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Clinical data analytics with a difference.

ClinTex are delivering an intuitive blockchain-based platform solution to provide collaborative, self-service analytic solutions to the pharmaceutical industry. At ClinTex, our novel CTi solution will enhance clinical trial processes by providing tools to optimise Operational Efficiency, Clinical Data Quality and Medical Review. Furthermore, our innovative use of the blockchain makes machine learning accessible to the end-to-end clinical trial process for the first time, allowing users to extract predictive insights from data, without needing expertise in refining machine learning models. This drives proactive decision-making, allowing optimisation of valuable resources and funding, enabling a faster time to market for new medicines and reducing clinical trial costs.Being first to market with an end-to-end clinical trial solution, and with the various modules of the CTi platform being deployed through partnerships with the major pharmaceutical companies and clinical research organisations (CROs), ClinTex expect rapid growth over the next 5 years. The CTi platform will seamlessly exploit the under-utilised opportunities of Big Data, and their application, to faster, more efficient medicines development.

Transforming Health Together

Blockchain Powered Clinical Trial Management

“CTi will significantly lower the cost of new medicines, whilst also increasing their speed of delivery to market for the people that need them, through a revolutionising of the clinical trials process with the application of data analytics, artificial intelligence, machine learning & more” – Neill Barron, Director of Clinical Data Services

CTi Platform

ClinTex CTi is a distributed ledger technology platform for the clinical trials industry, which uniquely provides an end to end decentralised solution that incorporates tools to drive significant quality and operational improvements in running Clinical Trials through advanced clinical data review, insightful operational KPIs, predictive data analytics and machine learning (AI). The CTi Platform links clinical trial sponsors together on a common platform, enabling real-time access to information, with the ability to share knowledge more easily to foster greater collaboration.

  • Incorporating Machine Learning into clinical trials management and oversight, capitalising on the immutable nature of a blockchain ledger, where the full history of clinical trial key metrics are stored, and will be used to power bespoke predictive analytics algorithms.
  • Being a fully integrated platform that allows auditable workflow management/oversight in clinical trials, so that preventative and corrective actions (CAPA) are recorded immutably on the blockchain.
  • Creation of a clinical eco-system that enables interoperability and safe storage of all clinical trial data views by using blockchain technology as the optimum solution to address the privacy and security concerns of all stakeholders.

Through the CTi platform eco-system, seven separate decentralised applications will provide valuable clinical insight that leverages the use of predictive analytical tools and machine learning (AI) for the benefit of Clinical Project Managers, Clinical Trial Physicians, Clinical Data Managers, Bio-statisticians, Pharmacovigilance, and Data/Clinical Monitors.

CTi Platform DApps

CTi-OEM Application

Operational Excellence

Provides intuitive operational oversight of clinical trials for clinical project managers, clinical data managers and remote staff, allowing instream decision-making on what actions are required to ensure a successful project.

The CTi-CDV Application

Clinical Data Visualisations

Provides enhanced clinical data review through the use of data visualisations to identify issues that may impact on the trial integrity and safety of the patient e.g. data quality issues, disease exacerbation. Furthermore, CTi-CDV facilitates flagging of these issues, with corrective actions to be recorded and monitored.

The CTi-PDA Application

Predictive Analytics

The CTi-PDA application combines all operational and clinical data sources and uses predictive modelling to forecast issues and events before they happen. The CTi-PDA application can reveal hidden correlations across all datasets, thereby facilitating the pharmaceutical company to take the optimal pro-active actions.

The CTi-RBM Application

Risk Based Monitoring

The CTi-RBM application uses current and historical data to predict specific risks, thereby allowing for tactical deployment of the pharmaceutical company’s data and site monitoring resources to take preventative action. This predictive risk based approach differs from current reactive approaches to risk and can significantly reduce site monitoring costs during a clinical trial.

The CTi-PRR Application

Patient Recruitment & Retention

The CTi-PRR application manages recruitment and retention of patients for clinical trials by providing a portal for patient identification and producing a series of alerts (based on predictive analytics) that flag when a patient is at risk of withdrawing from the study.

The CTi-SIM Application

Site Investigators

The CTi-SIM application manages the recruitment of investigators (physicians) to run clinical trials,and manages token payment compensation by the pharmaceutical company to investigators, triggered by data-driven milestones and KPIs, defined on the CTi platform.

The CTi-VMM Application

Vendor Management

CTi-VMM provides oversight on data quality and manages token payment compensation by the pharmaceutical company to the third party vendors (e.g. Central Lab Analysis), triggered automatically by data-driven milestones and KPIs, defined on the CTi platform.

Unique Selling Points

The CTi platform distinguishes itself from other tools used in clinical trials by;

  • Providing the first ever collaboration platform for clinical trials
  • Exploiting the immutability and interoperability of distributed ledger technology to create an eco-system to foster collaboration across the entire pharmaceutical industry. This will be achieved through the creation of a perpetually increasing library of data analytics, facilitating the sharing of “lessons learned” across corporate boundaries without any compromise of sensitive data
  • Bringing Machine Learning to clinical trial management
  • Eliminating the need for hardware costs to be borne by the client
  • Introducing an attractive pay-per-use model for clients
  • Applying powerful and insightful data analytics functionality across administrative, operational and clinical functions in clinical trials
  • Allowing for workflow management, “closing the loop” and full audit-trail functionality to identify, action and resolve issues detected by the tool

Token Generation Event

ClinTex will hold a token generation event (TGE) in Q3 2018 to distribute CLX, the native token for the CTi Ecosystem.

