Token Count
2.000 OTT
1 OTTP = 0.125 ETH


The first gaming platform without a game server. The whole gameplay takes place in the chains of Blockchain Ethereum, which will provide full transparency and guarantee the safety of the game against the intervention of third parties. All investment, gaming funds and jackpots are contained on smart contracts that automatically transfer dividends and winnings without the participation of the administration.


Our gaming platform is unique and aimed at the mass gambling lover. We offer our players the opportunity to make fixed instant bets in real time and only with real players. The outcome of the game is decided only by the case (RNG), and the gain in the game is as high as possible, taking into account the bets placed on the game, even taking into account the most minimal bets of 0.0006 Eth. 

At the same time: 

• the probability of winning the game: from –10% to –75%, 

• the possibility of winning ranges from 50 to 900% of the initial bet. 

In addition, absolutely in every game in the rooms "Around the Circle of Success" and "AMONG THE PROFESSIONALS" there will be a jackpot formed from a part of the profit from instant bets.


The mathematical algorithm of the jackpot, as well as the entire gaming platform, is a unique final product, in which there are no data storage servers, all operations are tracked by the blockchain and smart contracts that automatically exclude all sorts of tricks. 

Formation of the jackpot amount. 

The jackpot is formed according to the results of the games at the tables in the following rooms: 



of which 2% of the turnover of funds on the gaming tables are automatically transferred to the jackpot fund, which ranges from 0.002Eth to 0.0256Eth with each instant game, depending on the total table rate. 

The planned monthly jackpot accumulation will be from 27.5 Eth to 1.252.5 Eth.


Record deductions from all funds raised to the prize pool - 92%. (90% of them are for instant games, 2% - to the jackpot fund). Payout time is limited only by the time of the transaction. Generous reward system for investors and regular players.

ICO - Initial Coin Offering

The purpose of the ICO is to attract investments for: 

• promotion of the platform and placement on the world gambling grounds, 

• formation of a GAME AUDIENCE 

FUND , • formation of a RETURN FUND for investors, 

• attraction of advisers and consultants, 

• organization of a bounty program.

Only 10,000 tokens were issued for ICO. This is exactly the amount of funds we attract from external investors, which is necessary for the safe delivery of the finished product to the crypto-game market. 

By investing in OTT tokens, you become an integral and important part of this project, which upon reaching: 

- SOFT CAP - 416.66 Eth - becomes self-sufficient, 

and having achieved - HARD CAP - 800 Eth - ICO is considered successful.


OTT is a high-yield token released on the Ethereum platform, the ERC20 standard, with built-in mechanics of value increase, supported by an increase in the number of players worldwide. 

The OTT token is part of a gaming system using the technology of several intelligent algorithms using blockchain. 

We launched the project using modern technologies. The work of the gaming and investment processes employ 10 independent smart contracts.

Why buying an OTT token is beneficial and safe

OTT-token gives a full (100%) guarantee of payments to its holder, while the expected payback will be from 1 month (in the most favorable variant) and up to 8 months (in the most unfavorable variant). 

If the investor decides to refuse to participate in the project, he will be able to submit an application for the sale of tokens, for this we have developed a "Cash Back Fund" (FVDS) to 100% protect the interests of their investors. The fund for the refund is formed from the sale of tokens in the amount of 30% and from the instantaneous rates in the amount of 1%.

Each investor has the right to apply for the sale of his token (s) at full price. The token will be automatically redeemed by the issuer to the funds of the refund fund after 90 days from the date of the application. The token is redeemed strictly at the cost of the purchase price, depending on the stage of the purchase at the ICO and the received referral discount.


 • Our product is ready, and we are focused on improving the project.

• A total of 10,000 tokens were issued, this is exactly the amount of funds we attract from external investors, which is necessary for the successful launch of an already finished product on the crypto-game market. 

• Automatic dividend payments for OTT token holders guaranteed by smart contracts. 

• The cost of tokens has a growth trend due to a quick payback on invested funds (from 1 to 8 months), and the absence of a surplus of tokens. 

• We have done a lot of work on the development of architecture, content and design, all solutions are adaptive for mobile devices. 

• Our gaming platform is fully integrated - we have implemented an architecture that allows us to implement any idea based on intelligent contracts (to add a payment system, to integrate third-party services, or otherwise).


Alex Mahtumov


Eugene B. Makarov


Michail Potter


Alexander Soldatov


Alexander Shadrin



  • September 2016

    First ideas. Development of OneToTwo game concept.

    Preparations to project implementation (planning stage).

  • July 2017


    Presentation and testing of the project idea.

    Search for like-minded people.

  • October 2017

    Start of the product development.

    Development of the game algorithm.

    Start of development of gaming platform.

    Design sketches.

  • January 2018

    Development of web site and test version of the game.

    Development of the concept and structure of the site.

    Work on the graphical interface of the game.

  • March 2018

    Work on White Paper. Development of options for participation in the project

    ICO description.

    Bounty project.

    Partnership programs.

    Referral program and referral links.

    Regional partnership.

  • June 2018

    Work on marketing strategy. Work on Technical Paper. Creation of User Guide for the game.

    Description of the mathematical algorithm.

  • August 2018

    Launch of the website and testing of gaming platform. Preparing for ICO.

    Selecting websites for listing the platform.

    Private bet-testing of the game.

    Public beta-testing of the game.

    Preparing the platform for fully-fledged launch.

  • September 2018


    Final check of the website and the game algorithms.

  • October 2018

    ICO Launch.

  • January 2019

    End of the project ICO.

  • February 2019

    Partnership regional program launch.

    Development of the game platform.

  • 2019

    Start of the new game development.

  • 2020

    Start of the new game development

White Paper

Investment Info
Accepting ETH
Token Info
Country Russian Federation
Hardcap 800 ETH
Softcap 416,66 ETH
Token OTTP
Platform Ethereum
Type ERC20
Token Price 1 OTTP = 0.125 ETH
Token Count 2.000 OTT
Pre-Sale Start Date
Pre-Sale End Date
Crowd Sale Start Date 2018-October-20
Crowd Sale End Date 2019-January-20

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