Noiz - A decentralized cognitive ad network
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The Future of Advertising with NOIZ

NOIZ is the first and only decentralized ad network in the world where participants can engage directly with brands through an AI-enabled cognitive ad system within online and mobile ads.


We use AI and Blockchain to fight banner blindness, increase transparency and create trust between advertisers, publishers and users. This eliminates fraud ads and scam bots, which drive down the costs of advertising and increase revenues to publishers.


  • Inefficient ad spend
  • Low engagement and brand loyalty
  • Lack of trust towards publishers & ad networks


  • Secure, transparent blockchain ledger
  • Cognitive ad templates for various  industries
  • NOIZ token incentives engagement


  • Valid user data on a secure system that cannot be inflated by bot traffic.
  • Save money and time creating ads.
  • Rewards lead to higher engagement and motivate users to redeem tokens.

NOIZ Platform

The NOIZ platform is a digital ad exchange—the middleman between advertisers and publishers. NOIZ is also the name of the token that incentivizes user engagement and is distributed among advertisers, publishers and charitable foundations in addition to users.


Nikola is the friendly AI bot behind the cognitive ads, collecting, authenticating and sorting user data. Nikola uses a hybrid AI system; one form of AI to filter out spam-bot-like user actions and another to integrate with NLP technology for improved the cognitive ad conversations.

Charitable Foundations

The NOIZ network, advertisers, publishers and users can all directly donate to charitable foundations of their choosing. When users redeem coupons, their tokens will go to charitable foundations rather than back to the advertisers or publishers.


Advertisers pay a digital ad fee to receive NOIZ tokens, which are then used to pay for ad creation, ad space and user engagement. To increase user engagement, the advertiser has the option to offer coupons. When users redeem coupons, the users’ tokens will go to charitable foundations.


Publishers are media rich sites with high traffic volume. They receive NOIZ tokens in exchange for their advertising space. Publishers can exchange, keep, donate or use their tokens. In the case of using them, publishers pay tokens to users in return for user data. Publishers can also receive tokens from users in exchange for coupons on services, such as subscription fees.


Users are people who view the cognitive ads on publisher sites. Users receive NOIZ tokens by engaging with the cognitive ads. Every piece of data, or intent, the user provides is sent to the advertiser. Users can determine what personal information—age, gender, location—is delivered to advertisers and publishers. Users can exchange, keep, donate or redeem their tokens.

Token Sale Details        

PlatformERC20 (Ethereum)
Total Tokens 300,000,000
Available for Sale180,000,000
SoftCap15,000 ETH
HardCap60,000 ETH
CrowdSale Start Date15-Aug-2018
CrowdSale End Date30-Sept-2018

Token Allocation

Charitable Foundation10%

Fund Utilization

Product Development and Expansion35%                                                                                                                    
Business Development20%



Chief Executive Officer

Andy Ann is the Founder and CEO of NDN Group, a digital conglomerate heavily invested in digital projects ranging from Mobile Advertising Networks to Artificial Intelligence. He is also a serial entrepreneur and an angel investor, having founded and funded over 20 pioneering companies. Andy is well known in the business startup community for discovering and mentoring high-potential entrepreneurs, and has been actively involved in multiple local and Silicon Valley incubators including Google EYE and the Entrepreneurs’ Organization.


Chief Strategy Officer

David has used his knowledge in market forecasting and human behavioral psychology to develop a successful IT startup called, valued at over 100M USD by Thompson Reuters. His insights are developed from hands-on experience in the trading, e-Commerce, legal information, financial investment and IT service industries. David aims to develop marketing technology strategies for disadvantaged enterprises that intend to impact society. Currently, he is the general partner of hedge fund XNInsight in addition to being the partner of NDN Group New York and South Korea.


Chief Technology Officer

Ricky has over 18 years of digital marketing technology product experience and is proficient in a variety of internet marketing disciplines. He has blended AI and Big Data analytics with his internet marketing expertise to consult on projects for 36,000+ clients, including, and Currently, he is the Co-founder and CEO of Parini, an AI chatbot company servicing a multitude of industries from realestate to banking. He is also the Co-founder of Smarter Codes, a company developing AI for chatbots, text and linguistic software, and web crawling services.


Chief Research and Development Officer

Kelvin was an early adopter of Bitcoin in 2011. Since then, he has continued to grow with this highly disruptive industry, becoming an expert of both blockchain and cryptocurrency. Kelvin has also become a cryptocurrency entrepreneur, founding a number of bitcoin businesses; most recently launching a cryptocurrency mining box that uses solar energy. He is currently advising several blockchain based startups, such as DIID, a fraud management platform, and he remains on the lookout for new industry trends.


Head of Brand Development

Adam is Director of Victual Consulting, which specializes in helping FMCG companies and small businesses. In addition to this, Adam is also a Partner at Refresh Industries, a company specializing in augmented and virtual reality. In his spare time, Adam heads up strategy and integration for Project Moses, a global social initiative aiming to help a billion people who live in severe poverty obtain universal basic income living conditions. In his past work, Adam has worked in commercial and consulting roles for major global brands such as General MIlls, Mars/Wrigley, Samworth Brothers and Greencore.


White Paper

Investment Info
Accepting ETH
Token Info
Token NOIZ
Platform Ethereum
Type ERC20
Token Price 1 NOIZ = 0.14$
Token Count 180,000,000
Crowd Sale Start Date 2018-september-28
Crowd Sale End Date 2018-October-31

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