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Welcome to DataBlockChain is a revolutionary data platform that stands to disrupt the way that companies and individuals gather premium data. Our product will democratize data, making it more readily available and less expensive than the current methods of data gathering and vetting. The result is that clients can access specific data sets in a cost-effective and transparent way, collecting exactly what they need without paying for extraneous data. With the market for advertising reaching $591 billion in 2017 and $209 billion of it dedicated to digital advertising, the need for accurate data is only growing. Data is the backbone of the marketing boom, and has the capability to be the category killer We will merge our own proprietary data with many of the world's largest databases ranging from government data, industry specific data, voting records, business to business data, property data, credit bureau data, etc. to create a comprehensive variety of data sets valuable to individuals and businesses looking to both attract and retain clients. The level of access to quality data offers has been cost prohibitive for most companies outside of the Fortune 500, but as a result of our platform, all participants will be able to obtain the exact, nuanced data they are seeking. Because removes the middlemen in the data industry that tend to drive prices up and cause inefficiencies, no order size will be too small to fulfill. This opens up an untapped market of potential clients on a global stage.


The key to both acquiring new customers and retaining your current customers is possessing the critical data that can help you market to prospects with the highest propensity to use your products and services and help identify your current customers' needs, ensuring their long-term loyalty. The data industry today is both complicated and highly fragmented, offering a confusing number of choices to businesses desperately in need of this critical information. The existing data marketing ecosystem of data / list owners, managers and brokers is inefficient and often ineffective, costing businesses unnecessary time and money.

Solution will provide a robust interface between the users and the data sources. will create a single- point solution that will eliminate the need for multiple data vendors and layers of list managersand brokers that create inefficiency in the marketplace. The backend systems will ensure full confidence in data quality for the end user as well as transactional finality for the data providers.

Popular Data Assets

Investments and employment of the Blockchain Technologies. Optimize your business case with blockchain technology and Smart Contracts.

Base Consumer File 300MM

400+ demographic ,psychographic & lifestyle attributes

Automotive File 175MM

Year, make, model, vin and more…

Voter File 185MM

Voter registration, modeled voters and modeled swing voters

IP Address

450MM addresses tied to consumers. 109MM tied to households

Mobile Phone File 180MM

Multiple data points to select from ranging from device, providers and more

Social Profile File 325MM

Facebook, Skype, Linkedin, Twitter, Instagram and other leading platforms


Scott Hirsch


Scott a serial entrepreneur and an internationally recognized expert in digital data marketing. Scott pioneered many commonly utilized data technology concepts including opt-in email, e-appending, affliate marketing and DIY application development. Scott has been published in Fortune, Time, INC, Forbes, Huffngton Post, Ten Republic, Entrepreneur and Fox Business. Scott is the founder and CEO of full-service advertising agency Media Direct Inc. and also founded its two wholly owned subsidiaries DigDev Direct and Appsbar. His career spans founding roles at RelationServe Media, Seisint, Naviant, eDirect and Lens Direct. Scott's clients include national brands including Fortune 500 companies and large advertising agencies. In 2002 Hirsch sold Naviant to Equifax for 135 million dollars.

Jesse Brown


Jesse is an accomplished Blockchain Architect with exceptional decentralization, cryptocurrency and distributed ledger technology (DLT) expertise complemented by hands-on Token Generating Event (TGE) experience. Proven ability to communicate complex Compliant ICO, Crypto and Blockchain concepts to stakeholders and non-technical audiences. Jesse has been involved in four successful blockchain ventures, ServerCube Inc., Patientory, Inc. and Enterprise Blockchain. Jesse also served as Blockchain Enterprise Architecture Consultant at Ford Motor Company.

Sunny Rajpal


Sunny is Chief Information Officer for Media Direct, in a role he has occupied since 2009. He is responsible for the strategic use of Information Technology (IT) resources for DigDev Direct. He is also responsible for Data Integrity and Business Applications. Mr. Rajpal spent many years in a broad range of IT positions, including Software Development and Database Administration. Throughout his career, he has had a tremendous track record of innovation and successful large-scale software projects allowing for productivity gains and competitive advantage. Prior to his joining DigDev Direct, he served as CTO for Come&Stay, Inc. Sunny is a graduate of Florida Atlantic University with a degree in Computer Science.

Dennis John


Dennis has worked in digital marketing for over 10 years. In 2008, he joined Google as a programmer and was later promoted to Principal Digital Strategist specialized in telecom, search and paid campaigns. Later, he became the Chief Business Officer for Interactive Solutions in New York where he worked with multiple Fortune 500 clients. Dennis moved to Media Direct in 2014. Since then, Dennis has built up the Digital Media Department of DigDev Direct which now specializes in digital and search campaign management for some of the top advertising agencies in the country. Over the years, Dennis has utilized his experience to assist hundreds of clients including Rolex, Casio, Timex, Lenovo, CarMax, Acura, Media Direct and Appsbar among others.

Brad Mitchell


Brad was previously the President of Entiera Data Services which was sold in part to FICO. Prior to Entiera, he served as President and GM of the PRIMIS MarketModels Division. In 1999 he co-founded MarketModels and served as President and Director until its acquisition by PRIMIS Marketing in 2005. MarketModels was the only company to be named in the Top 10 Fastest Growing Companies in Rhode Island for 5 consecutive years, growing over 100% each year. Prior to this he served as VP of Major Account Sales for iMarket, a developer of CD-ROM based marketing tools which was subsequently acquired by Dun & Bradstreet.


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Token DBCCoin
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Token Price 1 DBCCoin = 0.12 $
Token Count 870,000,000
Pre-Sale Start Date 2018-May-27
Pre-Sale End Date 2018-June-27
Crowd Sale Start Date 2018-June-27
Crowd Sale End Date 2018-July-21

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