Token Count
1 ETH = 10,000 VBEO

What is vibeo?

vibeo is an instant messaging/social app with blockchain technology (it will be available from v2.1), we aim to offer a utility token to be used for our vibeo API. Our objective is to join the top 3 along with wechat, snapchat and whatsapp with respect to popularity and number of users.

Why did we start vibeo?

Being a frequent traveller I felt that something was missing in wechat and whatsapp. My team and I decided to create another instant messaging app with more functionalities such as the safe trip location feature and an interactive geolocation map with lot of information and useful tips. We have developed vibeo v1 with the Chat feature, the v2 is under development with other features to come this year!

What is the vibeo API?

The vibeo API has been developed to connect external partners/services to vibeo app. Potential partners will need to buy our API with VBEO token in order to integrate their services to the vibeo interactive map. Partners will have to buy VBEO tokens on exchanges where vibeo is listed. The API price tag will be determined by the vibeo team and depending on different factors such as : app populary/number of users.

What are vibeo tokens (VBEO)?

VBEO tokens are utility tokens tied to the vibeo API. They aim to be used by eventual partners that wish to connect/add their services into our interactive map. Partners will have to buy VBEO tokens to have access in order to download and activate our API.

How can I purchase VBEO tokens?

VBEO tokens can be purchased during our token sale, if you missed it, you would have to buy them on an exchange. The name of the exchange will be communicated at a later date.

Where are we located?

Vibeo Ltd. is a registered company operating in Plovdiv, Bulgaria. Our main development studio being based in Sofia, Bulgaria.

Why should I trust vibeo?

There has been some scam in the ICO field recently but you can rest assure that vibeo is a real project with a strong business model, we already have a working product available on the App Store and Google Play, we will be using the money raised to develop the new version, the v2. We firmly believe that we will be able to compete with the top 3 instant messaging apps! We are real professional and ethical people, we are always reachable, feel free to email us, call us, we will be there to answer! Please also look at our Advisory board, that speaks for itself. We have onboarded the best ICO advisors into our project.

Awesome Features

Probably one of the best Instant Messaging app to come on the market, with new advanced features available. A must have app for everybody to stay safe and connected.


Communicate with voice/video calls, one to one or conference mode with 3 people. Share your screen feature included.


Advance chat with offline message, online presence indicator, push notification, location sharing, send picture/audio/video/files, create group chat, and manage history.


Manage a mini timeline blog, upload a picture and write down a small article to save memorable moments, share them with your family and friends.


Each user can enable geolocation in settings, to become visible for others. Share real-time location details to guide others to reach you.

Safe trip (2018/12)

Enable this feature when you are travelling, your road trip location will be saved every 5 minutes and send to a chosen user/group for safety sake.

Map (2018/12)

See everything on vibeo interactive map, your friends, nearby people, merchants that accept crypto, as well as points of interest!


Eric Dechaux

Founder and CEO Vibeo Ltd.

Address: Main Office 3, Stefan Verkovich Str. Plovdiv, 4000 City: Plovdiv Country: Bulgaria Phone: +359 876 874 445 Email: [email protected] Website: Serial Entrepreneur and Investor, Eric-Sébastien was until recently managing a startup incubator in Montreal, Canada. Eric-Sébastien has helped lot of startups to grow. Eric-Sébastien is an IT engineer with over 20 years of experience, passionate about travel, he has been working in major Banks throughout Europe and North America. Among his main technical skills, Web, Infrastructure sizing, Windows, Linux, VMware, Citrix, SAP, SAS, Security, etc... He has been living in different cities such as Paris, Bangkok, Brussels, Montreal, Shanghai, Barcelona, Roma and recently Sofia. Highly skilled at bringing projects to success, having already sold different successful websites and companies. Eric-Sébastien is a team player, he has a long experience at managing and motivate development teams. Eric is one of those rare technical experts that truly understand business imperatives and look for a good balance between ideal design principles and practical constraints. Always available to help, share and communicate.

Kalin Tsekov

COO Vibeo Ltd.

Address: Main Office 3, Stefan Verkovich Str. Plovdiv, 4000 City: Plovdiv Country: Bulgaria Phone: +359 (0) 897 247 568 Website: Kalin is a high skilled business owner. He is a blockchain enthusiast and actually Chief Executive Officer at Navigato, which is a platform that offers unique addresses and navigation based on W3W service.He is also an ICO Technology Advisor at The Open Source University. He serves on the board of several mobile application development companies.He joined Vibeo in January 2018. Kalin will bring a strong expertise on blockchain technology and will advise Vibeo on different topics

Angelina Borisova

CFO Anagami

Address: Sofia 1303, Tri Ushi No 12 Str. City: Sofia Country: Bulgaria Website: Angelina is the Founder of Anagami Accounting & Consulting, Business Consultant and Corporate Trainer. The company provides accounting, payroll, legal and business consulting services to clients based in Bulgaria. Angelina has experience in various fields in the accounting industry and specializes in tax advisory, company creation process, value creation process, managerial accounting and strategic business decisions, accounting software development.

Miroslava Ivanova

CCO Vibeo Ltd.

Address: Main Office 3, Stefan Verkovich Str. Plovdiv, 4000 City: Plovdiv Country: Bulgaria Phone: +359 (0) 897 247 568 Website: Miroslava or Mira like she prefers to be called, is a creative, ambitious, results-focused marketing professional. She is passionate for travel and has a strong aptitude to communicate her ideas to the audience. Through extensive travel, she has developed excellent networking and interpersonal communication. Mira has joined vibeo in November 2017 and she is working closely with Eric-Sébastien to get the words out about vibeo. Mira is the number two in the company, she will be responsible to communicate with investors, media and partners.

Nick Todorov

CTO Vibeo Ltd.

Address: Development Studio 113 Bregalnitsa Str. Sofia, 1303 City: Sofia Country: Bulgaria Phone: +359 889 438 478 Website: Nick Todorov brings together experience in marketing, building both brands and companies, and applying blockchain technology. This deep appreciation of business needs alongside a firm grasp of the technical capabilities of blockchain allows him to act as the crucial link between his team’s technical expertise and his clients’ needs.


  • January 2018

    MVP: vibeo iOS and Android v1.1

  • February 2018

    MVP: vibeo iOS and Android v1.2

  • May 2018

    vibeo v2.01 released with map and audio/video call features

  • September 2018

    Pre-ICO and ICO. vibeo app to reach 100k users

  • November 2018

    VBEO token listed on 2 major exchanges. vibeo iOS and Android v2.1 - e-wallet added

  • December 2018

    First e-merchant agreements. vibeo app to reach 250k users

White Paper

Investment Info
Accepting ETH
Token Info
Token VBEO
Platform Ethereum
Type ERC20
Token Price 1 ETH = 10,000 VBEO
Token Count 950,000,000
Pre-Sale Start Date 2018-September-18
Pre-Sale End Date 2018-October-02
Crowd Sale Start Date 2018-October-02
Crowd Sale End Date 2018-October-31

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