EasyGuide - Unites Travellers All Over the World(GDC)
Token Count
300 000 000
1 GDC = $0.002

«EasyGuide», based on reviews and ratings, will group people according to similar parameters and make up an individual proposal for each of them. The service will help independent tourists quickly and conveniently compose the ideal route with the right people! EasyGuide with the help of the technology blockchain will enable groups of tourists from all over the world to safely share the costs of traveling with other travelers and to select the necessary services in one place

Comparison advantages

  • 24/7 support
  • Cryptocurrency payment
  • Transparent blockchain system
  • Globality
  • Joint trips with other travelers
  • Cashback and affiliate program

What do we solve?


1. Searching for a companions for travel.

2. Financial security.

3. Organizational issues when creating a trip

4. Support 24/7

Travelers experts

1. The big competition in the market of tourist services.

2. Distrust of tour operators, travel agents.

3. Few opportunities for marketing research.


1. The big financial barrier to enter in the market of tourist services.

2. Difficulties in accepting payments for services (bank transfers, credit cards).

3. High commissions of existing sites and various collections of payment systems.


Vladislav Romanenko

Chief Executive Officer

Ekaterina Sharifulina

People Operations Manager

Aleksandr Volkov

Chief Technical Officer

Olga Fedyakova


Denis Russu

Front-end Developer


  • 4 quarter 2017

    Market demands research 

    Market analysis and analysis of the needs of travelers and businesses 

    Product development start I quarter .

  • 1 quarter 2018

    Site design project Development of site Resolving international travelers issues Project video.

  • 2 quarter 2018

    The alpha version of the product Start of composing the White paper Basic online booking functions.

  • 3 quarter 2018

    MVP (The presentation of the basic functionality to the travelers)

    Development of the strategy of business’s launch 

    Start of marketing campaigns of Token Sale

    The presentation of the project for early investors

    White paper relies

    The project presentation for potential participants in worldwide 

    Engaging the travelers and business in the platform testing

  • 1 quarter 2019

    Token sale preparation smart contract 

    Pre-Token sale (pre-ICO)

    Preparation for use of the blockchain technology in the project.

  • 3 quarter 2019


    Cryptocurrency payment and smart contract implementation

    Acceptance of cryptocurrency payments

    Mobile application development.

  • 4 quarter 2019

    Localization in additional languages

    Resolving multilingual support issues


    Start preparing recognition lions by photos

    Start marketing campaign in Asia and Americas.

  • 3 quarter 2021

    Production release & operation

    Full-functionality operations product 2.0


    Neural network implementation.

White Paper

Investment Info
Accepting ETH, BTC
Token Info
Country Estonia
Hardcap $15,000,000
Softcap $3,000,000
Token GDC
Platform Ethereum
Type ERC20
Token Price 1 GDC = $0.002
Token Count 300 000 000
Pre-Sale Start Date
Pre-Sale End Date
Crowd Sale Start Date 2019-February-06
Crowd Sale End Date 2019-March-06

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