Taurus0X - Futures Markets, re-imagined. (TAUR)
Token Count
1 ETH = 10000 TAUR

One unified standard.

Taurus0x creates a new class of tradable assets for a slew of underlying markets. Our open standard unifies the way we trade speculative assets and incentivizes healthy competition.

Who Uses Taurus0x?


Experienced traders can participate in speculative markets and profit from market volatility, with a seamless experience accross the board.


Farmers, home owners, musicians and any other economic actors can now protect their assets against devaluation from unfortunate circumstances.


The versatility of the protocol allows DApp developers to build open-source or proprietary Fintech applications that comply with the guidelines of the foundation.


Taurus0x is not an exchange on its own. It is rather a market-maker protocol with native support for centralized and decentralized exchanges.

How It Works


Maker creates contract and specifies terms, off-chain for free. Maker shares contract with Taker, either directly, or via a relayer.


Taker decodes received contract, verifies Maker signature, and provides the Taker signature off-chain. Contract can now be published.


With both signatures encoded in the contract, it may be published to the blockchain. Funds are pulled out of participants wallets into the derivative contract.


Makers and Takers may execute a smart derivative directly on-chain and before expiration date. Funds will be disbursed out of the contract upon successful execution.

Benefits of Taurus0x


Taurus0x is 100% distributed without a centralized point of presence. The protocol powers decentralized peer-to-peer derivative trading. Taurus0x runs off-chain using state-of-the-art cryptographic functions, and settles contracts on the Ethereum blockchain with zero downtime and built-in trust management.


Taurus0x is not an exchange, rather a base layer protocol that powers derivative markets for any type of exchanges, not limited to cryptocurrency. Centralized and decentralized exchanges can plug and play Taurus0x in an existing ecosystem and have automatic support for futures markets.


Taurus0x is intended to be an open-source project. The project is composed of Solidity smart contracts and a JavaScript software development kit to bootstrap developer adoption. The protocol evolution is intended to be governed by a Decentarlized Autonomous Organization or DAO.

Modular Design

Blockchain Interface

Contract agreement is off-chain, for free over any network, and is secured using ECDSA. Client-side libraries provide a single POC for the blockchain smart contracts. API's may be developed on top for even simpler interaction.

Proxy and Smart Derivatives

The proxy is the brain of the protocol and is responsible for issuing smart derivatives, pulling funds and resolving addresses. The smart derivative is a smart contract that escrows and disburses funds according to contract terms.

Registries / On-Chain Data

Taurus0x uses Ethereum Name Service and custom registries to resolve addresses and allow for continuous development and integration.

1. Maker creates and signs contract with private key off-chain. The client can be a chrome extension, mobile app, website or other smart contracts.

2. Taker reads, verifies and signs contract off-chain from any client compliant with the open standard.

3. Maker or taker publishes the contract on blockchain (gas fee).

4. Maker or taker execute contract before its expiration. The green boxes are Ethereum smart contracts. The ENS is used to resolve our Exchange and Token Registry addresses. Good for continuous integration of the protocol.

The Exchange Registry resolves "exchange" names to addresses. The Token Registry resolves token symbols to addresses. 


Rawad Rifa

Co-Founder, CEO

Rawad is a Co-Founder of Taurus0x. He is an Ethereum Blockchain Architect with over 13 years expertise in full stack application engineering and an expert on high-throughput real-time systems. Rawad has designed and developed full Computer Aided Dispatch systems for Public Safety and Law Enforcement agencies in the US and outside. At the age of 19 and pre-smart phones, Rawad invented a software/hardware ecosystem to enable controlling robotics from phones over GPRS. Rawad's depth of experience with distributed systems and cryptography provides him with the vision and tenacity to accelerate the development of Taurus0x. Rawad has a Master's degree in Computer Science from Villanova University, Pennsylvania, with Cryptography being his main area of study.

Brett Hayes

Co-Founder, CTO

Brett is a Co-Founder of Taurus0x, leading its UI/UX Engineering. His breadth of experience inspires his creativity as he always finds new methods for building stunning designs. He brings a unique vision of client-side development, gained from working with a diverse portfolio of industry leaders in addition to years of experience with UX research and DevOps. Brett holds an advanced degree in Internet Applications and Web Development from St. Clair College in Ontario, Canada.

Rami Nasrallah

Marketing, COO

Rami Nasrallah is the chief operating officer (COO) for Taurus0x. Rami's experiences stems from being an accomplished scientist and blockchain community organizer. He has published several scientific research papers in journals and conferences, as well we co-authored on two patents. His analytical mind and passion for problem solving led him to the Blockchain space 2012 as an early adopter of Bitcoin and the blockchain space. Rami is a well-known Blockchain Technology and Ethereum community organizer in Southern California; successfully executing large Blockchain conferences in the area, hosting several notable thought leaders in the industry.

Aymen Elsalim

Business Development

Aymen is the Business Development lead for Taurus0x. With over 12 years' experience managing complex systems integration and software development projects, Aymen is known for his innovative approaches for project management. He has successfully led the launch of several new products from concept to production and has managed numerous product launches through product life-cycle management. He is a PMI-certified Project Management Professional and Scrum Master certified.

Kyle Graden

Marketing Contributor

Kyle is a marketer contributing to Taurus0x. They have a background in blockchain, big data and SaaS platforms and has worked in a variety of countries, industries, and sectors. Their years of expertise strategizing marketing campaigns that reach audiences worldwide are an asset to the team. Kyle has a bachelor's degree in International Business and in Spanish from Butler University.


  • Q3 2017

    Business analysis

    Technical feasibility

    Team formation

  • Q4 2017

    Business entity setup

    Product development

    Token design

  • Q1 2018

    Product development

    Strategic partnerships

  • Q2 2018

    Product development

    Security Compliance

    Marketing logistics

    Round 1 of crowd sale

    Beta release Testnet

  • Q3 2018

    Beta release Mainnet

    Exchange partnerships

    Taurus0x API Service release

    Round 2 of crowd sale

  • Q4 2018

    3rd party integrations R&D

    Exchange as a Service (EaaS) R&D

    Decentralized governance R&D

    Bug bounty announcement

    Round 3 of crowd sale

    Cross-chain R&D (Tezos, EOS, and NEO)

  • Q1 2019

    Mobile apps development

    First Taurus0x Trust meeting

    Hacker Bounty announcement

    Security audit completion

  • Q2 2019

    Taurus0x main net release

    DAO development

  • Q3 2019

    3rd party integrations Rollout

    Cross-chain integration

    Tarus0x mobile app integration

  • Q4 2019

    DAO rollout

White Paper

Investment Info
Accepting ETH
Token Info
Token TAUR
Platform Ethereum
Type ERC20
Token Price 1 ETH = 10000 TAUR
Token Count 250,000,000
Pre-Sale Start Date
Pre-Sale End Date
Crowd Sale Start Date 2018-June-21
Crowd Sale End Date 2018-September-06

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