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Powering Africa Project

Solarex energy solution aims to become the largest, most efficient and sustainable solar energy provider in Africa, offering energy at a cheap and affordable price for all, and setting a new standard for energy consumption and relentlessly focusing on customer satisfaction at all times. The Powering Africa Project is a disruptive, decentralized and democratised solar energy project with the purpose to build a solar energy ecosystem that is clean and affordable for everyone.

Solarex Utility Token(SRX)

A Token backed up by solar energy, It is full of energy and cannot go wrong. The token will guarantee the fund needed to execute the Power Africa project. A project that in long-term solve the major problem of in the lives of Africans and the rest of the world. This is your chance to purchase Solarex utility token (SRX) Grab yours now, as it will be running low very fast! 

Solarex Ecosystem


Solarex is building a robust system that is based on Blockchain Technology.

The Solarex ecosystem is innovative, disruptive and democratised system that will definitely improve the living condition of the people of Africa and billions of lives all over the world. Solarex is a new generation hybrid start-up solar power provider backed up by the latest Blockchain technology and crypto-currency enabled transaction systems.

We are committed to utilizing this unique disruptive digital energy solution to improve lives of Africans the majority of whom have been deprived access to constant power supply for decades.

The business model is designed to set up off-grid solar farms in the Urban, Semi-Urban and Rural Area areas and at designated cluster zones to improve energy scenario within the selected zones. Solarex comes with the option of accessing the Complete Solar Package solution which can be made possible via outright sale, while another option available to consumers is the leasing of Solar Package which comes with a tailored support with finance.

The backbone for managing and controlling the supply and distribution will be based on Smart contract, smart metering and Solarex App backed up by Blockchain technology. For the transaction of power purchase and fees payment, Solarex utility token will be issued to make a complete solar ecosystem around African.

Token Distribution Structure

SRX Utility tokens will be the sole driver of all transaction in the Solarex Ecosystem. Thus, Solarex Ecosystem will in time become a household name. Our business strategies will ultimately position Solarex Utility Token (SRX) to becoming a sustainable cryptocurrency that will only grow in value. Plans are at advanced stage to launch Solarex Tokens (SRX) on 3 different exchanges. The Tokens will be made available for trading on these exchanges as with other crypto currencies. 

Solarex is the Investors Ultimate Choice

Solarex is Designated for Success: 

Our products and services are already in hot demand in Africa & the Middle East, due to massive energy deficit in these regions. The enormous market potential has already set Solarex (SRX) ICO on the path of success in the Cryptocurrency market.

SRX is Sustainable: 

The Solarex (SRX) token will fill the vacuum created by the massive shortfall in Energy supply across sub-Saharan Africa, via the Solarex ecosystem which will be based on smart contract and smart metering backed up by a sustainable blockchain technology.

Our Team is Our Ultimate Strength: 

Solarex has brought together some of the most talented pool of individuals in their field to create a management/project team that includes doctoral level engineers, solar energy technologist blockchain experts and world class entrepreneurs, thus creating a strong and virile platform.


Oti Edema

Founder, CEO, visioner, serial entrepreneur and a business angel. He is the director of Africa Blockchain Research Council, a blockchain enthusiast, research scientist and a network engineer par excellence. Oti has an unequaled reputation for successfully managing complex projects globally. His illustrious background in Management has given him the leverage to successfully manage the Solarex Powering Africa Project from start to finish.

Masoud Hakimi

Director, Micrologic Design, UK. Lecturer Anglia Ruskin University Uk, He was the Head of Engineering/Senior Lecturer Huntingdonshire Reginal College UK and has worked extensively with several firms in different capacities as Senior Software Engineer, Head of Software department and Senior Development Engineer. Design and Developing of various telecom standards and applications, GPs and Microprocessors.

Bill Healey

IT expert with over 30 years experience in diverse industries. He has been credited with creating new market outlay worldwide. An exceptional writer cum journalist with multidimensional skill set, he can effectively convey complex information to audience from diverse backgrounds and at all organizational levels. He is a pragmatic technocrat who can easily create strategic partnerships and collaboration with internal and external stakeholders to achieve company objectives.

Sanjib Saha

Result-oriented Senior Professional with over 25 years of experience in Business, Finance, Commercial, Operations and Strategy in Indian & Global space of US & European MNCs. Industries Worked: Manufacturing / EPC (12+ years), Service (5 years) , FMCG & Retail ( 9 years) and Consulting ( since Sep'15). Complete Fiscal Management of the corporation with global operation, Capability to formulate Strategy framework of the businesses

Ranit Saha

Ranit Saha has a Masters in Technology (M. Tech) from the Institute of information Technology Bombay, India. He is an erudite Management and Technology expert who has a deep knowledge in the IT industry and has a good track record in the Blockchain niche market. As a Blockchain and ICO advisor, he combines his over 8 years experience in Cryptocurrency management and Marketing with his vast knowledge in the Fintech industry.


  • Q1 2017

    • Concept Formulated.

    • Market Feasibility Assessment .
  • Q2 2017

    • Research and Evaluation.
    • Data Analysis.
  • Q3 2017

    • Business Model Initiated. 
    • Team Building Initiated.
  • Q4 2017

    • Website Development.
    • Technical Feasibility Assesment.
    • Marketing and HR.
  • Q1 2018

    • Solarex ICO Platform Launched.
    • Marketing Campaign.
  • Q2 to Q3 2017

    • Solarex Pre -ICO.
    • Solarex ICO Public Events.
    • Team Inauguration Meeting.
  • Q3 2018

    • Solarex Farmland Acquisition Initiated.
    • Design And Manufacture of Products Commenced.
    • Solarex Application Development.
    • Solarex Blockchain Development.
    • Listing Of SRX Token In Exchange.
    • Wallet Development.
  • Q4 2018

    • First Batch of Solar Farm Equipment Arrives Nigeria.
    • The launch of Solarex Lease PV.
    • The launch of Solarex Outright Sale PV.
    • Solar farm Installation.
  • Q1 2019

    • Solar Farm Testing.
    • Smart Meter Testing.
    • Blockchain Integration With Solar Farm Testing.
    • Mobile App Testing.
  • Q2 2019

    • Solar Farm Launched.
    • Full Solarex Ecosystem on Pilot Testing in Nigeria.
    • Scaling of Solarex Operations.
    • Operation Licenses in Place.
    • Expand Product Marketing Team.
  • Q3 2019

    • 2nd Solar Farms Launched With full Operational Ecosystem.
  • Q4 2019

    • More Solar Farms Launched With full Operational Ecosystems in Nigeria.
  • 2020 to 2025 Q1 to Q4

    • Rapid Deployment/Expansion Across Africa, as Decided in the Operational Growth Management Plan.

White Paper

Investment Info
Accepting BTC, ETH, LTC
Token Info
Token SRX
Platform Ethereum
Type ERC20
Token Price 1 SRX = 0.06 $
Token Count 2,400,000,000
Pre-Sale Start Date 2018-May-15
Pre-Sale End Date 2018-July-31
Crowd Sale Start Date 2018-August-01
Crowd Sale End Date 2018-September-30

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