Investment Info
Accepting ETH, BTC
Token Info
Token MN8
Platform EOS
Type ERC20
Token Price 1 MN8 = $0.12
Token Count 88,000,000
Pre-Sale Start Date
Pre-Sale End Date
Crowd Sale Start Date 2018-July-30
Crowd Sale End Date 2018-October-30

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Emanate - Self-governing Audio Exchange Protocol (MN8)

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