CLX Token Distribution Breakdown

Token Generation Event
Token Generation Event Pre-Sale
Strategic Partners Private Sale
Management Team
Team Incentive (Milestone Based Structured Bonus Scheme)
Reserved for Advisors
Reserved for Referrals, Promotions & Bounty
Reserved for Pharma Industrial Trials (Testing)

Token Generation Event Details:

  • The base price of CLX Tokens in the TGE will be USD $0.10c = 1 CLX
  • The total CLX that will be minted is 366,541,667
  • 50% of the total CLX supply will be made available to the general public in the TGE and TGE pre-sale
  • The TGE Pre-Sale will come with a 20% bonus
  • 10% of the total CLX supply will be made available to strategic partners in the private sale (invite only)
  • ETH (Ethereum), BTC (Bitcoin) and BNB (Binance Coin) will be accepted in the TGE
  • The TGE hardcap will be set at $19m USD. The ETH:CLX, BTC:CLX and BNB:CLX values will be determined closer to the time of launch, based on the USD value of those respective cryptocurrencies at that time
  • CLX tokens that are distributed to Partners and Management Team will all have a six to twelve-month vest enforced by smart contract
  • CLX tokens reserved for Pharmaceutical Industrial Trials & Testing will be locked until full live net launch and will not be in public circulation
  • The ClinTex CTi TGE will operate under the Malta Financial Services Authority (MFSA) Regulated ICO Framework (Virtual Financial Assets Bill);
  • All TGE Participants will be required to undergo a whitelist identification verification process, in line with globally accepted standards of AML/KYC regulation
  • Under legal advice, unfortunately residents and citizens of the USA will not be permitted to participate in the CTi token sale
  • Any unsold tokens will be burnt
  • The TGE and TGE Pre-Sale will take place in Q3, 2018. The exact dates are to be announced. Please keep an eye on ClinTex CTi media channels and sign-up to the ClinTex mailing list to ensure you are up to date
ClinTex’s Projected Use of Funds:

  • 35% platform development (blockchain developers, machine learning and neuro-linguistic programming experts, web and software developers) – building scalability of the CTi Platform to meet demand
  • 30% Clinical and analytic development (data scientists, statisticians, etc.) – further enhancing the range of analytics to meet customer demand, and expanding predictive analytics capabilities through integration of data from multiple clinical trials
  • 2% ClinTex Research Grants to fund collaboration on clinical trials with NHS trusts, Universities and the Institute of Translational medicine
  • 15% Marketing & sales, business growth and development – implementation of ClinTex’ marketing strategy to target the uptake of the CTi platform in the pharmaceutical industry, as well as medicinal and academic settings
  • 10% Legal and accounting expenses, monitoring and assurance of compliance to FDA regulations (21 CRF part 11 compliance)
  • 8% Operational expenses (admin / HR / rent, utilities, etc.)


Neill Barron

Director of Clinical Data Analytics

Neill leads clinical design of the CTi platform, ensuring it meets real-world challenges for the pharmaceutical industry. With a BSc in Biotechnology and MSc in Pharamceutical Technology & Business, he has over 20 years’ broad clinical development experience through a blend of senior roles in clinical data management, data analytics, process improvement and clinical data monitoring.

Brendan O’Mainnin

Director of Operations

Brendan is a highly experienced project manager and business operations analyst with extensive experience in the financial, communications & marketing sectors. Successful with proven leadership skills, he enjoys working with people to solve problems. Brendan has had an interest in the blockchain space since 2013 and looks forward to utilising his expertise with the ClinTex team.

Dr. Samandip Dhesi

Medical Officer

Samandip is a physician with ongoing partnerships with the largest NHS Trust in the UK, managing a number of NHS funded initiatives and research projects. Through his NHS and academic connections, Samandip will set up and lead the ClinTex and Intellimed collaboration, deploying the CTi platform in academic research settings, demonstrating the value of CTi in clinical trials

Adrian W. Donoghue

Director of Business Services

With his experience in software sales, marketing and development, as well as proven record in cultivating opportunities into viable businesses across the pharmaceutical, telecoms and construction sectors, Adrian will develop essential the strategy and foundation to support the ClinTex business model and develop partnerships with the pharmaceutical industry, ensuring successful and sustainable growth.

Edward Burke

Lead Developer

Edward earned his Master of Engineering (Meng) in 2007 and boasts a wealth of software engineering experience from his 10+ years’ in senior dev roles with companies such Paddy Power and Fidelity. Ed specialises in C#, Java, Python and Solidarity, and has a strong focus and passion for creating scalable solutions


  • Q2 2018

    CTi Data Model Design;

    CTi-OEM Prototype Development.

  • Q3 2018

    Pre Sale TGE;

    Public TGE.

  • Q4 2018

    CTi GUI Development (with Integrated CLX Wallet);

    Blockchain Verification of CTi Pre-Processing Data.

  • Q1 2019

    Blockchain Verification of CTi Pre-Processing Data;

    CTi-OEM DEvelopment.

  • Q2 2019

    CTi-PDA Development.

  • Q3 2019

    CTi-PRR Development;

    Migration on-chain of CTiClinical Data Statistical Summaries.

  • Q4 2019

    CTi-RBM Development;

    CTi-CDV Development.

  • Q1 2020

    Cti-VMM Development

  • Q2 2020

    CTi-SIM Development.

  • Q3-Q4 2020

    Migration on-chain of the CTi Data Model and CTi Processing Engine,

White Paper

Investment Info
Accepting BTC, ETH
Token Info
Country Malta
Hardcap $19,000,000 USD
Softcap $4,000,000 USD
Token CLX
Platform Ethereum
Type ERC20
Token Price 1 CLX = $0.10
Token Count 366,541,667
Pre-Sale Start Date 2018-September-03
Pre-Sale End Date 2018-September-24
Crowd Sale Start Date 2018-October-03
Crowd Sale End Date 2018-November-05

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