VIARIUM - Decentralized  virtual world  for real life  and for business (VRX)
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1VRX = 0.6 $

What is Viarium?

VIARIUM is a tool that will completely replace physical space. VIARIUM consists of a single virtual space, including VR-worlds and VR-architecture of shopping centers, individual buildings, showrooms and other VR-models created by the VIARIUM platform.

The platform is designed for the widest audience. Participants and users of the project have a unique opportunity to create and develop their sales outlets and entire virtual worlds. In addition to increasing sales, they receive the opportunity for additional income.

  • A single virtual platform with its VR-worlds and VR-architecture
  • Tool for business and life,completely replacing the physical space for a wide audience
  • Unlimited number of services on one platform

Key Functions


  • Business owners can easily create and develop sales outlets in virtual space with the help of a  ready-made toolkit. Reduce the cost of rent, salaries, logistics, reduce the tax base, save time while increasing traffic. 
  • Companies or just users will be able to create their own world for their own shopping center and rent out space for virtual showrooms. 
  • Business owners creating their showrooms on the Viarium platform will be able to enter the international market, increase sales, while having minimal costs for its maintenance.


  • Users will be able to get instant access to hundreds of thousands of products, visit virtual shopping centers and make purchases without leaving home. It will be enough just to go to the Viarium platform via a browser on your computer or to put on VR glasses for a full immersion. 
  • People can satisfy the interest to the product from anywhere on the planet, while saving their own money and time. 
  • Users will be able to create and attend exhibitions, galleries and even entire cities, play VR-online games, organize and attend thematic VR events.

Developers and Designers

  • Developers of VR-content / 3D-models will be able to find orders for themselves directly on the Viarium platform. To do this, you will only have to place your work in the marketplace, where a potential customer will be able to appreciate the quality of work. Or to offer a "live" look at the realized objects / buildings / models in Genesis Land or other worlds. 
  • We also forecast a great demand on our platform for bot developers, virtual consultants, VR-widgets and other related services.

Holders of server capacities

  • Owners of server / computing capacity can earn by providing them to the Viarium platform.


  • Advertisers will be able to advertise both visual  and audio in places with the greatest traffic and in specially designated places.


  • The Viarium platform will provide an opportunity to get a job in the world's first work in the virtual world. 
  • It will be possible to get an instructor for those who  use the platform for the first time, consult a shopping center or simply take a tour of the worlds of Viarium.
  • Announcements about the search for employees and proposals for their candidatures are published on the internal bulletin board.

Why blockade?

In the VIARIUM project, blocking technology is used to provide the system's capabilities such as: recording rights to real estate in a distributed registry, conducting safe, transparent and rapid transactions for the sale of virtual real estate through payments through a smart contract, conducting transparent and fair voting on various issues communities: spending funds, blocking areas with unacceptable content on demand from other participants in the system, creating new territories and much more.

In the future, the use of blocking will reduce the costs for server capacity due to the distribution of the network load to the plural number of nodes participating in the network.

  • Accounting for rights to real estate in a distributed registry Copyright protection for content
  • Transparent and fair voting on various issues of the community
  • Conducting safe, transparent and fast transactions for the sale of virtual real estate through settlements through a smart contract
  • Creation of unique virtual objects existing in the VR-space with the recording of all the features of the object and the history of possession


Alexey Mashkeev


Expert in 3D visualization since 2006, organized several companies in various fields: construction business, interior design, sale of finishing materials, IT. Evangelist of the VR.

Igor Razin


Development of multi-user interaction, creation of scenes on the Unity platform. He has been engaged in VR development since 2014. One of the first creators of multiplayer quests in the world.

Sergey Simanovsky

Blockchain consultant

Work experience in block projects for more than 6 years, including successfully conducted ICO. Leader and inspirer of the project Golos. Fund (Venture investment in blocking and management of a group of projects Golos).

Daria Kolyvanova


Project management in the financial sector and IT-technology. The implementation of projects from scratch to the launch of the product on the market. He believes that the coming years will be key to rooting VR / AR in our lives.

Gulnara Galeeva

Marketing Director

15 years of experience in marketing and PR. Experience in ATL, BTL, PR, Event. Specialist in Digital Marketing. Among the main projects are Citroen, REN TV, Europa plus, Otto group Russia, Osterreichischen Lotterien und Casinos.


  • Development of the concept 2016

    Development of the concept. Development VR.Preparation and development of the economy and the use of block technology in the project.

  • Creating the Genesis Land 2017

    Conclusion of the first partnerships. Creation of Genesis land. Issue of the concept. Hiring a team.

  • Preparing for Token Sale 01-03 / 2018

    Improvement of the economy, business model and application of block technology in the project. Preparation White Paper 2.0. Development of project materials and documentation. Development of VR-showrooms for our partners. Perfection of Genesis Land.

  • Blockchain development 04-06 / 2018

    Development of the blockchain architecture of Viarium. Start a blockchain development. Expansion of the partner network. Developing bot consultant in VR. Publish a dream job.

  • Pre-Sale 07-09.18

    Conducting the first VR-conference Viarium. Foundation. Development of recommendatory service in VR for Genesis Land. Airdrop

  • Token Sale 09-10.18

    Opening the first VR access point in the mall. Description of the regulations of the Foundation. Development of smart contracts.

  • Launching the Marketplace 10-12 / 2018

    Conducting a second VR conference. Conducting the hackathon. Airdrop 2. The second hackathon. Distribution of funds according to the plan (Foundation). Starting a personal cabinet for users. Digitization of lands. Launch of the main marketplace.

  • Functionality development 01-03 / 2019

    Development of functionality (the creation of new worlds). Launching the sales department. The land auction. Creating buildings in VR. Marketplace for developers. Placing on stock exchanges. Opening access points in Asia and Europe. Development of economy and regulation.

  • Launching the new platform 04-06 / 2019

    Launch of a new platform (possibly on EOS). The launch of a new economy. New access points around the world. Second Airdrop.

White Paper

Investment Info
Accepting ETH
Token Info
Token VRX
Platform Ethereum
Type ERC20
Token Price 1VRX = 0.6 $
Token Count 253,000,000
Pre-Sale Start Date 2018-July-01
Pre-Sale End Date 2018-July-31
Crowd Sale Start Date 2018-August-01
Crowd Sale End Date 2018-August-31

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