Coral Health - Building a more connected future in healthcare(CHT)
Token Count
7,500 CHT =1ETH.

Solutions for Patients

With Coral Health, you’re finally in control of your medical information.

“40% of patients have difficulty accessing their own medical records - and ⅔ are only somewhat confident, if at all, that they would be granted access to their own medical information within 24 hours.”1

Reclaim your information

Are you still physically carrying your own records from one appointment to another, filling out the same paperwork every time you visit a new doctor, or simply unable to access your records?

With Coral Health’s patient app, you can securely view all of your medical records and easily share access with anyone you choose.

Put your data to work

Research marketplace

Our marketplace offers a range of studies that you can choose to participate in, either by anonymously sharing information or by enrolling in a study. You earn rewards while also accelerating life-saving discoveries.

Health analysis

Better manage your health by getting customized insights into your key health measures, such as blood pressure and heart rate.

Custom health tips

Receive customized health tips from a marketplace of healthcare professionals.

Hassle-free healthcare

Secure sharing

We help you share information with your healthcare providers so they can better personalize your care - without wasting time filling out paperwork.

Real-time eligibility checks

With just a few clicks, you can check what treatments your insurance will cover - all without leaving the comfort of your home.

Automated prior authorizations

Our smart contracts ensure that prior authorization requirements are resolved before you leave your doctor’s office so you don’t have to wait for the care you need.

Protect your privacy

Secure by default

We protect your information with state-of-the-art encryption. The decryption key is only stored on your phone. No one else has the ability to access it.

Privacy controls

You have complete control over your medical records. Only people you specifically grant access to can view your information and you can revoke access at anytime.

Solutions for Providers and Labs

Less time document processing, more time delivering personalized care.

“The average doctor spends just 60% of her time each year seeing patients and documenting their care. She spends the other 40% processing 3,744 administrative documents, 750 school and camp forms, and chasing down 600 missing lab and imaging orders.”1

Secure patient information

Connect patients to their data

We build a persistent connection between your EHR system and our patient app using FHIR standard APIs. Patients authenticate once and then receive notifications each time new records are available.

Encrypted and secure connections

We securely encrypt both static and dynamic patient information, ensuring HIPAA and GDPR compliance by default. With our system, only the patient has access to their data unless they specifically grant decryption access to another.

Blockchain technology

We use distributed database technology to store encrypted files so that patients always have access to their data, and we further protect this data using blockchain technology to prevent any tampering of patient medical information.

Provide critical data access

Personalize care

We make it easy for patients to securely share their medical records so you have the complete information you need to tailor patients’ care.

Care coordination

Stop guessing and get real-time notifications when your patients fill prescriptions, visit other providers, or are discharged from the hospital.

Reduce administrative work

Seamless data exchange

Cut out the fax machine by securely accessing and sharing information electronically. Our blockchain-enabled systems make data exchange between labs, payers and providers simple, eliminating the cumbersome back and forth of communicating by fax.

Real-time eligibility checks

Coral Health enables patients to automatically grant payers’ smart contracts read-access to the data they need, so you can get instant information about patient insurance coverage.

Automated prior authorizations

We’ve worked with payers to write their medical policies into smart contracts that can review patient treatment requests in real-time and come to automatic determinations regarding whether a patient is covered for a treatment. Your patients get the care they need faster and you don’t have to waste time filling out prior authorization forms.

Solutions for Payers

Save billions automating manual processes by using smart contracts to interact with patient data on our platform.

"America’s Health Insurance Plans found that 17.8 cents of every premium dollar goes to operating costs.”1

Simplify data exchange

Our incentivized data sharing approach encourages the secure, electronic exchange of information through our system and reduces time wasted manually sending and processing faxes. We make it simple and secure to get the data you need from any entity including patients, providers, labs, pharmacies, and pharmaceutical companies.

Automate prior authorizations

Our smart contracts automate prior authorizations by referencing the applicable patient data stored on our blockchain and determining patient eligibility in real-time. Because our network can handle a wide array of common data types, we can automate all prior authorization requests, including prescriptions, lab and genetic tests, and surgeries.

Streamline claim processing

Smart contracts can reference the services patients received, locate the reimbursement rates for the specific service and provider, and automatically approve the appropriate payment amount. Because all services are cryptographically verified prior to being added to our blockchain, Coral Health makes reviewing claims and auditing payments far more efficient.

