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1 BUCKY = $0.25

BUCKY COIN is the crypto currency evolved under the smart contract by BUCKY HOUSE to realise the BUCKY HOUSE - CDN decentralized Content and Services Distribution Network (dCSDN) an ethereum based Dapp platform powered by IPFS.

BUCKY shall be launched with robust compliance with standard ERC 20 crypto-token format on ethereum and it is compatible, at par, with any available standard crypto-wallets.

Bucky Coin provides de-centralized block chain platform connected with DHT/IPFS based P2P network that integrate content owners, individuals, celebs, models, advertisers, animation developers and application developers in entertainment and media content distribution and services. 

Bucky Coin has decent size of followers and subscribers base on various netizen avenues such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and YouTube apart from the frequent visitors on to direct website.

Over this platform bucky coin facilitates the Content Creators/Production Houses/Models/Celebrities to cater its own content and services such as eBooks, animation and games along with the entertainment and movie content proposed to be acquired from the potential company acquisition.


BUCKY House CDN is designed to be deployed as a unique dCSDN and the first of its kind in Peer-to-Peer (P2P) driven Blockchain platforms across the globe that brings content creators into the Blockchain as ‘nodes’. BUCKY House Nodes* are designed for individuals, models, celebrities, animators, book authors, subscribers (content viewers), advertisers and PEER nodes - which shall work as computing nodes to cater for the content as part of the Smart Contracts between the content owners and PEER nodes.


BUCKY HOUSE is a complete de-Centralised Content Distribution and Services Network platform which is under development and application prototype shall be launched.

The Dashboard - Account summary information, My Nodes,My Content, Content Stats, Usage Report,Sub-Users and Domains.

BUCKY Pavilion – Market Place for Ebooks,Music,Movies,Celeb Content and many more.

My BH-Wallet – Unique wallet to handle the transactions on BUCKY HOUSE.

Community - Blog environment to discuss BUCKY house-related topics.




CHIEF MENTOR ( Business Strategy & Technology )

David is a founder of Secured Communications and the Smart Data Blockchain. He has worked for 30 years in technology and business. David worked for NASA on Voyager II, Galileo and IRAS projects. Several awards from NASA including NASA’s Award of Excellence. He co-authored books for Que, Microsoft and New Riders press and currently writes for Irish Tech News. David was CEO of GCN which sold to a public company in 2000. David consulted for the largest tech and marketing companies in the world. Including Omnicom, WPP, Microsoft, Intel, Daimler Chrysler, AT&T, Boeing and hundreds of other companies. Microsoft asked David to transition SQL Server for use on the Internet. David is the founder and Chairman of Globalsoft1, a full-stack software development company that has managed over 2 trillion records and worked with the largest companies in the world. Its focus is database and Blockchain technology. 15 years ago, David founded Argus Holdings which incubates technology and marketing businesses.


CTA ( Chief Technical Architect )

Early in his career Mr. Wright was instrumental in bringing to the forefront, a web-based software application meant to increase efficiency, customer satisfaction, and revenue for the Bird Medical, Bear, and Stackhouse medical technology companies. Mr. Wright created a path that generated millions of dollars of new revenue for the companies. Mr. Wright also created client generation systems that would be utilized in the aggregation and management of very large dynamic databases for major banks as well as some of the largest mortgage, insurance and debt consolidation companies in the nation. As the founder and CEO of Songstergram™ Mr. Wright continues to proactively build and develop the Songstergram™ technology.


CMO ( Chief Marketing Officer )

Jeremy is block chain enthusiast and been closing working on various assignments with aspiring companies working to rollout on to block chain technology. He shall be instrumental in supporting bucky house marketing and enhancing the digital presence. Jeremy is the owner and managing director of LinguaKey: the online content marketing agency that delivers precision insights with seamless social media integration. He has worked on several ICO marketing campaigns to date, and he has extensive connections within the blockchain realm.

He has over a decade of experience & expertise in linguistics and training; when it comes to the English language and what really makes people tick, he certainly does know his stuff!


