Token Count
1 TKP = 0.0005208 ETH

About Tokpie ICO

TOKPIE is a unique peer-to-peer exchange where anyone, anywhere can buy and sell crypto assets for fiat money or cryptocurrency, safely and efficiently, through real-time auctions offering the best prices, using any payment method, FREE of charge. TOKPIE offers traders of all skill levels sophisticated features with unlimited scalability in a variety of use cases.

We make crypto assets available everywhere to everyone!


1.Transparent Prices and Efficiency

Buy and sell any cryptocurrency directly with other verified users, for any fiat coins (swap) by bargaining on price through real-time, two-sided simultaneous auctions. All other peer-to-peer exchanges are simple advertisement platforms with limited functionality.

2.ZERO fees

Trade with no fees if your volume is less than US$100,000 or equivalent per month. Tokpie charges only high-volume traders a low fixed-fee subscription. Tokpie doesn’t charge percentage commissions like all the other exchanges.

3.All-in-One Tools for Smart Trading

Capture perfect market conditions by using Tokpie’s sophisticated features such as market screener, spread analysis, watchlists, price charting, price alerts and notification tools. Then, earn higher profits by striking the best deals with reputable traders, through online auctions organized in order books, all in one easy-to-use platform.

4.Highest security

Trade safely because Tokpie does not touch or hold users’ fiat money, so banks and/or legal authorities cannot intervene. As a guarantor, Tokpie holds 95% of sellers’ cryptocurrencies in 100% safe TRUE multi-signature hardware (cold) storage with only 5% of assets stored in the platform’s hot wallets, so there is no risk of deposits being hacked.

5.Unlimited scalability

Tokpie’s unique concept of encapsulating different parameters into tradable instruments and the peer-to-peer nature of the platform offers limitless possibilities, such as support for Dark Pool Order Books, private B2B Order Books, crypto indexes, mutual funds, options, P2P decentralized lending and leveraged trading.

6.Token Sale and Listing Framework for Start-ups

There is no need to develop cabinets for Token Sales and pay high entry fees to then be listed on exchanges. With Tokpie, start-ups can reach a ‘KYC/AML-verified’ audience of ‘hot’ contributors, avail of high liquidity, and customizable Order Books for pre-sale and post-sale listings.

FAQ of Tokpie ICO

What is TOKPIE? 

TOKPIE is a peer-to-peer cryptocurrency exchange designed to help people from all over the world safely and easily buy and sell any crypto-assets for transparent prices, nominated in any local fiat currency or coins, using any payment method, FREE of charge.

What makes the TOKPIE platform better than any other similar exchange? 

By encapsulating different locations, currency pairs (crypto/fiat & crypto/crypto), and payment methods into unique tradable instruments, TOKPIE supports peer-to-peer, real-time auctions, price charting, price alerts and many other sophisticated features, which cannot be provided by traditional P2P cryptocurrency exchanges.

Moreover, the principle of "encapsulation into tradable instruments" allows TOKPIE to provide traders with additional features unattainable in any other P2P exchanges:

Cross-Exchange Spread Trade Analysis for Brokerage

  • Dark Pool Order Books
  • Full Dark Pool Order Books
  • B2B Order Books for crypto-fiat trades
  • Crypto Indexes
  • Crypto Index funds
  • Crypto Futures
  • Crypto Options
  • P2P Decentralized Lending
  • Infrastructure for 3rd party Token Sales & Listings
  • Everything is conveniently and organically combined into one TOKPIE ecosystem.

Is there a TOKPIE platform prototype? 

Yes, the alpha version will be released May 15, 2018.

What are the TOKPIE token usage benefits? 

TOKPIE Tokens (TKP) are used for:

  • Membership (to get access to advanced features)
  • Subscription Fee payment (only high volume traders will be charged)
  • Add-ons (one-time payment for special services)
  • Collateral & Interest fees (for leverage trading)

What is the total TOKPIE token supply? 

The total amount of TOKPIE tokens (TKP) that will be issued is strictly limited. During the pre-sale, only 1,920,000 will be offered to the public with a 20% premium. The number of tokens available for the main sale is also limited. Once the hard cap is reached (25000 ETH) the token sale will be closed.

How can I buy TOKPIE tokens? 

To purchase TOKPIE tokens (TKP), you must have an Ethereum-wallet (ERC20 compatible) with ETH in it.

What is the minimum/maximum investing amount? 

The minimum contribution is equal to the cost of 100 TKP tokens. The maximum contribution is unlimited.

When can I get TOKPIE tokens after completing my purchase? 

After making your purchase during the public sale, TOKPIE tokens (TKP) will be automatically transferred to your Ethereum wallet within 30 minutes, depending on the load of the Ethereum network.

Tokens earned during the bounty and referral campaigns will be provided during 3-7 days after July 05, 2018.

What is the legal structure of TOKPIE? 

The TOKPIE platform is developed and managed by Graceful Globe Limited, a company registered in Hong Kong.

How can I get in touch with TOKPIE's team? 

Contact us using telegram or [email protected]


Vasilii Silin


Economist, Finance and accounting expert. 11 years of experience in international financial and accounting sector. Blockchain enthusiast. Co-founder of the world’s first global biomass exchange platform.

Oleg Kovalev


IT professional with 15 years of practical experience. Full stack web developer and blockchain enthusiast. Founder of Everlive LLC web studio. Former head of MegaFon IT Service Management Department.

Andrey Pak


IT professional with 16 years of practical experience. Blockchain enthusiast. Specialized in development and integration ITSM, ITIL, etc. Expert in Java, JavaScript, PHP, and application infrastructures.

Ekaterina Diukareva


Entepreneur, Biology sector background. 5-years experience in renewable energy sector. Co-founder of Graceful Globe Limited and the world’s first global biomass exchange platform. Keen interest in Blockchain.

Vina Kharaz

Social media and project management

Organized marketing campaign for Sputnik News reaching more than 1.1 million likes on Facebook, 20k Instagram, and 50k Twitter followers. Blockchain enthusiast.


White Paper

Investment Info
Accepting ETH
Token Info
Token TKP
Platform Ethereum
Type ERC20
Token Price 1 TKP = 0.0005208 ETH
Token Count 10,000,000
Crowd Sale Start Date 2018-May-01
Crowd Sale End Date 2018-July-05

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