Token Count
1 USH = 0.70 EUR

Hush is developing a project of a regulated, participative and tokenized neobank that offers you simplified services for placing and using your money in currencies or cryptocurrencies.

An account with an IBAN for your currencies.

A wallet for the main cryptocurrencies

A premium payment card Mastercard World

Contextualized and geolocated services, warranties and insurances

A USH token for a shared income and governance for an active and committed community

A bank offer with costs under control for all


Eric Charpentier


Founder of the French Neobank Morning, Eric obtained an approval of establishment of payment from the French regulator (ACPR) as well as a Mastercard license. With a team formed in less than two years, he was able to develop a banking information system from scratch. In other words, what has been done once can be done twice. With Hush, he intends to go further in technology, UX and cryptocurrencies, leveraging on his experience in banking regulatory environments. His objective : Federate a powerful and influential community through the ICO to establish the financial independence of the Hush model by developing new cryptocurrency uses in a regulated environment.

Alexandra Nemery

UX Director

Alexandra Nemery has 8 years of experience in the field of UX. She worked for SAP then for Sage as a UX manager. She joined Murex this year as a UX consultant. She taught Human Machine Interactions for 3 years at Epita (Computer Engineering School). Holder of a doctorate in ergonomics (University of Lorraine), her thesis work focused on persuasive interfaces. Author of several publications, she won the prize for best article at the EKC conference in Vienna in 2010. Her objective : Make mobile interfaces of Hush, banking interfaces recognizable among all. She looks forward to opening the Hush forum to Hush users, to develop Hush’s unique banking experience.

Max Massat

Community Driver

Also part of the Morning founding team, Max has held different positions in this first neobank experience. He put his skills at the service of the user relationship, then to the internal control on the KYC part, to finally engage fully in a cycling team (national level) sponsored by Morning. This experience reinforced his user commitment in community-based approaches, particularly sports. By managing this cycling team of 15 riders, he has become a true ambassador of the brand in sports communities. A strong commitment that allows users to clearly identify the brand’s values. His objective : Animate the different active communities of Hush, including sports by bringing sports challenges closer to a new banking experience. Use the Hush values and brand to support Hush users in their various projects.

Franck Hild


Franck Hild worked for a year for the fintech Morning (with Eric Charpentier) as FullStack JS Developer where he dealt with the issues fintech is facing, both in terms of implementing client-side and server-side features. That of the importance of a devOps in a company working in new technologies. After having learned and perfected his devOps skills at Morning, he was hired at Maestro. His objective : Set up the necessary tools to accelerate and facilitate team productivity, automate heavy and / or redundant processes, listen to teams in order to identify underlying issues. Decrease detection and reaction times on errors during different product phases (production / staging / dev).

Mélanie Descamps


After starting her career in sports by working in publishing for a creative workshop, Mélanie joined the Airbus internal communication department where she was in charge of digital communication. More specifically in charge of the network of players in-house, she was responsible for the community of contributors, managed content and broadcast on the TV network. She has also held a versatile position as Communications Officer / Designer UI / Software Integrator and Applications in a Startup. Her objective : Contribute to the visibility and attractiveness of the services offered by Hush in order to satisfy and retain the members of the community.

Xavier Frayssignes

?Webdesigner & Dev front end

He started with a first experience of graphic designer / integrator at Photobox on French and international marketing operations. Then, as a freelancer, he continued to support Photobox and other clients like Plebicom. While continuing to train himself in UX, he was also a partner of a communication agency, in which he was in charge of webdesign and developing the web front end. His objective : To mark the Hush users’ experience with a design touch true to Hush’s values.


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Investment Info
Accepting FITE,BTC,ETC
Token Info
Token USH
Platform Ethereum
Type ERC20
Token Price 1 USH = 0.70 EUR
Token Count 10,000,000

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