Solutions for Life Sciences

Easily target your studies and only pay for data from actual patients.

“19% of trials close because they can't hit recruitment targets.”1

As payer approvals increasingly require real-world outcomes research, and patients have access to more therapeutic options, drug discovery today is heavily reliant on identifying specific patient subpopulations.

The Coral Health marketplace allows patients of any type to participate in studies posted by researchers. Patients are able to securely share portions of their medical history to prove that they meet the study’s selection criteria and receive compensation in the form of tokens directly through our app. Because our marketplace is patient-permissioned, any type of research is possible.

Only pay for data from actual patients. Coral Health integrates with patients medical records so that you can easily target your studies.

Real-world studies


Gain insight into how patients are actually using your treatments.

Treatment effectiveness

Assess the real-world effectiveness of your treatments and compare outcomes to those of your competitors.

Treatment landscape

Learn which patients are being prescribed your treatment and where in the treatment landscape your product falls.

Market research

Patient preferences

Find out exactly what features patients want in a treatment.

Willingness to pay

Find out how much patients are willing to pay for both current or upcoming treatments.

Clinical trials


Quickly assess sample size feasibility.

Targeted recruitment

Reduce recruitment spend by only marketing to patients who qualify for your study.

Solutions for Public Health Authorities

Improve disease surveillance and monitoring with real-time alerts on potential disease trends and outbreaks.

“The collection of detailed clinical information about reported cases, which is necessary to confirm the diagnosis, to understand transmission, or to determine disease-related risk factors, is still heavily dependent on manual processes.”1

Disease surveillance


Access aggregated, anonymized data to generate disease reports, monitor trends, and identify potential outbreaks.


Identify outbreaks in real-time. Quickly locate the source of the outbreak and address it before it spreads.

Data sharing

Data provenance

Our system gives you the ability to verify when and who created information and who that information has been shared with and accessed by. Share data confidently with the knowledge that it will always be credited to you.

Institutional agreements

Data sharing across jurisdictions is often ad-hoc and manual. As a result, tracking disease spread across multiple jurisdictions is difficult and severely delayed. Our encrypted, permissioned approach to data sharing supports the dissemination of actionable, real time data across jurisdictions.

Finally, a healthcare model that works.

The Coral Health token aligns incentives across the healthcare industry, driving automation and personalization of care.

The Coral Health Token (CHT)

Reclaim your medical records & directly benefit from data sharing.

Coral Health is building a more connected future in healthcare by putting patients in control of their medical information. With our app, patients can securely view all their data and easily manage who has access to their health records. Our blockchain-powered applications use patient-permissioned data to personalize care, simplify administrative operations, and power the next wave of life-saving research.

These applications are fueled by Coral Health Tokens (CHT). We use a standard ERC20 token that is transferred between participants in our system in exchange for data and services. CHTs break down data silos by incentivizing the creation and delegation of health data for automated Coral Health-specific use cases.

We are building a rich ecosystem of features for healthcare participants to earn and spend tokens.

What can Coral Health Tokens be used for?

Store, access and share health data

This will always be a free feature for patients using our app.

Graphically track health trends

Patients who want to track trends in key health metrics, such as their blood pressure and heart rate to better manage their conditions, can spend tokens to unlock this premium feature.

Health tips

Patients can spend tokens to receive customized health tips from a marketplace of healthcare professionals.

Targeted promotions

Healthcare professionals can spend tokens to promote their practice to patients who have opted in.

Real-time eligibility checks

Patients who want to see what drugs and medical procedures they should qualify for, based on medical policies written by their insurance companies, can spend tokens to check their eligibility.*

* Currently, this feature only supports hair transplant and laser hair removal eligibility checks for patients with BCBS MA, Aetna and Excellus health plans, but Coral Health is rapidly expanding the number of treatments and health plans included.

Accelerate the next wave of scientific discovery

We’re developing a marketplace where researchers can post the information they need for upcoming studies, and patients can earn tokens either by sharing anonymized data or by choosing to participate in a study.

What are some other upcoming uses?

  • Automated insurance prior authorizations
  • Automated prescription refills
  • Insights into your genetics, including key areas like susceptibility to diseases, ancestry, and pharmacogenetic profile
  • Marketplace to locate physicians for consultations or services

How many tokens do I need?

