Masternode Invest - Masternode Invest, Get rewards from your crypto currency(MS)
Token Count
1 ETH = 5,000 MS

Masternode Invest is a company, operating in Fintech environment, allowing people to invest on cryptocurrency masternode.

The seed of our mission is to increase the possibility to invest on coin with POS-Masternode consensus algorithm.

Giving us your assets, you are sure to have an excellent amount of ROI.

Your funds will be used to open masternodes following the business plan we already implemented and checked that is winning.

Our team has an excellent and consolidated skills on manage masternodes, since the first went out in the market as DASH.

We are the first and unique project in this environment that gives you a proof of transparency, once invested on us, you will have our MS token associated to a smart contract, that will share automatically dividends every 30 days.

Our ideas will continue after ICO and funds collected during it, releasing an application to permit to any investor to choose and partecipate on a POOL on any kind of coin and invest directly on it, but managed by us taking a small fee, that will be redistributed to all token holder.

Each investor and holder of MS token, will have a double return:

1) Annual dividends, coming from funds of ICO

2) Fee of pool proportionally amount of MS token

Why choose us


You will buy a security token, the most secure and controlled token on the market.


You can increase your Crypto just investing on us.

No hardware to monitor or other jobs to do daily.


Masternode and POS will be the future of consensus algorithm, for many coin.

Start in advance in this beautiful world.


Choosing Masternode Invest, you decided to put your crypto in a innovative company, with strong law and based on smartcontract process.

How To Buy MS

MS token will be available on our website during phases of Pre-Sale and ICO.

You’ll receive tokens at the end of ICO, once completed KYC process.

Security Token

MS will be a security token.

As company, we will be recognized by FINMA/MFSA, we have strong process and certified Smart contract, this means that your crypto will be managed by trusted hands.

Security means monthly rewards, you’ll receive directly in your certified wallet.

Why Choose us

Invest on masternode is not easy, is needed a huge amount of capital, high knowledge of information technology, high security process, high analysis on coins before lock your money for a determined period.

With the big expansion of coins, is becoming every day more difficult to choose the correct coin to invest on it, this is why Masternode Invest team is constantly update his team and makes market researches.


Emanuele Ferrari

CEO, Founder

Alberto Pelle

CTO, Co-founder

Mirko Camarda

Software engineer

Francesco Di Luzio

Community e Marketing Manager

Benjamin Mazur

Social Media Support


  • October 2018

    Start Pre sale

  • November 2018

    Start Pre-Ico and open KYC process

  • December 2018

    End of ICO

    Release MS token


    Start Masternodes

  • January 2019

    First rewards into your wallet

  • February 2019

    Start application POOL masternodes

    Get revenue from POOL fee for any MS token holder

  • March 2019

    Launch of token on exchanges

  • May 2019

    App for your phone to monitor investment

White Paper

Investment Info
Accepting ETH
Token Info
Country Switzerland
Hardcap $ 30,000,000
Softcap $ 1,000,000
Token MS
Platform Ethereum
Type ERC20
Token Price 1 ETH = 5,000 MS
Token Count
Pre-Sale Start Date 2018-October-01
Pre-Sale End Date 2018-November-30
Crowd Sale Start Date 2018-December-01
Crowd Sale End Date 2018-December-31

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