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1ELES= 0.55 USD

Blockchain-based project with underlying real estate!

Elements Estates will be creating a Blockchain-based platform with underlying unique portfolio of real estate deriving from banks’ distressed assets. Our platform will offer the ability to utilize ELES tokens through purchase, rent and other services, all primarily related to newly developed and modern properties in platform ownership and solely payable with ELES tokens.

We are giving you the opportunity to get involved in something that will enable growth of token value from unlocking the hidden value of the distressed assets deriving from non-performing bank portfolios, usually reserved for major players.

Changing the real estate world

Our aim is to offer everyone the opportunity to benefit from distressed and undervalued real estate asset opportunities linked to the Blockchain. To be able to do so and enable above-average liquidity of the token, we have designed the entire process in a way that the ELES token will be the only means of payment for all services and properties in our portfolio, and that the token supply will decrease with every transaction.

The ELES platform will combine the safety and stability of the real estate sector, the high-profit potential of distressed real estate deals and the transparency of the Blockchain. This will support substantial growth of the token value.

Do we need blockchain?

Elements Estates believes blockchain technology will change the world – the way we live, do business and travel around the world.

By using smart contracts for transactions (buying, renting, etc.), we will improve efficiency in time and lower costs for all participants. With different voting possibilities, selling real estate on tenders, or putting projects on the blockchain we are improving transparency in the world of real estate as we know it.

Reflection on the value growth of the ELES token

A small part of the crowd sale funds will go to the development of the platform, while the majority will be distributed to building the real estate portfolio. With the increase of real estate over a period of time, more and more properties will become available for rent and sale. With every transaction, a certain amount of tokens will be locked for a certain period of time and taken out of circulation. This will have a positive effect on the token value.

The crossroads of Blockchain technology and real estate value optimization

The platform will serve as interaction hub between the ELES token holders and the Fund, created for purchasing tourism-, commercial- and residential properties in the SEE region. While the Fund will focus on identifying distressed assets, starting within the SEE region, which can be restructured as real estate projects, it will later either sell or rent properties.

All transactions will be done exclusively with the ELES tokens.

The ELES holder will be able to benefit from the possibilities via the ELES platform

  • Renting tourist properties(starting in the SEE countries).
  • Purchasing or renting of commercial and residential properties.
  • Interaction, updates and information about Fund properties.
  • Quick conversion of the ELES tokens via payment services provider.(2nd stage)
  • A dedicated loan facility service of the ELES token.(2nd stage)
  • A payment card supporting ELES.(2nd stage)
  • Real estate services with smart contracts for external properties.(2nd stage)
  • Other solutions and services.(2nd stage)


Peter Gorinšek

Chairman & Founder

Peter has 15 years of experience in the financial industry having been involved in asset management and advisory in many investment management companies in former Yugoslavia. He is also a member of several supervisory boards in the region and serves as advisor to the Board of Qwest investments plc. Peter received his bachelor’s degree in Economics at Ljubljana University. He is also the holder of Japan’s International Cooperation Agency certificate for increasing business competitiveness. Peter is Principal in Elements Capital Partners Ltd., a member of the Supervisory Board of Neta Capital Croatia, ZIF Bosin and ZIF BLB Invest, a member of the Board of Directors of Proinvestments A.D and a Director in Profi-nance a.d.

Žiga Silič

CEO & Co-founder

Žiga has more than 13 years of experience in the financial and real estate industry. For more than 8 years he has been working for the esteemed SEE financial institution Raiffeisen Group and has also served there as Managing Director of a leasing company that placed more than EUR 200 mln of assets in real estate. There, he gained invaluable experience in running, successfully restructuring and managing a company, working with distressed assets and restructuring different types of real estate. Through his knowledge and professionalism, he also advised several companies on greenfield real estate projects and performing retail centers.

Grega Mulej

Development Manager

Grega has over 15 years of experience as manager and advisor in the real estate development industry in SEE region and Middle East. He worked also as bank consultant for optimization and evaluation of real estate projects for one of the leading Austrian banks with a strong presence in the SEE region. Currently Grega is managing director of real estate asset worth over EUR 100 million and a board advisor at Alpen Opportunity Property Fund. Grega holds a Bachelor’s degree in Economics.

Matej Grum

Chief marketing officer

Working in the field of marketing for the past fifteen years, Matej has focused primarily on strategic business development and operations for the last ten. A graduate of the Faculty of Economics at Ljubljana University, he applies branding and positioning strategies to assure project success. He started out in an advertising agency, where he worked for various clients. Then he moved on to the Akrapovič company as one of key the marketing persons. Since 2010, he is a CEO of a business and marketing consulting company Magnituda. He is a cofounder of one of the first mobile marketing agencies in Slovenia and a member of Mensa Slovenia who enjoys speculative fiction.

Marija Ćurko

Senior Operations Manager

Marija has been involved in managing administrative assignments since 2005, with more than 6 years of working experience in the energy-trading industry. She worked for Petrol d.d., the leading Slovenian energy company, as a Head of Back Office at the Trading Division. Marija was responsible for optimizing the operating processes related to the Slovenian company and all its subsidiary companies in the South-Eastern Europe. Her knowledge and experiences are focused on finance, accounting and organizing. For the last year and a half she worked for Ilirika d.d., one of the leading brokerage companies in Slovenia, where she enriched her knowledge in accounting system.

Boris Savič

Blockchain developer

Boris started his professional career back in 2011 working on several research projects in the area of cloud computing. In 2016 he obtained a master’s degree in Computer Science and has spent most of his career building software for business applications. He has an extensive experience when it comes to planning and executing large scale IT solutions. This gives him unique experience when it comes to development of Smart Contracts.

Blažka Radoja

Administration & Project support

With more than 13 years of working experience Blazka has supported top management in different fields of knowledge, including marketing, sales and administration. For the last 5 years she has been most active in direct sales and marketing, organizing business events and public tenders. With a bachelor’s degree in Economics at the Gea College Faculty of Entrepreneurship she is a bilingual professional with also international experience in the field of Environmental Engineering as member of the international sales team.

Klemen Kastelic

Blockchain developer

Klemen has worked in the front-end web development for 5+ years. In the recent year he spends a lot of time on developing decentralised web applications on Ethereum network. His skills also include Swift for iOS apps, UX design, UI design and is eager to learn new skills. In 2015 he earned a bachelor’s degree in computer and Information Science at the Faculty of Computer and Information Science at the University of Ljubljana.

Martin Širok

Blockchain developer

Martin has extensive experience in many areas of computer science. He has worked on several projects in the past where he shaped and extended his knowledge of software architecture design. Being a tech enthusiast, he soon began to see the appeal in Blockchain technology and started mixing his programming know-how with his fascination of blockchain. Lately he has been developing Android and PC applications ranging from hobby crypto projects to large scale business applications.


  • March 2018

    ELES platform development project

  • May 2018

    ELES platform (beta)development

  • July 2018

    Private sale period

  • August 2018

    ELES platform (beta) live

  • November 2018

    Private corporate fund

  • November 2018

    Property acquisitions & development in SEE region

  • TBA


  • TBA


  • June 2019

    ELES platform completed

  • 2020

    Property acquisitions & development also in other EU regions

White Paper

Investment Info
Accepting BNB, ETH and BTC.
Token Info
Token ELES
Platform Ethereum
Type ERC20
Token Price 1ELES= 0.55 USD
Token Count 250,000,000
Pre-Sale Start Date TBA
Pre-Sale End Date TBA
Crowd Sale Start Date TBA
Crowd Sale End Date TBA

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