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One Game is a decentralized virtual world in which the game participant is the ultimate owner, creator, and arbiter. One Game is not a single game, but a platform on which any player can create their own games. Professional developers may use our developer tools to create thrilling gaming experiences.

One Game introduces a decentralized and self-evolving world of infinite variability governed by creators, gamers, and players based on a set of consensus protocols that reward and incentivize the contributing actors. As a radical paradigm shift, the participants in One Game control their own reality in an infinite, self-evolving game.

One Game Demos

Join the Crowdsale inside the Avatar Wallet!

To make the One Game accessible to everyone, we've designed an app and a distribution for gamers to create his or her unique digital representation and to test out the One Game World Builder. Take a look at the demos below!

  • Purchase OGT Token Directly
  • Use for Virtual Goods
  • Be Paid to Play Games
  • Win Virtual Goods for Holding Tokens
  • Open Source Developer Tools
  • Decentralized Governance
  • Genetic Algorithm Based Self Evolution
  • AI Powered Gaming Experience

Use of Funds

One Game Use of Fund

One Game Foundation has raised $10 million in the private sale. The majority of the proceeds will be reserved for R&D, marketing, and operation, and about 10% will be used as legal cost.

Our product timeline is staged into a four-step development plan, which gives us the flexibility of running the project with different level of budget.

While a higher budget will allow us to deliver the project in a shorter period of time with higher quality by investing in R&D; in the bear case that we only hit the soft cap or that the soft cap is not reached, we are still able to launch the beta products by Q4 2018.

Through the public sale, we plan to distribute the tokens to as many potential players as possible, and use the raised the funding to further improve the product until One Game becomes a fully decentralized virtual world with the best player experience.

How do I obtain Land in One Game?

There is an unlimited supply of land in One Game. Anyone can obtain new land by paying a small fee. The land system in One Game is based on land parcels on which users design game scenes and game rules.

The One Game system allows the generation of unlimited amounts of virtual parcels of land, with sizes ranging from 2,000 pixel x 2,000 pixel to 2,000,000 pixel x 2,000,000 pixel. Read the white paper to learn more about land.

What is the Avatar Wallet?

One Game Avatar Wallet is a product described in the One Game roadmap and will be launching in July, 2018. We created the Avatar Wallet to allow players to be able to customize his or her digital avatar in the One Game Platform, deposit OGT and use the deposited OGT to win daily sweepstakes of digital assets, which can be applied on players’ avatar, land, or exchanged among players. Eventually, the Avatar Wallet will become the entry point into the gaming world of One Game.

How do I obtain One Game Token (OGT)?

OGT is the in-game utility token. OGT can be used to purchase land parcels, virtual goods and services in the One Game world. By purchasing OGT, new gamers and developers will be able to participate in the One Game world and engage in its economy immediately.

You can join our token sale, purchase OGT from exchanges post token listing, or earn tokens through our incentive program for developers and gamers once the platform is launched. 

What is the Difference between One Game and other gaming projects?

One Game provides: 

1) Unlimited land supply for equality; 

2) Decentralized Governance; 

3) Incentive Programs for both Gamers and Developers; 

4) Genetic Algorithms based platform self-evolvement so that is an infinite game.

How does the One Game Platform Self-Evolves?

One Game introduces the concept of genetic engineering. One Game is a complex gaming platform with ability to self-evolve based on consensus protocols. The platform wholely supports on the self-determination of participants and is owned by these participants.

To build a complex virtual world, solely relying on inputs from human beings is not sufficient; One Game self-evolves with the help of genetic algorithms and other artificial intelligence algorithm. Read the white paper to learn more about artificial intelligence in One Game.


Pu Shi

Chief Executive Officer

Serial entrepreneur; Investor and adviser in multiple blockchain projects; Independent game developer with more than ten years’ experience; Former Co-founder and CTO of; Former Google and Microsoft Senior Software Engineer; M.S. in Computer Science from Emory University.

Kurt Young

Chief Producer

Co-Founder and Creative Director of Mokuni Games; Created games downloaded over 10 million times; Former Creative Director of The9 Limited (NASDAQ: NCTY); M.S. in Computer Arts from School of Visual Arts.

Fox Chen

Chief Technical Artist

Co-Founder and Lead Programer of Mokuni Games; Created games downloaded over 10 million times; M.S. in Computer Science from New York University.

Jason Zou

Chief Blockchain Engineer

Tech Lead and Manager on Google Maps; 7+ years of experience working on Google Maps using industry-leading AI technologies; Ph.D. in Applied Mathematics from Stony Brook University; Former ACM-ICPC programming contest medalist.

Samantha Kong

Chief Financial Officer

Financial professional with 10+ years of experience in M&A and security trading; Previously worked at top tier investment bank and fortune 500 companies include Société Générale, Noble Group, and CEFC. Combined M&A deal size over $20 billion; B.S. in Business Administration from Zhejiang University; M.S. in Finance from Simon Business School, University of Rochester.


  • Q4 2017

    Idea of State-of-art Virtual Gaming World

    Concept Development

    Presentation of Concept 

  • Q1 2018

    Private Sale

    Publish of Whitepaper

  • Q2 2018

    Private Sale to Strategic Investors

    Strategic Alliance and Partnerships

    Conduct Bounty Campagin 

  • Q3 2018

    Launch Avatar Wallet 

    Launch Developers' Tools, and PC client side testing version

    Platform development

    Public sale 

  • Q4 2018

    Launch the Open Platform

    Building a Fundamental Virtual World and Active Development

    PC and Mobile Full Version Client

  • Q1 2019

    Launch the Master Game

    Create an Improved Ecosystems

    Attract More Developers

    Robust SDKs 

  • Q2 2019

    A Virtual World Governed by Gamers and Developers and a Self-Evolving Platform

  • Q4 2019

    Fully Decentralized Version with Simulated Mining Process Activated

    Launch Virtual Reality Client 

  • Q4 2021

    Integration of AI and Enhanced Genetics Algorithms

    Self Evolving Features Added 

White Paper

Investment Info
Accepting ETH
Token Info
Platform Ethereum
Type ERC20
Token Price 1OGT=$0.0075
Token Count 10,000,000,000
Pre-Sale Start Date
Pre-Sale End Date
Crowd Sale Start Date 2018-July-20
Crowd Sale End Date 2018-August-20

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