COO ( Chief Operating Officer )

Focused on accelerating and enhancing the entertainment and media industry business operations on block chain technologies. Vikram spearheads the content and business acquisitions, strategic business partnerships and rollout of content on Bucky House dCSDN platform and looking at the various avenues to build the business strategically. He carries 2 decades of experience and expertise in entertainment industry and content acquisition. He shall be instrumental in setting up the business partnerships and negotiations with content owners. Vikram carries extensive knowledge and proven track record on digital & social media marketing.

Has successfully dabbled in most spheres of the entertainment industry, also stepped on to the big screen through his production house


LEGAL ADVISOR ( Asia Pacific )

Vijay Kumar Makyam is practicing IPR Attorney.A Postgraduate in Law with specialisation in Intellectual Property Rights and Master of Science in Information Technology. He has been actively involved in drafting and vetting of smart contracts, online planing and execution of lunching ICO’s for Cryptocurrency and implementation of Blockchain Technologies across various platforms including IPR Licensing. He is a Member of INTA (International Trademark Association) and AIPPI; Anti-Counterfeit Committee Member for 2016-2017 (INTA).


  • 3Q 2017


    -Basic content Acquisition.

    -Core team finalised.

  • 4Q 2017

    -Secured Private minor funding.

    -Acquired distribution channels (Youtube/DM/Vimeo) of existing content base.

    -Acquired animation content. Entered into agreement with advertising channels.

    -Entered into LOI with content & production houses.

    -Intiated due dilegence & Valuation for Content acquisition.

  • 1Q 2018

    -Acquired Comics & E-books content of more than 10 languages worth of 2.5 million USD.

    -Completed due to diligence & valuation process of potential content acquisition from production house along with 50 million followers/subscribers on various social media platforms.

    -Finalised crypto platform design functionalities & features of dSCDN.

    Intiated dCSDN prototype development.

  • 2Q 2018

    -LOI signed with various production houses in differnent parts of the gloube.

    -Acquired "Then play.com" gaming & mobile application platform.

    -Added srength of technocrats & entertainment experts.

    -Load testing & integration of the prototype.

    -Acquired content conversion into compatibility for various devices & resolutions.

    -Fixing technology platform delivery timelines.

    -Advisory committee finalisation.

    -Release of community guide lines.

    -Final modules testing - dCSDN.

  • 3Q 2018

    -Pre-ICO announced.

    -dSCDN beta version testing. Agreement sign-up with additional celebrities, Production Houses, Authors & indie series, web series, short movie creator individuals.

    -Finalisation of external payment solution.

    -Launch windows desktop P2P client node app.

    -ICO announcement.

  • 4Q 2018

    -Launch of BH-CSDN.

    -Rolling out BH pavillion.

    -Inegration of CRM & Billing.

    -Adding advertisers & ancillary revenue partners for content creator.

    -Launch IOS/MAc P2P client node app.

  • 1Q 2019

    Bucky Market Expansion.

    -Adapt Bucky House platform to all sectors.

    -Smart Contract Logic integration on Bucky House platform to enable it as a community crypto exchange.

    -Business promotion programs to encourage the small and medium content developers.

    -Interoperability of vendor hardware devices such as Android TV boxes, DTH networks, Telco networks and UFO devices Bucky dcsdn content accassibility.

    -Signing up with various model houses, production houses and film schools for conent creation.

  • 2Q 2019

    Business Development 

    -Acquisition of business be entering into partnership with various content streaming paltform toport their content on Bucky.

    -Entering into agreements with strategic partners such as DTH operators, OTT platforms and Telco's to integrate with BUcky and stream the content ported on Bucky. 

    -Inegration of third party payment gateways to accept the payments in various forms.

    -Strategic agreement with peer blockchain based Dapp platforms to build the symbolic business model.

    -Promotion and encouragement campaigns at various film schools for the promotion of Bucky House Pavillion.

White Paper

Investment Info
Accepting ETH
Token Info
Country Seychelles
Hardcap $554,600,000
Softcap $385,400,000
Platform Ethereum
Type ERC20
Token Price 1 BUCKY = $0.25
Token Count 940,000,000
Pre-Sale Start Date 2018-August-29
Pre-Sale End Date 2018-October-28
Crowd Sale Start Date 2018-October-29
Crowd Sale End Date 2018-December-31

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