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Join the movement, own your work!

unitalent is a Swiss blockchain enabled freelancing platform. It gives access to high-skill freelancers, allows direct peer-to-peer contracts between freelancers and corporate clients, and distributes project rewards transparently with smart contract secured transactions. unitalent is a highly scalable platform that will ease the transition to independent work, increase efficiency and is a win-win for workers, companies, and the economy.

Fees & Payment

Zero fees for freelancers 75% lower fees for corporate clients Instant escrow payments in cryptocurrency Escrow secured payments in fiat

Unique Features

Instant matching Peer-to-peer contracts Instant payment in cryptocurrency Transparent and secure reward system Monetise reputation Monetise existing network Participation in platform growth Community dispute resolution

End-to-End Solution

Create personalised profiles Publish project inquiries or open consulting positions Search for candidates or projects Interview and condition agreement Contract finalisation Time and project progress tracking Invoicing and escrow payment management Performance rating

Why choose us

unitalent is a project managed and run by the team of seasoned consultants, engineers and entrepreneurs from NZ Group International AG, a stock company registered in Switzerland and a licence holder for recruitment and international staffing services.

We are based in the city of Zug in Switzerland, where the Crypto Valley has its epicentre. Switzerland is one of the most reputable and best-connected places for ICOs.

Since the foundation in 2013, NZ Group has generated revenues of 10 million $ and has its team operating from Switzerland, the UK and the Middle East. We have built a curated network of independent consultants with various backgrounds and collaborated with 50 multinational corporations in the engineering and life science sectors. A list of our references and business cases can be found on our website www.nzgrp.com.

Our network today counts more than 750 verified independent professionals.

  • On the freelance market since 2013.
  • 750 independent consultants.
  • 50 corporate clients.
  • Delivered projects in 9 countries.
  • 85% client retention rate.
  • 10 million USD in revenues.

What is the Talent Token?

Talent Token TAT is based on Ethereum blockchain technology. It is the main asset on unitalent. TAT is transferred through blockchain smart contracts that ensure transparency for the freelance community, cut out costly middle men and reward community members for their engagement.

Securing Continuity

unitalent creates a self-sustained ecosystem on the blockchain that takes the freelance market to a new dimension. TAT is used for the settlement of the platform fees and the reward system, which creates a natural demand for TAT. Further, services are introduced to the ecosystem to meet the needs of the freelancers and clients.

Creating Value within our Token Economy

At the foundation is the value of the freelance community engaged on unitalent. Therefore, our focus is on creating an array of services that are tailored to the needs of the freelance community and are easy to use. unitalent also offers interfaces to third party service providers to create an ecosystem of relevant products.

The token economy facilitates programmes that range from referral benefits to reward systems for community engagement. Examples are peer-reviews, dispute resolution or content creation. Smart contracts also allow transparent reputation building and incentivise both freelancers and clients to review each other’s performance

What are the next steps to the ICO?

While we have launched the first phase of unitalent in April 2018, we will open the opportunity to the public to participate in shaping the future of independent work through an Initial Coin Offering (ICO). Our token sale will start in April with a private pre-sale round. The ICO is starting in Q4 2018 and will be conducted in two stages.

Tokens allocated to the team are subject to a 12 months distribution period. Starting from the end of the ICO, the team will receive 1/12 of their allocated tokens every month until the distribution is fully completed.

Half of the tokens allocated to the advisors are subject to a 12 months distribution period. Starting from the end of the ICO, the advisors will receive 1/12 of their remaining tokens every month until the distribution is fully completed.

Unsold tokens will be burned after the ICO.

If the soft cap is not met, ETH will be returned to contributors.

We do not accept contributions from USA and China.

1 TAT = $ 0.20


Problems we solve for Freelancers

Cut out middle men Zero fees Instant blockchain payments Instant access to top clients and projects Monetise network Monetise reputation

Monetise content that freelancer creates on the platform Blockchain secured reward system All admin work is taken off the freelancers’ shoulders Access to third party services that support freelancers’ businesses

Problems we solve for Clients

All external knowledge in one place (knowledge management on unitalent) Cut fees for using freelancers by 75% Instant access to global talent

Instant access to validated talent (quality assurance) Compliant solution (labour law, corporate governance) Blockchain secured freelancer credentials

Problems we solve for both for Freelancers and Clients

Community dispute resolution Eliminate asymmetry of information Increase efficiency End to end solution all in one place Token economy rewards everyone for platform growth


Bardia M. Zanganeh

Founder Freelance Economy Expert

Daniel Meier

Founder MSc ETH, MBA Business Developer

Giw Zanganeh

Blockchain Expert PhD ETH Token Economist

Theresa Stibbe

Editor & Public Relations MSc SOAS

Bernhard Elkuch

Marketing & Community Manager MBA Sales Expert


  • 2013 | 2014

    • Established zixess Gmbh in Zug, Switzerland as a limited liability company.
    • Granted the first major project with 8 consultants in the team, +2 Million USD project volume
  • 2015

    • Started sales activities in the UK, with a local business development manager in place
  • 2016

    • Rebranding the company name into NZ Group Int. AG, changing legal status to a stock company.
    • Moving into new offices, doubling the space and hiring senior life science sales manager and PMO
  • 2017

    • Starting the development of NZ digital platform
    • Start ICO planning, defining token economics, technical discussions to evaluate the fit of blockchain technology for our purposes
  • April 2018

    • Start private pre-sale
    • Launch of front-end of unitalent in Zurich
  • 1st Oct. 2018

    • unitalent launch
    • Start user onboarding
    • Start public ICO
  • Q4 2018

    • ICO in three stages
    • Stage one 1.10.-28.10.
    • Stage two 5.11.-2.12.
    • Stage three 10.12.-31.12
  • Q1 2019

    • Exchange listing
    • Rollout of desktop
    • version in DACH
  • Q2 2019

    • unitalent mobile app launch
    • Premium services launch
  • Q3 2019

    • unitalent launches in the UK and Nordic Countries
    • We introduce interfaces for ecosystem partners
  • Q4 2019

    • unitalent launches in France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Italy and Spain
  • Q1 2020

    • unitalent launches in USA and Canada
  • Q2 2020

    • unitalent launches in the Persian Gulf region, Singapore and Australia
  • Q3 2020

    • unitalent launches in South America

White Paper

Investment Info
Accepting ETH, BTC, Fiat
Token Info
Token TAT
Platform Ethereum
Type ERC20
Token Price 1 TAT = 0.2 $
Token Count 200,000,000
Pre-Sale Start Date 2018-May-01
Pre-Sale End Date 2018-September-30
Crowd Sale Start Date 2018-October-01
Crowd Sale End Date 2018-December-31

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