LendLedger - The first open network to solve trillion-dollar credit gaps.(LOAN)
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The global lending challenge

Trillion-dollar lending gap

Small businesses and informal sector borrowers struggle to get credit from formal lenders. Globally this has led to a multi-trillion-dollar lending gap.

Why? It’s a catch-22. Many borrowers simply can’t get a loan without a track record of their creditworthiness from an institutional lender. But they lack the documentation to obtain such a loan in the first place.

Lack of documentation 

No credit histories and limited paperwork


Lender procedures too burdensome for small borrowers


Too costly for lenders to assess risks


Borrowers turn to friends and family—or worse, local lenders with onerous terms

Lending the way

Opening up global lending markets

LendLedger unlocks data on informal and small business borrowers, making it viable for lenders to offer trillions in loans to these untapped segments.


Each party controls the transfer of their encrypted data, eliminating the risks of a centralized intermediary


Connects lenders, data providers, and borrowers in one reputation-building ecosystem


Every transfer across the network is publicly logged to a blockchain, an immutable ledger

Why LendLedger?

Inclusion mission

We're solving a $2 trillion funding gap for 200+ million small businesses globally

Distinctive project

We're the only protocol for institutional, fiat-based, small business lending

Ease of adoption

Our network has lower barriers to adoption as lenders and borrowers do not need to hold cryptocurrency


Our protocol v0.1 already powers $30MM annually in lending in India

Team of experts

Our team is composed of leading industry experts and advisors from global bodies, banks, and payment networks

Stay up to date

LendLedger is changing the face of lending for unserved segments. Our software for data providers and lenders has processed tens of millions of dollars in loan requests for hundreds of thousands of borrowers and resulted in loans to informal and small business borrowers in 400 cities across India. Get in touch at [email protected] as we open up new markets across the world or subscribe to our newsletter.


Gautam Ivatury

Co-Founder and CEO

Innovator in emerging market fintech since 2002. Founding or CXO roles at SKS Microfinance, Gates Foundation-funded CGAP Technology Program, Signal Point Partners, Jipange Kusave, MeraDoctor, and ArthImpact.

Manish Khera


Pioneering banker in India for over 25 years. Founder or CEO at Fino PayTech, YTS (sold to Bharti Airtel), Airtel Payments Bank, and ArthImpact. World Economic Forum Young Global Leader.

Greg DeForest

Head of Product

Stanford grad with 20 years of building products in Silicon Valley. Head of Product at Yahoo! Sports, founder of two financial services companies, and licensed financial advisor.

Odysseas Sclavounis

Blockchain Network Governance

Expert on reputation systems in crypto markets and researcher on governance in public blockchains. PhD candidate at Oxford Internet Institute and doctoral candidate at Alan Turing Institute.

Daniella Loftus

Communications Manager

Leveraging extensive experience working with social finance organizations such as The ImPact in New York, TAB in London, and Dasra in Mumbai. Daniella graduated Summa Cum Laude from NYU.


  • Milestone 1 (Q4 2018): Demonstration (India-Based Pilot)

    By the close of 2018 LendLedger will have released its initial protocol focused on core blockchain functionality.. The co-founders of LendLedger currently own and operate a data-driven Indian lending business which is onboarding loans at a run rate of $30 million annually. This will become our pilot group and we will move all of these loans onto the LendLedger blockchain. In addition, LendLedger will become the first test Credit Node. Credit nodes are essential to the running of the platform: they stake LOANtoken in exchange for Ledger Credit - the stable, non-fungible asset, used to make loans on the platform. For more details please see the LendLedger Technical Paper.

  • Milestone 2 (Q1 2019): India Onboarded

    In the first 6 months of 2019 LendLedger will have expanded the pilot platform, built off our existing Indian lending business Happy Loans, and will be operating in the wider Indian market via the second iteration of the LendLedger protocol. Amongst other things this will involve off-chain data exchanges and Credit Nodes in testing with 3rd parties. As the basic software for Lenders and Data Providers will be live there will be a deep focus placed on bringing more actors onto the platform. The project will draw on the extensive relationships our founding team have with Indian institutions such as ICICI Bank, RBL Bank, Yes Bank, HDFC Bank and establishing partnerships like that with the Smart Campaign to assure those on our platform are observing best practice. We aim to have reached a annual run rate of over $50 million at this stage.

  • Milestone 3 (Q2 2019): India + 1 Other Market

    After successfully establishing LendLedger in India the team will focus on scaling through expanding into other emerging markets. LendLedger has advisors and Community Experts with valuable experience in our target markets such as Nick Hughes, founder of M-KOPA and Nicole Van Der Tuin Co-Founder and CEO of First Access. 

White Paper

Investment Info
Accepting ETH, BTC, XLM, Fiat
Token Info
Country Singapore
Hardcap $8,000,000
Token LOAN
Platform Stellar
Type Stellar
Token Price 1 LLC = $0.05
Token Count 1,000,000,000
Pre-Sale Start Date
Pre-Sale End Date
Crowd Sale Start Date 2018-October-29
Crowd Sale End Date 2018-December-15

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