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1 TREE = $0.04

Why Blockchain?

Blockchain is a Public Ledger that is supported by a network of independent computers.

The majority of current transactions are digital and already exist as a ledger, which is owned and held by the banks.  All transactions are then verified using their internal systems. 

Blockchain is the same kind of ledger but made public on the internet. Your transaction is transparent, but your identity and funds are protected because of cryptography.  Only you can access it with a 2 key system.  All users are now in complete control of their funds.

  • Secure
  • Quick
  • Private
  • Scalable

What is Hyperion?

Hyperion is a community driven space, where an organic self sufficient ecosystem is created. It includes a decentralized market place with rewards for watching ads and completing surveys, as well as a foolproof tipping tool, designed to inspire good will and stimulate content and transactions.

Each user has a customizable and interactive interface; which includes a feed of friends or "Buds" who provide content, products or services. Also included is an array of dApps, tools and features that unlock as a user progresses through their stages.

  • Community
  • Market
  • Advertisements
  • Tipping

Tree Blockchain Fundamental 

01.A user of hyperion creates a transaction The transaction becomes a digital code called a hash.

02.The hash is added to a "block" (which is a bigger hash), that is made up of multiple random transactions. This creates stonewall security. The block is then broadcast to the nodes.

03.The nodes are users who help to support the network.They verify the legitimacy of transactions through cryptographic computing. 

04.Once verified, it is recorded, time-stamped, and displayed in one “block” of the blockchainPublic-key cryptography ensures that all computers in the network have a constantly updated and verified record of all transactions within the Tree network

AI Consensus

A proposal is submitted by the community that users can vote on.

A vote will act the same as a transaction and become a hash, which is added to a block. The block is sent through the AI to the nodes.

The Votes are now part of the Tree Blockchain.

They can be viewed and audited by anyone at anytime and are tamper proof. 

After the allotted amount of time to vote has expired, the AI computes the votes and the decision is then broadcast to Hyperion. 

The Nodes verify the data and process the votes to be added onto the blockchain.

The Vision

We anticipate a shift in the way people think about currency and community.The timing of blockchain is visceral in the landscape of current technological growth and as we get closer to full automation, our relationship with our current job structure will adjust accordingly.

Hyperion will act as a bridge to a community that grows together organically. We aim to provide an autonomous, decentralized, free market ecosystem. As you interact with the community, you can earn tokens and be free to pursue ideas, passions and personal improvement.

Let's imagine our community as a planet, and start with the layers of our Ecosystem..


The life force that stimulates the ecosystem.

As a user you can create a transaction in many different ways using Tree Token.

Protocol Layer

The Hyperion Protocol allows for decentralized computation of sensitive data.

A.I. Neural Network

On this layer, dozens of platforms such as marketplaces and AI exchanges can be supported.


Secures and verifies the network through the use of public key cryptography.

Blockchain Application Layer

This enables thousands of truly decentralized apps that require private computation, which secures data through public-key cryptography.

Welcome to the Hyperion Ecosystem

On the Protocol layer, a user begins a transaction by paying TREE.   There is a number of transactions that can be made; buying a product, posting an ad,  or casting a vote.

For Example...

01. A node is any user who keeps their digital wallet open in order to acquire TREE from transaction fees.

02. The transaction enters the AI Neural Network where it is processed and sent to the nodes for verification

03. This tree represents a solicitor named Ted. He owns a Gallery and wants people to see what he has for sale. He pays TR

04. Ted's Transaction was verified and is added to the Tree Blockchain

05. The AI reads the Blockchain and pools fees into Nimbus

06. This is Sarah, she loves art and chose to watch Ted's Ad. By doing so, she gets air-dropped TREE from Nimbus

Share the Power

The TREE Token distribution will take place over 365 days. We believe this will give ample time for people to familiarize themselves with our project, watch our growth, join our community and get a chance to be a part of the distribution.


There is no set token price, the community 

defines its balance.  The price will be determined by the amount of ether received within each stage. This will guarantee that everyone can be included and will prevent big investors otherwise known as “whales” from ever gaining network dominance


100% transparency through the entire token sale thanks to Ethereum’s smart contract technology. Receipt of incoming funds and token distribution will all be on public ledger for everyone to see.


Jeremy Klein

Founder & Project Leader

10+ years experience with entrepreneurship, startups and brand building. Strong abilities in business development and marketing strategy. 5+ years experience in blockchain and cryptocurrencies.

Matthew Klapper

Brand Architect & Design Lead

Graduated with a BFA from SUNY Purchase, majoring in printmaking and minored in graphic design. 15+ years experience with a wide range of design work, including the cradle of aviation museum in New York, and 10+ years building brands.

Carl Bonafede

Content Curator

8+ years experience as a content provider. Author and long time contributor to multiple content web-based platforms. Strong research and analytic abilities with proven results.

Gina Diamantidis

Market Research Analyst​

Graduated with a BS in psychology from Molloy College. 7+ years of experience in developing and understanding the human mind. Strong background in social dynamics and community development.

Jaroslaw Kijko

Business Development

Started his first business when he was only 15 years old. Has worked in multiple industries, acquiring the knowledge to promote growth and operational efficiency.


White Paper

Investment Info
Accepting ETH
Token Info
Token TREE
Platform Ethereum
Type ERC20
Token Price 1 TREE = $0.04
Token Count 700,000,000
Pre-Sale Start Date 2018-July-01
Pre-Sale End Date 2018-September-30
Crowd Sale Start Date 2019-February-20
Crowd Sale End Date 2019-December-31

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