Rebglo  - Rebooting The Global Economy Through Energy Circulation(REB)
Token Count
1 REB = 0.002 ETH

REBGLO Token To power its operations, REBGLO will issue the REBGLO (REB) token on Ethereum as an ERC20 token.

Smart contracts will automatically connect to a centralized system for HETTARER distribution to protect and maintain the REBGLO token holder privacy and deliver HETTARER to our token holders.

The creation of REBGLO & HETTARER was based on trying to solve the ever-growing & fast-paced economy through energy conservation.

Based on speed-up of innovative circulation, we develop the proposals of energy environment, the approach to real economy and new lifestyle in world.

Energy Circulation

To increase the productivity through energy circulation.


To develop the next generations of hardware devices with higher processing speed such as GPU.


Conduct transactions through Blockchain.

Benefit of REBGLO token

At launch, REBGLO Token holders will have exclusive access to the REBGLO project’s monthly Airdrop program. REBGLO Token holders will also enjoy a promotional rate when they purchase the HETTARER.


By simply sticking the HETTARER sticker on the back of your phone, it improves the overall battery performance by 20-40 per cent. It can also be used to optimise the performance of crypto-mining devices

Monthly Airdrop Program

REBGLO Singapore Pte Ltd will issue REBGLO tokens equivalent to 30 per cent of monthly net profits and distribute it via smart contract to current REBGLO holders as a monthly Airdrop


REBGLO Token holders will have the first hand access to all the Products developed in the future.


Sticker that minimizes power consumption & reduces charging time

This battery performance “hack”, first conceived in Japan, makes use of conductive paper that collects charged particles from electric currents occurring naturally from the air as well as the device.

These particles are then amplified by the heat coming from the device battery. This results in extended battery life and reduced charging times.

By simply sticking the HETTARER sticker on the back of your phone, it improves the overall battery performance by 20-40 per cent. The HETTARER sticker can also be used on car batteries as well as other household appliances.

HETTARER is applicable for any electronic device, including Crypto-Mining rigs.

HETTARER on Crypto-Mining Rigs

Sticker that also improve crypto-mining efficiency and power-usage

HETTARER not only improves battery performance, it also lowers the high frequency of electric devices by 90%! So it will greatly increase Crypto-mining efficiency if it is sticked on Crypto-mining rigs!

Tests have shown that the HETTARER sticker enhances crypto-mining speeds as well as results. In a 24-hour period, the sticker showed a 133 per cent increase in Monero mining, as well as a 114 per cent increase in Monero mining rewards in a 48-hour period by multicurrency mining pool MinerGate.

REBGLO Revenue Stream

Other than its brick and mortar business, REBGLO is also doing crypto-mining using its own REBGLO Mining Boost Engine. They are also looking at the possibility of using AI to improve crypto-mining efficiency in the near future.

The Efficiency of Crypto Mining through AI

Simultaneously with the change of the hardware, program, and network through the support of DTS, it improves the efficiency of mining by the installation of AI.

REBGLO Mining Boost Engine

By optimizing the cache memory data, it accelerates the processing speed of the entire system including CPU and local memory. As a result, mining doesn’t depend solely on the processing speed of CPU.

It is possible to profit more from the mining process as compared to using traditional mining software and computer.

REBGLO Mining Boost Engine Technology

To solve the problem of scalability and power consumption of cryptocurrency mining, extensive research was conducted for the development of the REBGLO mining boost engine with the sole purpose of lowering power consumption and improving processing speed.

Mining Evaluation Verification #1

  • Measure processing performance of Monero coin in a normal GPU environment and tuned GPU environment
  • Use GPU: GTX-1050Ti
  • Measure and average hash rates for 100 times
  • Normal GPU environment: 307.208 hash/s
  • Tuned GPU environment: 319.848 hash/s
  • About 4.1% improvement

Mining Evaluation Verification #2

  • Measure processing performance of Monero coin in a normal GPU environment and tuned GPU environment
  • Use GPU: GTX-1050Ti
  • Measure and average hash rates for 100 times
  • Normal GPU environment: 764.789 hash/s
  • Tuned GPU environment: 896.969 hash/s
  • About 17.2% improvement
  • Comparison of rewards per block in pool mining
  • Normal GPU environment: 0.0010877 XMR
  • Tuned GPU environment: 0.0013653 XMR
  • About 25.5% improvement

Mining Optimization Level-2 (REBGLO L2)

REBGLO L2 is “REBGLO Mining Optimization Level-2 Code” which is a new generation of mining ware optimization technique. REBGLO L2 optimizes ILP (Instruction Level Parallelisms), TLP (Thread Level Parallelisms) and reduces cache memory miss penalty through individual cache memory algorithms DTS (Data Transmission system) which creates the computation performance effectiveness system configuration. It also contributes to total energy consumption effectively.

