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1 ETH = 20,000 WGD

Information is everything! The number of internet users is nearing 4 Billion and the generated information doubles every 18 months. With the advent of IoT, there are over 23 Billion connected devices across the world and the number doubles every 36 months. Global internet traffic in 2020 will be equivalent to a 100 times of volume of the entire global internet in 2005. 

Today’s Web 2.0 is centralized and full of dangers and restrictions, while the users have to dig up on their own. 

  • How would it be to have a platform that provides secure and user-centric browsing experience??!!
  • How would it be to have a platform that can upgrade to distributed machine-readable Web 3.0 with blockchain powered cloud apps??!!

Welcome to WRIO Internet OS!

WRIO Internet OS is a blockchain powered, user-centric, Web 3.0 platform, enabling the next generation browsing experience. Web 3.o is a new frontier based on machine-readable data protocol where computer understands information shared online and is more capable of sorting it for each user. WRIO Internet OS is going to be a “Google Play” for such user-centric Web 3.0 apps and predictive search engines.

What is Web 3.0?

In short, Semantics + Blockchain = Web 3.0

While Web 1.0 was the web of catalogs and yellow pages, Web 2.0 became the web of social media and search engines.

Web 3.0 is a secure distributed blockchain-powered web of predictive systems and user-centric services. It implements continuous, fast and efficient automated data processing of all incoming information, and ensures its free exchange, sorting and distribution among users based on specified criteria and interests

What is WRIO Internet OS?

WRIO Internet OS is a platform that upgrades to a machine-readable, blockchain-powered and user-centric Web 3.0. Therefore Web 3.0 + WRIO Internet OS = Secure user-centric browsing experience.

WRIO Internet OS not only solves all Web 2.0 issues that plague browsing as we know it today, but improves upon the idea of a semantic and user friendly browsing experience. It raises the bar and sets a new standard for the web, creating secure and distributed Web 3.0: a new world of predictive search engines and user-centric services of the next generation.

WRIO key features

The following are the key features offered by WRIO

  • Machine-readable: The format of Web 3.0 pages is machine-readable, which enables automatic data processing
  • Automatic Data Processing (ADP): Automatic filtration and classification of incoming information, efficient protection from spam. ADP paves the way to the development of an automatically curated and user-centric web
  • User-centric: In Web 2.0 the info-flow was directed from users to websites with the help of search engines whose configuration was the same for everyone. Users had to proactively search for websites with the information they needed. WRIO Internet OS makes it a point to change the direction of information flow from the web to each individual user. Thus creating a trend of automatic processing and delivery of custom information that users do not need to trace themselves, and which is added to their customized webDashboard.
  • Blockchain-powered Web 3.0 platform: Customized rich functionality through unstoppable blockchain-powered Web 3.0 cloud and distributed apps and services that use the Global Data Pool. Further it is decentralized and distributed as well
  • Predictive logical search engines: A new type of efficient and personal search systems based on the concept of automatic comparison of pages metadata with the user profile. If the current scenario is a user making a query in a search engine, who then scrolls through links that still need further manual processing, predictive search systems deliver ready answers ranked according to user's interests
  • Secure (Malware and viruses free) and Privacy (User-controlled disclosure)

WRIOS Advantages

For Users

  • The platform is free of malware, viruses and spamming messages.
  • Users can personalize their date using the profile section
  • Does not require downloading or installation of software
  •  User-friendliness.

For Authors

  •  Automatic search for prospective clients using the inbuilt recommender
  •  Monetization of innovativeness
  •  Crowd-funding functionality
  •  Access to uncensored content

For Entrepreneurs

  •  Upgrading from Web 2.0 to Web 3.0
  •  Connection to the semantic data pool
  •  In-depth business statistics and analytics
  •  Targeted and effective advertisements
  •  High search engine page ranking

For Developers

  •  The semantic pool provides a development environment for cloud and decentralized apps
  •  Blockchain cryptography guarantees data integrity
  •  WRIOS is compatible with any device connected to the internet
  •  Immunity to piracy and data theft

Token Allocation

As far as the token allocation is concerned, 80% of the total supply will be sold in the token sale. The remaining 20% will be allotted for further development of the project.

