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Dragon is fortunate & blessed to have close ties to junket operators, who with their long history in the industry have built close relationships with high-rolling VIP players who are the major drivers of Asia's gaming industry.

Dragon Coin will act as a frictionless, low-cost & transparent alternative financial mechanism within Casinos, to enhance the age-old gaming industry. With its expertise in blockchain technology, the Dragon’s goal is to revolutionize the long standing gaming industry while benefitting those rooted in the industry, as well as all the members of the public who join in the journey to achieve the goals of Dragon Coin.


Chris Ahmad

Co-Founder & CEO

Founder & CEO at the Dragon Incorporation (BVI) limited Mr Ahmad is a seasoned CEO and serial entrepreneur with broad leadership expertise across technology, software, listings and M&A.

With over 10 years of executive experience, Mr Ahmad has proven success building and managing large opportunities through to project design, implementation and completion. His negotiation skills extend to not only to other global C-level and private sector decision-makers, but he has an extensive background working with top government and ministerial officials to achieve project goals.

With Mr Ahmad’s track record in crafting technology solutions to bring success and development to new industries, it is no surprise that he leads the Dragon Incorporation (BVI) limited in revolutionising the gaming and hotel industry with blockchain, cashless payments and social benefits for both the gamer as well as the industry leaders and the societies they work in.

Paul Moynan


Mr. Moynan is a global entrepreneur and operations expert, with two decades of success in high-level projects including government’s, High Net Worth families and her Majesty’s Royal Marines Commandos. Mr Moynan’s keen acumen for business and project execution has led him to develop a significant portfolio of industry-leading companies. The companies range from blockchain technology development , cutting-edge healthcare innovation, to security and gaming. Paul has served as an advisor to many Offices of The President of African States as well as personal advisor to a number of families across the Middle East. Paul brings a wealth of top level expertise to Dragon Incorporation (BVI) limited and it's development into a world-leading blockchain ecosystem.

Dr. Alen Siy

Chief Financial Officer

Dr. Alen Siy is a medical doctor, world class businessman and finance expert. Dr. Siy has built some of the most successful global defense industry franchises in Asia.

He has built a solid reputation as a financial genius acting as both CFO and CEO of several defense related businesses including Bushmaster Firearms, Heckler and Koch, Nampo-Talley and Accuracy International.

His expertise ranges from general management, GAAP to anti-terrorist and surveillance/security systems.

Yobie Benjamin


Yobie Benjamin is a Filipino entrepreneur, technology pioneer and international speaker. Benjamin is a globally acknowledged thought leader in the areas of wearable computing, crypto-currencies, payments, information security, machine learning and artificial intelligence and software development. Benjamin has always been ahead of the curve seeking to push the boundaries of design, technology, human interface and experience. In accepting the CTO position with Dragon Benjamin said, “The physical gaming and casino environment provides a rich laboratory and platform for some of computer science’s most vexing problems. Recognizing undesirable players using some of the most complex capabilities of computer vision, facial recognition and machine learning; Analyzing body movement, facial cues and ticks to recognize player collusion is critical to building customer trust. Signal intelligence techniques and algorithms are used recognize unusual radio and light frequencies used by tech-savvy unscrupulous players. Dragon’s forthcoming floating casino will be built with the most advanced technologies from the first rivet to having the most advanced technologies and most opulent and luxurious player experience.” Benjamin also brings years of experience in global payments, crypto-currencies and banking. He brings an intimate understanding of business and compliance issues such as KYC (Know Your Customer), AML (Anti-Money Laundering) and anti-terrorism and tracking systems. He will be leading a global team of select technologists to deliver a world class gaming experience.


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Accepting ETH
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Token DRG
Platform Ethereum
Type ERC20
Token Price 1DRG=0.00333ETH
Token Count 500,000,000

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