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1 ETH = 10000 ALT

Altair VR is the first VR platform for world discovery built on blockchain technology.

Altair created a global VR platform for world discovery, managed by the community through blockchain. The platform allows community members to create and distribute VR experiences (applications). The platform’s currency is a ALT token. Entrance from the outside is only permitted via ALT tokens, which stimulates the growth of the project economy. In addition to the token, reputation points demonstrate the professional skills of participants in the ecosystem. The platform will become a global VR simulator aimed at world discovery in all aspects and spheres. 

Their plans are to invite not just professionals, but all who wish, making content creation on the Altair VR platform a global technology. The virtual education franchise will continue to function on the platform, but it will now open access to children from all corners of the world.


You visit the site using virtual reality glasses. Further, you get to the base location - the center of the square. In front of you, you see a small house, on the bench in front of which sits a cheerful professor, who looks like Einstein. Not far from you there is a ball, above which you see the inscription "Time Machine". On the other hand - a shining portal with the inscription "Teleport". Around the square you see different zones, according to subjects: University - here there are experiences around various sciences; Zoo - experiences related to the animal world; Forest - experiences with the world of plants, etc.

You come to the Professor, and he starts a conversation with you: what would you like to see or find out today. You can answer it in a voice or choose variants from the offered list. You can choose a topic, and the Professor will suggest what to visit. You can take a sightseeing tour around the world, get in a capsule and take a flight, accompanied by an interesting story about the possibilities of the virtual world.

You fly over the base location, fly along the axis of time and scale, and get an idea of the world as a whole.

You can just go for a walk or go to the buildings you want. In each of which you will wait for an experience from the video, and end with a complete immersion and interaction with objects.


  • It is an open cognitive platform where you can add your own VR content and monetize it.
  • The platform’s commission is very low, only 10% of the cost of the application, which is 3-4 times lower than most
  • The time machine in VR allows you to see different historical events from multiple points of view
  • The site will both finance and sponsor content creation on a tender basis, based on user preferences
  • Your personal site guide, working on a neural network, remembers your preferences and selects new experiences for you
  • Most existing VR applications waste your time. With Altair VR you invest time in your evolution

Why Blockchain:

  • With Blockchain all payments on the platform are completely transparent and commissions are low. Furthermore we maintain full control of copyrights and content royalties
  • Decentralized storage of data on Blockchain is key to maintaining independent and stable operations
  • The community manages the content created through transparent voting

What is Altair VR:

We have been working in the field of additional education for over 7 years. During this time, we managed to build in Russia and the CIS the largest network of mobile planetariums thereby introducing astronomy to more than 500,000 children.

We wanted to improve the quality of the planetariums as well as find ways to make them globally accessible We found a solution in Virtual Reality technology. 

Earlier this year, we launched the Amazing Cinema application. In just six months over 300,000 people downloaded the app and in April we launched a Virtual Planetarium franchise, which already works in 15 cities.

The next stage is the creation of a platform to virtually discover the world through teaching and interactive games – a type of Virtual Encyclopedia for the natural sciences including, but not limited to: chemistry, physics, biology, natural science, geography, and history. We have created a VR encyclopedia in which anyone can create their own content and share their interpretation of knowledge. Content on the site will be generated according to the users’ preferences and selected through a voting process.


Konstantin Urvantsev

CEO, Founder

Entrepreneur. He built the largest network of mobile planetariums in Russia and has won dozens of entrepreneurial competitions. He is an expert of the Community of Young Entrepreneurs of the Altai Territory and a member of the IPS. He is also an expert and participant of many forums including for example, the largest Russian youth forum "Seliger". He is the founder of the group of companies Altair Holding. Key skills: sales, business processes, strategy, presentations, negotiations, HR

Irkov Alexey

CTO, Founder

He is among the first in Russia who started using the services of mobile planetariums in 2010. He is the author and head of the development of the protected projection system SpaceTouch ONE. In addition, he is the author and head of development of the Virtual Planetarium franchise. He is also the author and head of the development of the educational application Amazing Cinema. Key skills: development management, design, networking, contextual advertising. Co-founder of the company, is fond of crossfit and is preparing to get a brown belt in karate.

Karelin Aleksander


Alexander has a huge experience in building an ICO marketing strategy. He was the marketing director at

Basynya Olga

Head of VR planetarium

She organizes the whole work of Virtual Planetariums. She has extensive experience working in a leadership role for large financial corporations. During her management, the entrusted unit was brought to the leading positions in the region.

Klakotskiy Dmirtriy

Sales Director

He has more than 6 years of work in managerial positions in sales departments. He rose to the leading positions in sales among various departments. He has helped in the creation and development of departments. Furthermore, he is always searching for individual solutions to the client’s problems. Work Ethics: 1) There is no word "no" 2) Objections are our friends 3) The questions are our allies If the client does not know how to proceed, we will always find the right solution together.

Sadykova Regina


She writes texts and translates obscure business language into layman’s terms. She also promotes the company on all possible social media platforms. She is a journalist on RBC.


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Accepting ETH
Token Info
Token ALT
Platform Ethereum
Type ERC20
Token Price 1 ETH = 10000 ALT
Token Count 1,000,000,000

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