ICO contributors – Token sale participants
Marketing & PR 
Bounty campaign
Airdrop campaign


Alexey Anshakov

Chief Executive Officer

Michael Bilenko

Senior Developer

Vladimir Spirin

Full-stack Developer

Umair A. Shahid

Linux Administrator

Jun Hao

Community Lead


White Paper

Investment Info
Accepting ETH
Token Info
Token WGD
Platform Ethereum
Type ERC20
Token Price 1 ETH = 20,000 WGD
Token Count 387,500,000
Crowd Sale Start Date
Crowd Sale End Date

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Disclaimer : Please note that we are not associated with the ICO nor are paid for preparing this review. This is our personal opinion and contributors are advised to do their due diligence before contributing to the ICO.

WRIOS’ name originates from the acronym of “WebRunes Input/Output Internet Operating System”. Its browser-driven approach which allows the system to work with any device with a browser and Internet connection, which is reflected in their project motto: “All you need is a browser”. WRIOS is a blockchain-based Web 3.0 platform. With a primary objective of providing a net-generation browsing experience, this project combines three aspects, namely semantics, blockchain technology and smart contracts.

We have analyzed the ICO based on the below parameters:

1.Necessity or problem statement (12%)

2.White paper (9%)

3.Product Status (10%)

4.Team (10%)

5.ICO Pricing (7%)

6.Business Model/Revenue Source (15%)

7.Token Value Increment Options (15%)

8.Social Media Presence/Hype (10%)

9. Competitors (12%)

Below is the score we have given for each parameter and overall rating of the ICO.

Parameter Total  Score
Necessity or problem statement
White Paper
Product Status
ICO Pricing
Business Model/Revenue Source
Token Value Increment Options
Social Media Presence/Hype
100 86.9

Please continue reading for detailed analysis. 

1. Necessity or Problem Statement (12%)

The key driving factor behind the development of WRIOS is the upcoming need for adequate data processing mechanisms. In the near future, with IoT and Big Data becoming mainstream, there will be a huge demand for data processing infrastructure. 

The development of a user-centric Web 3.0 platform is a proactive preparation for this impending technological demand. WRIOS precisely addresses the above need. WRIOS being an open-source platform based on the Ethereum blockchain for cloud and decentralized applications, establishes a browser-based operating system. Essentially, it’s a Web 3.0 platform that does not require an API to run on third-party software.

This platform gets a 9 on 10 in terms of their choice of the problem statement.

2. White paper (9%)

You can go through their whitepaper in the ‘Details’ tab.

They have a presentation link that shares the key features and highlights about WRIOS, which we really liked.


Well written whitepaper with exhaustive information about the problem statement, Web 3.0, WRIO Internet OS, the functionalities, the architecture, the token details along with the Tokenomics, roadmap among others. It is one of the few whitepapers that tries to give a detailed information on technical aspects of the platform. We really liked the way the use cases are explained and solutions proposed. Notably, one thing that is missing in the white Paper is details about the competitive analysis.

We give them 8 out of 10 on this aspect.

3. Product Status (10%)

Their MVP was launched in April 2018 and they look quite on schedule in terms of bringing a generation of fully distributed and secure Web 3.0 browsing at the earliest. So one thing that really appeals to us is that, their Beta version is live already. Which means they have a working product in the market already.


WRIOS Github repository can be accessed here: https://github.com/webrunes

They have a pretty decent contribution to the repositories (19 of them), and we feel for a highly ambitious project like WRIOS, this is a great sign.

We give them 9 out of 10 in this aspect.

4. Team (10%)

The core team of WRIOS consists of 16 members, (of which 11 are co-founders) who are from across the world, including advisors from multi-billion dollar companies who’ve completed projects with large corporations such as Apple, Nike, Walmart, as well as with numerous other conglomerates. The CEO, Alexey Anshakov is a blockchain visionary with over 20 years of experience in IT, specifically in product and project management. The profiles of Michael Bilenko, Paroma Indilo, James Scholz, Benjamin Anderson and others make one of the most holistic teams around and their LinkedIn profiles are compelling as well. WRIOS is one of the very few ICOs that has both the technical knowhow and business sense covered in their team. Overall a highly capable team which has all the talent and resources to pull off an ambitious project like this.

