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1 AIM = 0.12 $

Welcome to Aimedis

Aimedis is an AI backed, blockchain and smart contract supported medical ecosystem, that changes the way patients, doctors, and hospitals communicate, connect and handle information.

Using the Aimedis platform, users can store, secure and share their medical information only with the people they want to share it with by using the Aimedis right management system.

Beside the records, AImedis offers videochat and communication with other patients and doctors, online prescriptions, online appointments, learning content, the inclusion of fitness trackers and devices like ECG or bloodpressure monitors into the system, while all transactions inside the system are backed by our porprietary AIMChain blockchain.

Let's not forget - Aimedis is a live working system that is already in use in major hospital groups in Germany.

The token

The AIM token is used in several ways.

First, AIM token holders will participate in the earnings Aimedis generates.

Second the pharmaceutical industry and scientific research facilities can pay patients a fee for participating in trials by granting access to dedicated areas of their medical records, which is 100% voluntary.

In the next step Aimedis will release AIMSocial, the platform that incentivises patients for helping and engaging with other patients.

Fair and incentivised support by patients for patients - worldwide.

Where is Aimedis based?

Aimedis is based in the Netherlands and Switzerland to meet the highest regulatory standards and security for both users and investors.

Why a blockchain?

Storing medical data in highly encrypted and secured databases grants an added level of security, transparency and efficiency of transfer. The core principles the blockchain is built on are well suited for the transfer of health data as they achieve a multi-purpose environment, which existing solutions cannot guarantee. Our proprietary AIMChain is a testament to this. Every single operation, every single access to patients’ data, every change can be tracked and is 100% traceable for patient and medical professionals – inside the platform – patients can see in a diagram when, where and why a doctor or a hospital has accessed their data and what changes have been made. That is the AIMChain!

Another medical ICO? Why should I invest in Aimedis?

In contrast to a lot of competitors in general and especially in the medical field we offer a fully working platform and not just an idea. Based on our 2012 developed Platform TheHealthNet/IhrArzt24 (rolled out in Germany and German speaking countries) which worked as our experimental platform for 3 years we gathered information and experience working with institutions and patients. In addition we rely on our well-developed network of connections in Europe emphasizing that the Aimedis founder worked in Germany and France for years which are the biggest health care markets in Europe. Since last year we are focusing on Asia and concentrating in building a powerful network which will help us grow in Asian countries.

Where will Aimedis operate its business?

Aimedis operates its business in the Netherlands, Switzerland, Germany and Thailand but will expand to more countries in the next 2 years. We are already operating a development office in Mountain View, Silicon Valley to be close its unique entrepreneurial and development spirit.

What role will artificial intelligence play?

Artificial intelligence (AI) will, and already is, revolutionizing the way we live, work and succeed. Medicine is one of the major use cases for AI where it will improve diagnoses, therapies and research at a level, no human being can reach. Even today AI can diagnose CT and MRI images much better than the best medical professionals. In future, AI will be a major part of the way our medical ecosystem will enhance patients’ and doctors’ lives. Initially AI will support doctors when it comes to enhancing medication, recognizing possible drug interactions and optimizing dosage regarding sex, age, weight, diagnoses (e.g. kidney failure) and in a later stage pharmacogenetic predispositions (e.g. slow vs. rapid metabolizers). AIMedibots will continually crawl the anonymous parts of our secured databases to gather new insights, for e.g. on unknown possible drug interactions or side effects regarding certain diagnoses and conditions. The larger our database the more significance the gathered information will have. As we start our cooperation with several hospital chains in a short time, we will grow our database quickly and AI will have quite some work to do. In a later stage, Aimedis V3.0 project Excalibur, Aimedis will introduce AI supported diagnoses and therapies in cooperation with university hospitals.

AIM token sale details

How many AIM tokens will be distributed with the tokensale?

There will be 600.000.000 AIM token in total, from which 300.000.000 will be distributed in the AIM token sale. Any amount exceeding the target will be returned to the participating ETH wallet after the tokensale process has ended.

What will be the value of the AIM token after the tokensale has ended?

The value of the AIM token after the ICO can’t be predicted now and will be determined by the market evaluation which is the case in most ICOs in the cryptomarket.

What is going to happen if the scheduled tokens are not sold in total?

If the full 300.000.000 tokens are not sold during the ICO, only the sold amount of AIM token will be issued and the remaining ones will be burned so the total amount of existing tokens depends on the results of the ICO.

Who can participate in the AIM token sale?

Anyone can participate in AIM’s tokensale. Before taking part please make sure you are eligible to participate in the Aimedis tokensale depending on your jurisdiction. In general, residents of the United States and Singapore can’t participate in tokensales. Even if you are not a resident of United States and Singapore, please be sure to check if there are any regulatory restrictions in your country or state.

The AIM token sale process

How and where can I get AIM token during the presale and main ICO?

To participate in the AIM token sale, please sign up to our newsletter and our social media channels to be updated on a regular base. When the presale has started you will find a unique ETH address you can send ETH to. Another ETH address will be shown on the ICO landing page during the main ICO. The settings for the presale and sale (GAS etc.) will stay the same for pre-ICO and ICO. After completion your tokens can be recived via

How do I buy Ethereum?

Ethereum can be purchased on a lot of cryptocurrency exchanges. Please visit for more information.

What’s the minimum amount to contribute and what happens if I contribute less than the minimum amount?

The minimum amount to contribute equals to 0.1 ETH. If you send less than 0.1 ETH the amount will be refunded to the original ETH address in full.

How are AIM tokens distributed and allocated?

AIM tokens will be distributed and allocated in the order of the transactions received from the specified address. The tokens are distributed to ERC20 and can be received immediately upon completion of the participation.

How many AIM tokens do I get for 1 ETH?

This will depend on the actual value of ETH, 1 AIM = 0,12 USD

What happens if you contribute your ETH to the wrong ETH address by mistake?

Unfortunately it is not possible to return ETH once it’s send to a specific address so you have to make sure you check the correct ETH address before you send it. The exact ETH address to contribute to will be displayed ONLY on our ICO page ( No other website will show the ETH address so any address that differs from the one shown on is NOT ours. Aimedis is NOT responsible for lost ETH and will not refund them.

Can I get a refund after having contributed?

There is no separate refund process except in the case where the fundraised amount exceeds the maximum amount.

The AIM token

When can AIM token be traded on crypto exchanges?

Aimedis plans to list the AIM token in several exchanges, so please stay tuned for more information coming up after the ICO.

When will the AIM wallet be available?

The AIM token wallet will be available soon after the ICO. We will also announce it on our social media channel


Dr. Michael J. Kaldasch

CEO, MD & founder

Dr. Ben El Idrissi

COO, MD & founder

Sankar Ghanesh


Dr. Lazaros Fountoukidis


Dr. Stefan F. Krieg

Physicist - HPC, deep learning & AI


White Paper

Investment Info
Accepting ETH
Token Info
Token AIM
Platform Ethereum
Type ERC20
Token Price 1 AIM = 0.12 $
Token Count 600,000,000
Crowd Sale Start Date 2018-April-12
Crowd Sale End Date 2018-May-10

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