One Solution - Innovative Yielding Cryptocurrency & Decentralized Cryptofund(OSF)
Token Count
1 OSF =$ 10

What is OneSolution Ecosystem?

Decentralized Fund for investments in ICOs which is administered by the community participants of the project

A multitier project selection system will be in place.

This means that an open vote is held in regards to each project by platform participants after a careful selection of projects by the Fund's expert team occurs.

Unique features of the Solvo cryptocurrency

It allows users to take part in voting and the decentralized management of the Fund, it yields dividends regularly as well.

Additionally, a certain portion of newly mined coins are automatically transferred to the Fund, which guarantees a constant increase in the Fund’s investment portfolio.

OneSolution Academy

The main task of the Academy is to search for young talent, as well as teams that are capable of generating new and prospective ideas and to aid them in the further development and realization of their ideas in practice.

This will result in an even greater profit growth of the Fund on account of establishing the most beneficial terms of investing in such projects and control over their implementation and development.

Benefits of the Fund

  •  Maximum decentralization of Fund Management
  •  Careful analysis and minimization of risks
  •  Full transparency of activities
  •  Digitally organize and capture everything you have learned into a searchable universal hierarchy
  •  High level of security and protection of investors' funds

 Benefits of the Solvo cryptocurrency

  • The Solvo Coin possesses an array of unique features, which make it appealing in contrast to other cryptoassets.
  • A link of the coins cost to the Fund's portfolio opens up broad horizons for its growth in value and limits the potential for its decrease.
  • Ability to receive dividends from up to 70% of the Fund's profits
  • Automatic transfers to the Fund's portfolio during mining
  • Solvo holders have the right to take part in voting on the Fund's management



Dagmar Kask


Antony Koles


Deepanshu Bhatt


Nikita Dementev


Tinh Tran



  • April 2018

    Creation and development of a business idea.

  • April -May 2018

    Formulation of the core project team.

  • May - August 2018

    ICO preparations.

  • September 2018

    Project legal registration. Launch of a platform prototype.

  • November 8-28, 2018


  • January 2019

    Launch of the Fund’s platform as an MVP.

  • December 8, 2018 - February 8, 2019


  • February 2019

    Development and distribution of the Solvo coin. OSF Token -> Solvo Coin swap. Open mining launch of the Solvo Coin.

  • February - April 2019

    Team expansion and organizational structure formation.

  • March 2019

    Listing of the Solvo Coin. Launch of the Fund’s fully functional platform.

  • April - June 2019

    Start of the One Solution Academy.

  • Q3 2019

    Further development of the Fund, growth of its capitalization and the Solvo Coin price.

White Paper

Investment Info
Accepting BTC, ETH
Token Info
Country Estonia
Softcap $1,000,000
Token OSF
Platform Ethereum
Type ERC20
Token Price 1 OSF =$ 10
Token Count 100,000,000
Pre-Sale Start Date 2018-November-08
Pre-Sale End Date 2018-November-28
Crowd Sale Start Date 2018-December-08
Crowd Sale End Date 2019-February-08

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