We give then 9 out of 10 for team.

5. ICO Pricing (7%)

webGold (WGD) is the native ERC20 token and is required for settlements between WRIO Internet OS projects. The total amount of WGD tokens available is 387,500,000. Their soft cap is at 20,000,000 WGD and the hard cap at 310,000,000 WGD (1 ETH = 20,000 WGD). 

The distribution of tokens seems good enough as 80% of it is used for the ICO, the remaining 20% will be channelled into further development of the project, like for Marketing, R&D, Bounty / airdrop campaigns among others. May be we feel that another 10% or so might have been apportioned towards project development. But considering the pricing, we feel the project valuation is very attractive. We give them 8 out of 10 in this aspect.

6. Business Model/Revenue Source (15%)

WRIOS already has a viable working product and the product offers a new web concept that is going to change the core principle of services that will be very useful for every Internet user in the near future. This, we feel is a great business model in itself, considering the disruption it brings in to the existing ecosystem.

webGold (WGD) is required for settlements between WRIO OS projects. WGD is a universal cryptocurrency to convert tokens from one app to another. The business model of WRIO revolves around the below stakeholders.

  • Users receive tokens for completed ads tasks, buy in-app services and use it for Premium content purchase. 
  • Authors use the tokens for monetization of creative activities and for post promotion. 
  • Entrepreneurs pay fees in WGD token for access to WRIO OS premium features. 
  • Developers create tokens on WRIO OS base, assign tokens to app services and pay fees for ICO

Every WRIO user will get a financial benefit from their active use of the network. Overall, we give them 8 out of 10 for this aspect.

7. Token Value Increment Options (15%)

We feel WGD token’s price will increase majorly by webRunes’ Buyback Fund which webRunes Limited will maintain with a third-party provider, which will ensure the price of WGD does not go below the Pre-sale price. Users will be able to sell WGD at any time after the Token Sale on the book price, which directly depends on the number of collected ETH and issued WGD, thereby providing a stable exchange rate. Also the team has promised that once the soft cap is met, buyers can swap their tokens back for ETH any time at an exchange rate calculated by the formula. When the hard cap is reached, no more WGD will be created, and all WGD sent to the buyback fund will be burned. This we feel gives the investors a great amount of comfort in terms of their investment in this project.

Though the unsold tokens will be burned, we do not think there would be any tokens that would be left unsold.

We give them 9 out of 10 in this aspect.

8. Social Media Presence/Hype (10%)

WRIOS has their presence felt in all the prominent social media platforms and not just that, they have very impressive number of subscribers / followers in each of these channels. They have been providing relevant content and information to the followers, thereby they have created the required traction among members of these platforms. They have “excellent” number of dense followers in each of these channels, the numbers of which are as below:

Their YouTube channel (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCXjNTUSWAQErBUEYx-WQqUg/videos) has great number of subscribers (almost 10000 subscribers), but surprisingly there are not much videos. We fail to comprehend the reasoning behind the WRIOS team not being in a position to capitalise on such a huge subscriber base. There are just 3 videos available as of the time we are writing this article. 

Otherwise, they have a very strong social media presence with good hype around all their campaigns as well. We give them 9 out of 10, for the content they post in the Social media periodically and for the dense followers they have got across platforms.

9. Competitors (12%)

WRIOS is shooting to be the first to market when it comes to building a semantic web browser and currently there are no competitors as yet. On top of that they are having an MVP already, a strong team of Developers that have worked for Visa, Amazon, Walmart, Google, etc, that have dedicated their full time in developing the project. So WRIOS has the first mover advantage. The team is also working (long term) on a smart AI assistant to work in tandem with their platform and the plan is to launch this extension of the project by 2022. 

We give them 9 out of 10 in this aspect.

Based on our analysis, we give an overall score of 86.9 out of 100 to WRIOS, which is Fantastic.

Overall, with a large community, a strong product (MVP available) and an experienced team, WRIOS is certainly entering the ICO market with a lot of promise and is an ICO to watch out for.

We give it a “Fantastic” rating and a short to long term investment option with moderate risk.