Pedity - An unbiased Content sharing platform that rewards users in form of PEDI.  Asset Built Proudly on Stellar Blockchain
Token Count
1 PEDI = 0.0005 XLM

What is Pedity Platform?

Pedity is a simple community oriented content sharing platform where every user is rewarded PEDI tokens based on content and not on upvotes/votes from other users.

Here you get rewarded for every post your create, comment you make, user you refer. That means you are rewarded for almost anything you do on Pedity.

Ofcourse reward rate is dependent on various factors.

You can easily exchange PEDI token on Stellar Term exchange for Stellar Lumens. In simple terms, you are getting rewarded just by sharing content and the best part is that you don't need upvote or like to get rewards. Once you create posts, rewards are generated instantly. This is all thanks to the Stellar blockchain technology. 

You can buy Pedity Tokens on StellarTerm and StellarPort Exchange where Pedity is listed.


Unbiased Platform

Rewards are unbiased, every user will get same reward at a particular time.

Instant Redemption

- All rewards are generated almost instantly and can be redeemed instantly.

Complete Control

Users can delete their data and their account whenever they want.

Transparent Blockchain

Users can see all rewards data live on Stellar blockchain.

Empowering rewards for content creators

A real world use case of blockchain technology

Content rewards and blockchain are a perfect fit for every content writer online. Every single piece of unique reward is recorded on the stellar blockchain along with views and comments. Content creators would have transparency into the impact they are making for brands or social networks and be properly rewarded for it..

Single platform for multiple content types

  • Write articles and get rewarded in PEDI tokens for sharing articles.
  • Share videos and get rewarded in PEDI tokens for sharing that video.
  • Create, capture and Share images and get rewarded in PEDI tokens for sharing images.



Co-Founder, TBD



  • Q4 2017 

    • Creation of Pedity Platform backbone 
    • Start of Pre-Alpha
  • Q1 2018 

    • Registration of
    • Creation of PEDI Tokens 
    • Listing on Stellar DEX
    • Platform reaches Alpha milestone
    • Addition of WhitePaper, RoadMap and Rewards Documents
  • Q2 2018 

    • Profile with current coins and price 
    • Addition of FAQ
    • Finance PEDI rewards completely through Stellar Ledger
    • Automatic Unlock of rewards after every week
    • Addition of Pedity Balance viewer plus XLM balance viewer in account
    • Web Wallet creating inbuilt into profile
    • Addition of more content type such as videos, Q/A, images
    • Completion of Alpha and start of Beta Milestone
  • Q3 and Q4 2018

    • Rebranding of Pedity Project
    • Possibility for direct exchange using BTC and other altcoins (Example
    • PEDI-BTC pairs)
    • Advertising using Pedity
    • More utilities of Pedity
    • Completion of Beta Milestone

White Paper

Investment Info
Accepting ETH,XLM
Token Info
Token PEDI
Platform Ethereum
Type ERC20
Token Price 1 PEDI = 0.0005 XLM
Token Count 1,199,999,999
Crowd Sale Start Date
Crowd Sale End Date

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