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We change the world of advertising

The Ojooo platform is a unique place the advertisers and the advertising addressees from all over the World meet, all interested in various goods or services.

The Ojooo platform

On today's competitive advertisement market it's important to keep up with the trends and build the greatest possible number of prospects. Defining the target consumer group for your advertisement is just too little. What you need is a proper tactics that helps you gather the customers around your message and encourage them to use the suggested offer.

Market and competition

The online advertising market is extremely competitive. That is because social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter & Co. play an increasingly important role. More and more advertisers recognize the potential of social media marketing for themselves and willing to invest in this sector. Also because they have to. And because the decline in reach for Facebook marketing is experienced and the competition from other active companies is increasing, the advertising on Facebook – just as in other social networks – has become indispensable.

In the United States alone, the expenses for online advertising currently amount to over US$ 30 billion – and rising. Also increasing is the slice that social media ads take out of the digital advertising cake.

In the year 2017 advertising on Facebook and Twitter Ads together represented a good third of the total expenses for online advertising on the American market. Mobile advertising also becomes more and more popular. A study by eMarketer on online advertising of American companies from March 2015 illustrates how important social media advertising has become in the meantime.

In 2015, Facebook generated revenues of US$ 6.82 billion with advertisements on its platform. That is a quarter of the total market revenue and is nearly double the revenue of Google AdWords. In year 2017 this value increased by 47% to the impressive amount of US$ 10 billion.

The Ojooo project

The common basis for all Ojooo services is an innovative form of advertisement - the Earn per View Online and Mobile Advertising (EPV) from Ojooo. Ojooo offers companies advertising space and user data through the Ojooo app, as well as the Ojooo portal, based on blockchain technology.


Darius Krakowski


Economist, project manager, entrepreneur and investor - for almost two decades in the IT industry. He is passionate about technological novelties in the field of hardware and software. An idealist, striving to make the world - at least the nearest one - get better every day. He always tries to "be" more" than "to have", which in no way interferes with the creation of profitable projects. Not only has he a unique talent for team creation and management but he is also an initiator and mentor of many successful internet projects. He is characterized by unusual persistence in pursuing his goals, high determination, eternal optimism, patience and courage in making business decisions. Faith in enterprises, ideas, people and technologies of tomorrow and great success do not allow him to stop. That is why, he is constantly taking on new challenges.

Michael Thees


Economist having both feet on the ground. Realism, flexibility and an open mind are important to him. He thinks independently looking at events from outside and with the right distance. He always has his own strategy and being sure of it, he patiently realizes it. He is characterised by high skills in business analysis, operations and project management, as well as marketing and development strategies.

James D`Loughy


James D’Loughy, Esq., is the founding member of Advisor Law PLLC. Mr. D’Loughy represents clients in complex and contentious business matters involving business transactions (domestic and international), on- and offshore asset protection, company law, Internet and technology law, mergers and acquisitions, commercial litigation, corporate investigations, and debt collection matters

Sabine Tödter

General Counsel

Over 30 years of professional experience in financial advisory and management consulting, national and international debt collection

Zbigniew Grzywocz

Project manager

Project manager with extensive experience in managing corporate and sales processes, which he has gained while working on strategic IT projects for 14 years.He finds fulfilment in motivating people to work and managing a project team. He has a large managerial workshop necessary for the successful implementation of a business idea or strategy. Gained experience, certifications, training and foreign language skills enable him to work in international teams. Efficiently navigating IT, fast learning and motivation are all his advantages as a project manager. Management methodology is his good point of reference when overcoming the difficulties and problems encountered.


  • May 2014

    • Formation of the core team
  • March 2015

    • Launch of the Ojooo Ad Platform with basic functionality
  • April 2016

    • Launch of the Ojooo app for iOS and Android with basic functionality
  • March 2017

    • Founding Ojooo Inc
  • June 2018

    • Token pre-sale 1
  • August 2018

    • Token pre-sale 2
  • September 2018

    • Ojooo ICO
  • January 2019

    • Token Trade
  • March 2019

    • Launch of the Ojooo app with blockchain functionality
  • June 2019

    • Launch of the Ojooo ad platform with blockchain functionality

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Token OJX
Platform Ethereum
Type ERC20
Token Price 1 OJX = 0.07$
Token Count 400,000,000
Pre-Sale Start Date 2018-June-11
Pre-Sale End Date 2018-August-02
Crowd Sale Start Date 2018-September-14
Crowd Sale End Date 2019- January

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