ImmVRse - Disrupting The VR Industry
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1 IMV = 0.20 $



Virtual reality is the next biggest platform in consumer technology. The world rarely experiences momentous leaps towards the future and this is exactly what VR represents, having the ability to change how we will be able to interact with the world around us. ImmVRse will contribute to building the future of media by developing one of the largest decentralised creative platforms, a self-sustaining and autonomous network that utilises a personalised cryptocurrency as a tradable commodity.

Goldman Sachs has forecasted that the VR technology has the capability to grow into a $110 billion industry by 2025.


ImmVRse will be a community for content creators to show their flair and creativity to the world and in return be rewarded with jobs and contracts.  Some of the key attributes of the platform are:

Decentralised & Autonomous Payments

Peer to Peer Smart Contracts set by companies & freelancers

No Financial Controller or Mediator

Exposure of VR Creators to Top Brands

Native Applications – iOS, Android, Web

Accolade-based Rewards (tokens) for Creators and Viewers



Co-Founder & CEO

Marketing Professional with chartered certification (ACIM), 10 years background experience, Blockchain/Cryptocurrency Researcher & Investor, Proficient in Ethereum/Solidity. 2.5 years experience of producing VR media content, worked with a number of SMEs. Currently leading a small team of medical students to conduct research on VR-Neuroscience.


Co-Founder & COO

Entrepreneur and Angel Investor, Crypto evangelist and trader, 14 Years’ experience in Financial Control and Management capacity for multinational organization. Expert in establishing multiple businesses in an array of industries.


Head of Marketing

Four years’ experience in Marketing and Journalism, Previously Co-Founder of MadBuzzHK, proficiency in online content development and disruptive technologies.


Chief Information Officer

15 years’ experience in IT project management, highly experienced in managing over $100 million USD IT infrastructure and application projects.


Chief Technical Officer

Over 8 years of experience as a developer, highly experienced in managing large scale software and android app development project with some of the largest companies in EU, proficient in JS, Python PHP, JAVA, and SQL.


Chief Solutions Architect

Extensive background in solutions architecture, digital transformations and content management systems. Managing technology/architecture roadmap and contributing to the complete lifecycle of digital programmes.


White Paper

Investment Info
Accepting ETH
Token Info
Fund Raised $ 9.95 M
Token IMV
Platform Ethereum
Type ERC20
Token Price 1 IMV = 0.20 $
Token Count 20,000,000
Crowd Sale Start Date
Crowd Sale End Date 2018-September-07

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ImmVRse - Disrupting The VR Industry

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