REBGLO L2 enhances up to 160% hash rate from the original mining code without a hardware change.

REBGLO L2 increases the scalability of mining computer facilities and reduces the electric power consumption for mining any cryptocurrency.

REBGLO technical team is currently researching on manufacturing a mining hash boost engine with a lower power consumption rate ideal for saving energy for current computation machines.


Omar Hj Ibrahim

Department:Chief Executive Officer

With over 20 years of experience in senior management positions, Omar brings onboard grounded yet exciting new possibilities. Graduated in Law with Honours, the meticulous, analytical and results-oriented personality required to attain this level is reflected in his work ethos and organization skills. Omar has vast experience in networking and relationship management, negotiations, commercial and operational matters, process solutions and new market developments in different sectors and fields. He has contributed to the development of NGOs and charity organizations, start-ups, traditional and new businesses both locally and regionally through the years. His exposure in both the public and private sector has provided him with a strong and diverse rolodex of personal contacts and relationships. His personal mantra, “Been There, Done That, What’s Next?”

Danushka Adikari

Department:Chief Technical Officer

Danushka is a true and true technology enthusiast. Constantly updating himself on industry trends and embracing the latest resources, his commitment and passion has given him strong technical skills and analytical abilities to face any challenges. Ensuring the best deliverables, Danushka fully understand the task at hand, having successfully created, launch and listed a new ERC20 token in Indonesia from ground zero. A certified Smart Contract Developer from the Blockchain Council, Danushka is always gearing up for new challenges.

Radha Kandan

Department:PR Manager

Radha’s 10 years’ experience in the  service industry has equipped her with the necessary qualities to add immense value to any organisation. With a natural flair in identifying both potential customers and products, her strong interpersonal, communication and relationship management skills has earned her reputation as PR specialist.

Makoto Murakoshi


Hettarer is the brainchild of Tokyo-based entrepreneur Makoto Murakoshi, who wondered if charged particles from electric currents flowing naturally in the air, plus those discharged by mobile devices, could be harnessed to slow the rate of dissipation of a battery charge. He then called in some tech-savvy friends and soon had a working product ready. He is the CEO of Rebglo Limited – Rebglo Limited, New Zealand

Hong Qi Yu

Department:IEO Advisor

Qi Yu leads the company and the tech team in developing a robust, secure, and user-friendly platform. He has 4 years of professional IT experience in cybersecurity, system and solution engineering. He was one of the pioneer full stack developers at Bambu – a Series A FinTech start-up. He has 4 years of experience in trading and managing investment portfolio across FOREX, equities, and digital currency. As a tech enthusiast, Qi Yu has seen the rise of cryptocurrencies since the conception of bitcoin. He has since merged his passion with his profession and combined the best of both worlds. Tokenize is the brainchild of Qi Yu in his vision to create a central community of decentralization; returning the ecosphere to its intimate and engaging roots.


  • 15th April 2018

    Rebglo Mining Boost Engine Live

  • 1st June 2018

    ICO Private Sales 1

  • 1st July 2018

    ICO Private Sales 2

  • 1st August 2018

    Hettarer enter Singapore

  • 1st September 2018

    ICO Presale /Hettarer enter Indonesia market

  • 1st October 2018

    Hettarer enter Malaysia market

  • 1st November 2018

    ICO Public Sale/ Hettarer to enter Thailand

  • 1st December 2018

    Rebglo Quantum Mining System Live/ Hettarer to enter Vietnam

  • 1st March 2019

    Rebglo Mk-1 Asic Miner Launch

  • 1st June 2019

    Rebglo Mk-2 Asic Miner Launch

  • 1st December 2019

    Rebglo Mk-X Quantum Miner Launch

White Paper

Investment Info
Accepting ETH, BTC
Token Info
Country Singapore
Hardcap 42,000 ETH
Softcap 14,000 ETH
Token REB
Platform Ethereum
Type ERC20
Token Price 1 REB = 0.002 ETH
Token Count 1,000,000,000
Pre-Sale Start Date 2018-September-01
Pre-Sale End Date 2018-November-30
Crowd Sale Start Date 2018-December-01
Crowd Sale End Date 2018-December-31

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