WankCoin -Token for Adult Entertainment built with Blockchain Tech
ETH, BTC, Fiat
Token Count
1 WKC = 0.02$


 Simply put, WANKCOIN is a digital currency for purchasing adult items and services in situations where other payment options are either not available, or not ideal for you. WANKCOIN takes away the fear of your data being stolen, your identity being sold, or your credit card being charged without your authorization.

Unlike an ICO

  • Our products already exist
  • Our tokens are already accepted on a wide-range of sites
  • Users are already spending WANKCOIN right now
  • We have the financial backing & resources to keep creating new WANKCOIN opportunities.

Set Yourself Up for WANKCOIN

 Follow The Steps Below to set yourself up to Buy / Spend / Transfer and Exchange WANKCOIN. If you already have a wallet compatible with ERC20-Tokens, skip to the step that pertains to your needs


This is the first step in getting setup. Your WANKCOIN is stored securely in a wallet on your computer, laptop or mobile device. We’ve tested and recommend two wallets depending on your preferred platform. Use other Ethereum / ERC20 wallets at your own risk.

Browser Based ERC20-Wallet

Our team has extensively tested all major ETH-based wallets and recommends MyEtherWallet.com as the best multi-platform wallet to manage your WANKCOIN.

Android/iOS Ethereum & ERC20 Wallet

If you’re looking to keep your WANKCOIN, along with other Ethereum/ERC20 coins on your Android or iOS mobile device, we recommend using Trust. Setup is easy and your coins will stay secure.


We’ve tested each of these wallets and have provided you with step by step instructions in order to make sure you get setup correctly.

MyEtherWallet Setup Instructions

Follow the link below for full setup information.

Trust Wallet Setup Instructions

Follow the link below for full setup information.


Now that you have gone through the basic setup for your ERC20 compatible wallet, follow the instructions below to configure your specific wallet to accept and store WANKCOIN.

MyEtherWallet Configuration

Follow the link below for full setup information.

Trust Wallet Configuration

Follow the link below for full setup information.


David Singh


As an early adopter of cryptocurrency and an evangelist for the potential of decentralized networks, Ivan has unquestionably been the driving force behind WANKCOIN. For over 20 years he has helped forge connections between investors and Startups with a focus on emerging technology and digital entertainment. His vision leads the WANKCOIN team and helps guide overall strategy and brand voice.

Bradley Phillips


Bradley has positioned himself as a leading influencer in the online adult industry. With an unrelenting focus and commitment to exceeding user expectations, Bradley has successfully advised several of the brands you know and love. By implementing cutting-edge project management, skillful collaboration and time-tested biz dev techniques, Bradley strives to identify new opportunities and grow connections that strengthen WANKCOIN and facilitate widespread use of reliable cryptocurrencies.

Robert Duncan


Robert has specialized in secure payment processing and related best practices for nearly 20 years. He has helped define and advance several standards and common conventions still used across the online adult industry. Robert continues to maintain critical relationships with other key influencers while staying on the forefront of new and exciting technology. As cryptocurrencies forge ahead and hit new milestones, Robert remains committed to its further implementation.

Susan Villalobos


Susan’s keen attention to detail and organizational skills keep WANKCOIN abreast of regulatory changes and emerging best practices. Her extensive experience in copyright, resolution compliance and corporate standards makes her an invaluable member of our organization. She helps WANKCOIN business units stay aligned with all applicable laws and regulations by successfully bridging the gap between legal, development and marketing team members.

Edward Daly


Edward has been responsible for infrastructure and security for several high-volume adult brands and related networks. The lessons learned from years of valuable experience have allowed Edward to quickly and effectively implement, build and cultivate the system and security requirements needed to succeed in today’s online landscape. His keen technical skills and insight now converge on WANKCOIN to provide an accessible alternative to traditional payment methods and efficient blockchains.


  • 26-February-2014 

    • WANKCOIN launched as SHA256 coin
  • 21-May-2014 

    • WANKCOIN accepted on adult sites for the first time
  • 1-May-2018 

    • WANKCOIN converted to ERC20 token
  • 7-May-2018

    • WANKCOIN re-launched, token sale & swap opens
  • 5-June-2018 

    • WANKCOIN Telegram Group surpasses 75K users in 24 hours
  • 18-June-2018 

    • WANKCOIN Online Wallet launches
  • 19-June-2018 

    • Bonus VR Offer launches
  • 4-July-2018 

    • WANKCOIN accepted on a Major tube site
  • 16-July-2018

    • Watch Porn. Get Paid!
  • 1-August-2018 

    • WANKCOIN accepted on 3rd Foshan.io Virtual Reality site
  • 10-September-2018 

    • Foshan.io launches AgeProtect.io, blockchain age verification network
  • 2-October-2018 

    • WANKCOIN partners with major Fantasy Sports site
  • 6-November-2018 

    • WANKCOIN added to major crypto exchanges
  • 3-December-2018 

    • Game changing Virtual Reality camera released
  • 7-January-2019 

    • DigiBilling.com, WANKCOIN’s Payment Gateway launches
  • MAY-2019 

    • Major Clip Store accepts WANKCOIN
  • JULY-2019 

    • WankzWorld.com Beta Launch

White Paper

Investment Info
Accepting ETH, BTC, Fiat
Token Info
Token WKC
Platform Ethereum
Type ERC20
Token Price 1 WKC = 0.02$
Token Count 100,000,000,000
Pre-Sale Start Date 2018-May-07
Pre-Sale End Date 2018-May-07
Crowd Sale Start Date 2018-May-07
Crowd Sale End Date 2018-November-07

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