DYNO - Re-defining the Sports Industry (DYNO)
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1 ETH = 15,714 DYNO

Dyno – Re-Defining the sports industry by building the first blockchain based marketplace for user driven sports and metabolic data.

We strive to improve the health of people worldwide. Our first step towards this goal was to build the best-in-class metabolism analytical device called DYNOSTICS, that provides feedback in seconds and does not require any medical assistance. Our device is already being used worldwide in over 26 countries by thousands of customers, including the likes of CleverFit and Red Bull.

With all the data collected from our device, we became increasingly aware that we needed a fair, safe, and secure way to store that data. That’s why we decided to to create the first blockchain-based fitness and metabolic data marketplace. We believe our users should have complete control and ownership over their data.

In the near future, we will extend our suite of analytical devices and open the DYNO ecosystem to all third-party tracking and fitness devices.

A perfect fit for the Blockchain

Blockchain will allow our users to manage their personal data as they see fit, and share it with partners whom they trust, in an anonymized way. The DYNO token will enable research-institutes, universities, and insurance companies to get access to the users data for research and studies.

The DYNO wallet will be integrated through our entire suite of apps and will make the exchange of data, between users and purchasers, completely seamless.

Our vision

Our open source, blockchain-secured, fitness and metabolic data marketplace, will enable us to have a global impact. 

Our users will be the sole custodians of their data, and thus, free from malicious use of their sensitive personal information. Researchers, companies and institutions will have access to better databases, which will lead to better research results and improve the health of people worldwide.

Experience & Outlook

In 2014, we set out to build a revolutionary analytical device for sports people and athletes: DYNOSTICS. Our device is unique and the best in its category, used daily by thousands of people worldwide.

We’re now aiming to build the world’s first big data fitness marketplace, build new hardware devices, and bring all third-party fitness trackers into the DYNO ecosystem.


Stefan Bartenschlager

Chief Executive Officer

Stefan Bartenschlager Chief Executive OfficerCEO at Dynostics. Serial entrepreneur with more than 14 years of experience in founding, scaling and selling companies within the fitness-, lifestyle- and health-tech industry

Friedrich Hergenreider

Chief Sales Officer

Friedrich Hergenreider ,Chief Sales Officer Serial entrepreneur with more than 10 years of sales experience in the sports- and health-tech industry.

Peter Schweiger

Chief Finance Officer

Peter SchweigerChief Finance Officer Serial finance entrepreneur with more than 13 years in the sports industry

Manfred Günther

Head of Sport Science

Manfred Günther ,Head of Sport Science,Sport Scientist (Dipl.), Founder of several diagnostic centers in Germany, health and
fitness advisor for racing drivers within the Formula 2 and 3 series

Philipp Steuer

Chief Communication Officer

Philipp Steuer,Chief Communication Officer,Digital Marketing,Entrepreneur. Blockchain Enthusiast & Book Author. Consults media brands like Red
Bull, Disney, Warner or Sony


  • 2015

    Development of DYNOSTICS® analytical device

  • December 2017

    Start of Concept & Design putting DYNO Data into the Blockchain

  • Q2 2018


  • Q3 2018

    Beta Release of DYNO Marketplac e and App Integration

  • Q4 2018

    Setup of testnet for beta-partners like Insurance companies and Researchers

  • Q1 2019

    Integration of additional tracking devices outside the DYNOSTICS® universe

  • Q2 2019

    Go live of DYNO marketplace and App Integration

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Accepting ETH
Token Info
Token DYNO
Platform Ethereum
Type ERC20
Token Price 1 ETH = 15,714 DYNO
Token Count 1,000,000,000
Pre-Sale Start Date
Pre-Sale End Date
Crowd Sale Start Date 2018-May-01
Crowd Sale End Date 2018-September-16

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