  • The number of tokens needed will depend on the specific application. Each application will prompt you to confirm the amounts before you are charged.
  • Tokens will initially be sold at a price of 7,500 CHT per ETH.
  • Coral Health will review the price monthly in light of the performance of the platform. Any proposed price change will be publicly announced, along with our reasoning for the change.

How many CHTs are there?

  • There is a fixed supply of 488,157,894 tokens.
  • Tokens never expire.
  • Coral Health will sell tokens on an ongoing basis from our platform.
  • Coral Health receives a small transaction fee (<5%) on all services and applications used on its platform, which we will then resell.


Philip Parker

Co-Founder & Chief Operating Officer

Philip Parker is a data scientist with expertise leveraging diverse data assets to guide operations and marketing strategy. After graduating from Harvard University, Philip consulted for Fortune 500 pharmaceutical clients at Analysis Group, where he led health economics and effectiveness projects across a range of treatments. He then worked to drive the financial and clinical performance of health systems at athenahealth, a top US electronic medical record and revenue cycle management company. Philip’s previous projects have also included partnerships with public health agencies, national foundations, and top academics.

Allan Mah

Chief Scientific Officer

Allan Mah is a life science professional who obtained his PhD from Simon Fraser University. His research centered on identifying genetic pathways, which are involved in the development and function of key organ systems. After completing postdoctoral research focused on elucidating metabolic gene regulatory networks, Dr. Mah entered the biotech industry, where he uses data-driven approaches to develop product and partnership strategies.

Luke Cyca


Luke Cyca is the Systems Architect at Coral Health. Luke served as Senior Systems Architect at Zymeworks Inc., a computational pharmaceutical company developing antibody and protein therapeutics. At Zymeworks, Luke was the lead developer of a Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) used to manage protein sequence information.

Steven Noble


Steven Noble is a capital fundraiser, with previous focus on capitalizing junior securities. Steven is CSC certified from Canadian Securities Insititute. Steven has a background in emerging technologies previously working in the Drone and Virtual Reality Industries.

Sahar Ebrahimi

Sr. Software Engineer


  • June 2017

    Coral Health was founded by a team of healthcare entrepeneurs, proven technologists and health policy experts.

  • August 2017

    Founding team develops first prototype for a patient-centric, decentralized method to securely store and readily access patient data

  • December 2017

    White paper and project roadmap released

  • January 2018

    Start of private sale to accredited investors

  • February 2018

    Coral Health secures major investment from STI Financial Group

  • February 2018

    Demo of the patient medical records app released with built-in asymmetric encryption

  • April 2018

    Beta version of patient medical record app released with encrypted records stored off chain on IPFS and integration with our health tip marketplace

  • May 2018

    Health trend tracking and automated treatment eligibility lookup added to the patient app

  • 3Q18

    Create full working version of patient-lab application to use in pilots

  • 3Q18

    Build alpha version of Coral Health patient-lab database, hosted on Amazon S3 interacting with the Ethereum main net (or potentially an isolated side chain)

  • 3Q18

    Create full working version of patient-physician interaction user interface within the Coral Health application

  • 3Q18

    Public token crowdsale begins

  • 4Q18

    Solicit interest for additional pilot programs from laboratories and provider groups (including soft commitments already received)

  • 4Q18

    Begin conversion of seed pilot programs to full programs

  • 1Q19

    Begin sales rollout of Coral Health system to diagnostic laboratories throughout the US and Canada

  • 1Q19

    Begin contracting process for pilot programs with payers in the US

  • 1Q19

    Build beta application for payers to read laboratory information posted through Coral Health

  • 2Q19

    Build initial smart contracts for a select set of medical policies for pilot payers, to be used in a standardized format with other payers

  • 2Q19/3Q19

    Complete architecture for automated processing of smart contracts with laboratory data used as inputs

  • 3Q19/4Q19

    Conduct pilot programs with seed payers

  • 4Q19

    Approach provider groups and hospital chains for pilot programs

  • 4Q19/1Q20

    Begin conversion of payer pilot programs to full programs

  • 1Q20

    Begin sales rollout of Coral Health to payers throughout the US

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Token Price 7,500 CHT =1ETH.
Token Count 488,157,894
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