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Token Count
1 ETH = 500 PTRT


The Platform

PlaceToRent is a cryptographic real estate rental ecosystem that rests on the fundamental values of the blockchain.

The blockchain enables near real-time settlement of transactions, providing reliable data and reducing risk. Smart contracts allow transacting peer-to-peer in a secure and transparent environment, mitigating the risk of fraud, abuse, and manipulation. Automating transactions between the tenant and landlord eliminates the need for a real estate broker or agent – and their commission fees. Utilizing PlaceToRent tokens for rent and bills payment incorporates transaction speed, efficiency, and privacy.

Additionally, our platform will empower such underserved segments of the rental population as younger households with invisible credit or work history to access rental opportunities and affordability.

Disrupting the Rental Industry

PlaceToRent is poised to revolutionize the traditional rental industry standards worldwide to ensure a seamless rental experience which will allow the entire rental process to be completed online efficiently, transparently, and securely.

Our Mission

In light of rapid advances in technology fueled by ubiquitous broadband internet access, the reliability of data centers and improved software development tools, there developed an urgent need to revolutionize the rental process by providing a solution powered by blockchain technology that will be beneficial for all market participants.

Our mission is to disrupt the rental industry standards worldwide by enabling transparent and efficient transactions while eliminating the need for third-party oversight to make the rental process less costly, more convenient and secure.

Our Vision

By employing best-of-the-breed technologies, PlaceToRent will deliver towards its grand vision to explore big-picture problems and dream up innovative solutions. At PlaceToRent, we will strive to promote data democracy, increase the level of rental market inclusion and expand the number of alternatives for the underserved. We believe in a more trusted, safe, and equitable shared cyberspace where you can interact with each other directly in your digital communities and have a peace of mind that your counterparty is who they say they are, without entrusting a central organization with your data and privacy. We believe control belongs to you.

Our Token

The PlaceToRent platform will have a native cryptocurrency, which is a utility token that grants token holders access services on the platform. PTRT token is the settlement unit of the PlaceToRent platform providing an essential utility for its users to interact within the platform, and acting as the main driver of the PlaceToRent ecosystem. PTRT token will continuously circulate within the PlaceToRent ecosystem and will be tied to all aspects of the functionality of the PlaceToRent platform. We believe our token will build a community of users around it and generate tremendous value from the network effect of users with organic demand for its utility.  We expect the token to motivate responsible use and governance of the platform.


Marvin Bear

Founder And CEO

Marvin is a seasoned management professional with a sound grip over startups and emerging markets. A dynamic entrepreneur and veteran venture capitalist with over two decades of industry experience, Marvin has founded, bought and sold several businesses. His early experience as an equities trader and broker paved the way to building his own private investment consulting with a successful exit. Most recently, Marvin launched PlaceToRent as a decentralized peer-to-peer rental platform to disrupt the rental industry.

Carlos Gironda

CTO And Sr. Data Scientist

With a Graduate degree in Science, Pure and Applied Physics from Waseda University, Tokyo, Japan, Carlos has extensive knowledge in AI and Blockchain implementations. Most notably, he has been involved in the development of bio-inspired models and software production of the Blockchain technology. His management skills across various industry verticals and proven leadership make him an important asset to PlaceToRent.

Sachin Choube

Lead Blockchain Developer

Sachin attended the prestigious Birla Institute of Technology and Science, Pilani, and is a true prodigy. With a strong computer software engineering background, and deep knowledge in smart contracts, Ethereum and Blockchain, Sachin is our expert at the precise execution of technology ideas.

Rob Davis


Rob is a seasoned sales and marketing professional with over 20 years of sales experience. He started his sales career in the mortgage business but always knew that he belonged in the tech sector. After a successful stint at one of the largest Google business photo agencies as Chief Business Development Officer, Rob started his own business consulting firm, Innovative Technology Ventures LLC, which offers financing and marketing for cryptocurrency/blockchain ventures.

Virgil Shelton

Front End Developer

Virgil leads all design initiatives at PlaceToRent. In a career spanning over two decades, he plies his trade in software and design. As a Senior Technical Support Engineer at NTT DATA Corporation, Virgil supported Windows 9x and NT Workstation for Microsoft. He has worked as Software Test Engineer at Microsoft, and as Software Quality Assurance Lead at Aditi Technologies and later VeriTest. At PlaceToRent, Virgil is responsible for overseeing and conceptualizing all design and innovation aspects of the PlaceToRent platform.


  • 2017 Q1: 

    • Global rental market research and analysis
  • 2017 Q2: 

    • Interviews with industry professionals, investors and startups
  • 2017 Q3: 

    • Concept Design
    • Technical Specifications
  • 2017 Q4:

    • Blockchain developers interviewed
    • Platform prototype
  • 2018 Q1: 

    • Smart Contract prototype
    • Legal framework for the project
    • Smart Lock market research
  • 2018 Q2:

    • Proof of concept
    • Whitepaper creation
    • Token Pre-Sale Event
  • 2018 Q3:

    • Token Sale Disbursement of tokens to contributors
  • 2018 Q4:

    • Development of PlaceToRent platform
    • Partnerships with third-party
    • service providers
  • 2019 Q1: 

    • Alpha-testing of the platform
    • Smart Lock technology
    • specifications completed
  • 2019 Q2: 

    • Beta-testing of the platform
    • Marketing campaigns in key markets
  • 2019 Q3:

    • Platform fully developed
    • Release of iOS and Android apps
  • 2019 Q4: 

    • Official launch in North America,UK, Canada, New Zealand and Australia
  • 2020 Q1: 

    • Tokenization of the platform
    • Multilanguage support
  • 2020 Q2: 

    • Expansion to South America and EU
    • Marketing campaign in target markets
  • 2020 Q3: 

    • Marketing campaign in target markets
  • 2020 Q4: 

    • API integration with third-party providers
  • 2021 Q1: 

    • Integration of Smart Lock technology (for both commercial and residential application) with the platform
  • 2021 Q2: 

    • Expansion to Eastern Europe and Russian Federation Marketing campaign in target
    • markets
  • 2021 Q3: 

    • Expansion to Asia
    • Marketing campaign in target markets
  • 2021 Q4: 

    • Expansion to Middle East
    • Marketing camp
  • 2022+ Q1: 

    • Expansion to Africa
    • Marketing campaign in target markets
  • 2022+ Q2: 

    • Introduction of facial and/or fingerprint technology for data validation
  • 2022+ Q3: 

    • 5% of global real rental market transactions
  • 2022+ Q4: 

    • Partnerships with Governmental Blockchains
    • Enabling data-driven utility service management and bill payment with tokens

White Paper

Investment Info
Accepting BTC, ETH
Token Info
Token PTRT
Platform Ethereum
Type ERC20
Token Price 1 ETH = 500 PTRT
Token Count 30,000,000
Pre-Sale Start Date 2018-June-04
Pre-Sale End Date 2018-July-04
Crowd Sale Start Date 2018-July-04
Crowd Sale End Date 2018-September-25

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