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According to recent research published on 30 January 2018 under the name

"Digital in 2018", conducted by the social media management Hootsuite platform

and global creative agency We Are Social, about 1.77 billion Internet users

purchased consumer goods on the Internet in 2017 - 8% more than in the previous

year. In total, consumers have spent 1,474 trillion dollars on e-commerce platforms

over the past 12 months, which is in 16% more than in 2016 year.


Since the purchases on the Internet have become a part of everyday life for the

millions of people, Internet-economy had grown greatly. The appearance of the

numerous marketplaces for selling goods and services on the Internet gives impetus

to the development of e-commerce. Thus, today the digital sector of the economy

plays the key role in the economic growth in whole. Along with a growth of the ecommerce

market cryptocurrencies get more and more payment shares in it. But,

digital assets market is still young and its influence is not fully-represented yet.

The problem is that it is still difcult for ordinary buyers to acquire

cryptocurrency and for sellers to connect and configure their own online stores to

blockchain. Also many people are worried by lack of security of cryptocurrency


An important aspect that needs improvement is the acquisition of various

cryptocurrencies. People are forced to pay huge fees for converting fiat money, take

risks using suspicious exchange instruments looking for ways to reduce charges.

Besides, cause of restricting policy of regulators, in recent months citizens of some

countries got their bank accounts blocked because of their operations with

cryptocurrencies. Increasing popularity of cryptocurrencies as payment means leads

to appearence of new exchanges, but 98% of them are centralized, which means

people`s money and personal data are stored directly at the exchange accounts. P2P

can alleviate the situation, but most of them are functioning only as trading platforms,

that unite users, but do not solve transaction security issues.


Kenjiro Tamaki

Advisor and Co-founder

Jokubas Drazdas

CEO and Co-Founder

Justina Marciauskaite


Benjamin Li

Investments Advisor

Jokubas Drazdas

CEO and Co-Founder

Aiste Jotautyte

Aiste Jotautyte


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Platform Ethereum
Type ERC20
Token Price 1 SNR = 0.00007 ETH
Token Count 6,000,000

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