PearlPay  - Your Virtual Money Logistics System™ (PRLPAY)
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Pearl Pay is a Virtual Money Logistics System™ (VMLS™) which provides a comprehensive “Mobile Payment and Money Transfer Platform as a Service” appropriately designed, of world-class quality, relevant for actual use and beneficial to the financial inclusion target market.

Pearl Pay Mobile Wallet

A white-label product that allows rural banks to launch their own virtual prepaid Pearl Pay and MasterCard accounts as fast as 30 days.

Pearl Pay Remit

is a mobile wallet app designed for the millions of Overseas Filipino Workers (OFW) that will allow them to send money to the Philippines in just minutes and at a fraction of a cost of a traditional bank wire transfer.

Pearl Pay PESO

is an innovative product designed to transform micro, small and medium enterprises with existing stores like the sari-sari store (neighborhood sundry store), pawnshop, barber shop, pharmacy, gasoline station and other similar types of businesses to become a money remittance agent.

Pearl Pay Exchange

aims to provide a trustworthy, excellent and secured ICO (Initial Coin Offering) platform. Protect the best interest of crowdfunding supporters and be preferred venue for crowdfunding. 

Pearl Pay Exchange vision is to become a leading exchange for trading cryptocurrencies, utility crypto-tokens, liquidity, and crowdfunding that fuels value innovation for a better world.

Pearl Pay Coin

is the energy that will propel the services of Pearl Pay Exchange provides. More than just the exclusive cryptocurrency for Pearl Pay Remit accountholders, PRLPAY coin will be utilized as an accepted cryptocurrency for companies that will launch an ICO through the Pearl Pay Exchange platform. 

Furthermore, PRLPAY coin will be the preferred cryptocurrency to employ Pearl Pay Exchange Notarization Nodes Service.

What can Pearl Pay do?

More than just a virtual prepaid mobile wallet, Pearl Pay is a platform into which an extensive range of third-party services will be integrated

  • Cryptocurrency Exchange
  • Domestic and International Money Remittance
  • Innovative Payment Solutions

Who are we?

Pearl Pay is a Financial Technology Company that helps Small Banks, Financial Institutions and MSMEs (Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises) to offer secured mainstream & innovative banking services. Pearl Pay aims to be the National Payment Gateway of the Philippines, by providing world-class yet affordable banking applications, designed to interconnect the entire banking and payment industries in the Philippines.


Sparky Perreras

Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Spark acquired his IT and entrepreneurial skills from the best university in the world, University of Experience. A seasoned IT Executive, Spark worked with one of the top banks in the Philippines where he managed the first dual interface EMV card project in the country including MasterCard, Visa & AMEX EMV integration. With almost two decades of financial IT experience in Consumer Finance Banking: Debit Cards, Prepaid Cards, E-commerce, Mobile Payments and other Consumer Loans, Spark is now focusing on helping bring technology and convenience to more Filipinos across the globe.   

Pio Ryan Lumongsod

Co-Founder, Chief Technology Officer & Chief Operating Officer

Pio is an entrepreneur, IT startup enthusiast and Software Architect with more than 10 years of experience in Software Engineering with focus on scrum, test driven development, and scalability of high traffic websites. He joined and won in Startup Weekend Chile, the Startup Manila, and in the first Asia Bitcoin Hackathon. Pio along with his mentors of world-class engineers from Friendster Inc and Pivotal Labs, turned Friendster into a global platform serving more than a billion users. Pio intends to do the same for Pearl Pay across the globe.

Adrian Ng, M.D.

Co-Founder & Chief Financial Officer

Dr. Adrian started as a co-founder of Cookemeup app - a company that stood out from the 60,000 applicants as an alpha startup for the 2016 Rise conference in Hong Kong. He has been in the blockchain industry since 2014 and has investments in different ICOs such as QSP, Ink protocol, Instarr. He is now focusing on helping the Philippines take advantage of the blockchain technology through Pearl Pay.   

Atty. Jay Masangcay

Co-Founder & Chief Legal Officer

As a former Senior Associate at SGV & Co. (Ernst & Young Philippines) and now a lawyer at Feria Law Offices, Atty. Jay offers extensive experience in taxation, corporate structuring, acquisitions and cross-border transactions. He also practices in the fields of labor laws, land registration, civil and criminal litigation, intellectual property and telecommunications. Throughout the years, he has been involved setting-up, structuring and corporate housekeeping of various technology-related companies including those involved in payment solutions, software development, technical support and other IT-related services.   

John Kerr

Co-Founder & Chairman

Mr. John Kerr has held various positions throughout his career including Chairman, CEO, President, COO, and CFO. He took the lead of DHL Express in Asia Pacific for 14 years, lived in nine different countries and headed operations spanning 80 nations. Currently, he works with startup companies and organizations addressing social issues. He also sits as the Board Director and Trustee/EVP of Tuloy Foundation Inc.


  • 4th Qtr - 2018

    RBAP symposium presentation, Philippine business conference presentation,and Rural bank pilot launch of Pearl Pay

  • 4th Qtr - 2018

    2 companies will launch its dICO under Pearl Pay Exchange Services

  • 1st Qtr - 2019

    2 companies will launch its dICO under Pearl Pay Exchange Services

  • 1st Qtr - 2019

    Pearl Pay Mobile Wallet White Label Solution Launch in the Philippines

  • 2nd Qtr - 2019

    VCE (Virtual Currency Ex- change) & EMI (Electronic Money Issuer) License by BSP

  • 2nd Qtr - 2019

    Pearl Pay Remit, PESO & Exchange Launch in the Philippines

  • 2nd Half - 2019

    Pearl Pay Remit Launch in Singapore & Hong Kong

  • 4th Qtr - 2019

    500K Users - Target no. of users under Pearl Pay Ecosystem

  • 1st Qtr - 2020

    Pearl Pay Remit Launch in Japan, Middle East, United States & Canada

  • 4th Qtr - 2020

    1.5 million Users - Target no. of users under the Pearl Pay Ecosystem

  • 2021

    4 million Users - Target no. of users under the Pearl Pay Ecosystem

  • 2022

    7 million Users - Target no. of users under the Pearl Pay Ecosystem

White Paper

Investment Info
Accepting BTC, KMD
Token Info
Platform Ethereum
Type ERC20
Token Price 1 PRLPAY = $0.2
Token Count 500,000,000
Pre-Sale Start Date 2018-July-10
Pre-Sale End Date 2018-August-30
Crowd Sale Start Date 2018-September-01
Crowd Sale End Date 2018-October-30

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