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Decentralized Workplace for Freelancers & Clients

Automated Price Regulation

We have built a platform that eliminates bidding or negotiations. A fair price is dynamically set per job using our proprietary price regulation algorithm.

Freelancer Verification

All freelancers who wish to work on the platform, go through a decentralized skill verification process through an unbiased Jury system made up of qualified, expert freelancers.

Seamless Fund Withdrawals

Freelancers are paid in HFT and can withdraw funds from their Hirefreehands wallet seamlessly to convert on cryptocurrency exchanges or spend on other services within the platform.

Quality Oriented Job Management Workstream

We have designed an intelligent Project management system that ensures freelancers deliver quality work. It simplifies communication between freelancers and clients and this helps reduce disputes.

Smart Contract Payments & Remittances

Escrow fees are eliminated on the platform as the smart contracts signed for every transaction handles the settlement of tokens to the freelancer after each successful job.

Unbiased Dispute Resolution

A decentralized random Jury system comprised of qualified users oversees dispute resolution between users, to ensure fairness and eliminate biased judgements driven by a central authority.


Difficulty in Retrieving Payments from Platforms

Generally, most freelancing platforms today conduct escrow payments to ensure there is an

agreement between the client and the freelancer, before the freelancer gets paid. In

dispute free cases where the freelancer does get paid for the work done, retrieving his

earnings from the platform into actual cash that can be spent in real life becomes a great

issue. Most platforms take an average of 3 business days just to remit funds to a

freelancer’s bank account, and many talented freelancers in lesser-developed countries

especially in Africa, are not able to make withdrawals for work done until they open a foreign

bank account, which is impossible 95% of the time.

The workplace of the future, sustained and driven by a global community 01

Remittance Charges and High Transaction Fees

The top freelancing platforms today charge users multiple times, over the same job, and end

up keeping as high as 30% in commissions, when spread across the transaction chain. In

many cases, clients are charged a commission when they make a payment to be placed in

escrow, freelancers are charged when they bid for jobs, and are charged a percentage of

the job value when it get awarded to them.

To top it all off, most top freelancing platforms deduct withdrawal charges from freelancers

when they retrieve earnings from the platform to the bank account.

Lack of Quality Control

For all the charges deducted across the transaction chain of a job, the top freelancing

platforms do not take steps to protect the client’s money. KYC is only enforced when a

freelancer tries to make a withdrawal, and no steps are taken to ensure a freelancer’s skill

level displayed on his profile is accurate and not misleading to clients. Freelancers mostly

win jobs by undercutting their prices so low, that quality is thrown out of the window as

every job turns to a price bidding war. This leads most freelancers to turn to buying fake

reviews and working on the cheap just to stand a fighting chance.

Disputes between Freelancers and Clients

Whenever there are disputes between a client and a freelancer over a job delivery, top

freelancing platforms charge users to report the disputes. Some platforms charge as much

as $200 to review a dispute between a client and a freelancer, and most times just end up

suspending accounts without offering any explanations, or releasing wallet funds. In

addition, if a client gives a freelancer a horrible profile review upon the completion of a

job, there is no means for the freelancer to protest this and he is left to bear the

consequences of this, leading to rejection from future clients.


Sunkanmi Ola


Gabriel Esu


Babatunde Adigun


MaoMao Hu


Dr. Yusaf Akbar



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Token Info
Token HFT
Platform Ethereum
Type ERC20
Token Price 1HFT= 0.05$
Token Count 499,000,000
Crowd Sale Start Date 2018-May-14
Crowd Sale End Date 2018-July-30

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