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Creating a more direct, transparent and secure ecosystem for content actors – creators, publishers and consumers

MEDIA Protocol redistributes power from existing media owners – third-party intermediaries that disproportionately benefit from the exchange of content and centralised distribution platforms – to media creators, publishers and consumers. MEDIA Protocol provides the data publishers need, the reward creators deserve and the relevance consumers desire.


We’re freeing creators, distributors, promoters and consumers from third-party intermediaries and hidden algorithms. MEDIA Protocol offers an open transparent ecosystem with an unencumbered, multi-directional exchange of data, value and reward.


MEDIA Protocol dis-intermediates the content relationship between content creators, publishers and consumers, so each maintains control and is valued and rewarded for their part.


With MEDIA Protocol, there is no additional ‘toll’ levied on creators or publishers, and control is maintained by each actor. Content creators and publishers are directly rewarded for the content they create and push, incentivising each, and consumers are rewarded for the personal preference data they generate.


Traditionally, an intermediary, such as a newspaper or content distribution platform, sits between and disproportionately benefits from the relationship between creators, publishers and consumers. MEDIA Protocol disrupts this paradigm – providing a scalable economic foundation that ensures directness, transparency and security.

A protocol is a set of rules governing the exchange or transmission of data between devices.

MEDIA Protocol is a set of rules that governs the flow of value between actors in the Marketing & Advertising industries.

MEDIA Protocol will be used to create an ecosystem that leverages the power of blockchain to bring transparency to the flow of value between users and media.

MEDIA Protocol in Action

CryptoCatnip is the first dApp to incorporate MEDIA Protocol. It demonstrates a model of content distribution with compelling advantages for publishes and consumers.

Download CrytpoCatnip to earn MEDIA Tokens while reading the latest crypto news.

MEDIA Tokens (MEDIA) are the means through which value is exchanged within the MEDIA Protocol system – the fuel – and will be exchangeable for fiat.

The current content monopoly held by centralised media owners and content distribution platforms is inefficient and unsustainable. Creators, publishers and consumers alike desire more control and transparency, to create, distribute and consume equitably, with no intermediary gatekeeper.

With MEDIA Protocol, there are no clandestine algorithms, intermediated relationships or centralised data hoarders. MEDIA Protocol allows for direct exchanges and interactions in a new economy, with incentives for each actor, for example, by creating a direct channel for publishers to promote content through consumption incentives, and for consumers to pay directly for paywalled content and reward favoured content creators and publishers with MEDIA Tokens.

MEDIA Protocol reciprocally incentivises the creation, distribution and consumption of content, with each actor possessing a greater degree of control and insight.


Thomas Graham


Martin Adams


James Tabor


Mark White


Katya Volkova

Head Data Scientist


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