Token Count
1 BAILS = 0.03 EUR

Bailsman offers a quick and easy blockchain-based guarantee solution for clients who don’t have the required amount of money or simply prefer to spend it on something else.

Bailsman provides a third party guarantee to the merchant for a small monthly fee that is paid by the client, instead of making the security deposit payment and tying up the cash. 

Merchants can rest assured, as there is no risk of not receiving the requested claim amount. Bailsman only provides guarantees that are 100% backed by licensed financial institutions or telecom companies, and will be paid out irregardless of the client’s financial situation.

[1] Data regarding the size of the residential real estate security deposit market has been calculated by Bailsman’s team based on statistical data and real estate websites.

[2] Data regarding the commercial real estate security deposit market is not public information. Nevertheless, it is estimated to be significantly larger than residential, reaching over 500 billion USD globally.

[3] Data regarding the accommodation industry represents the industry’s total revenue. This is estimated to be around the same size as its security deposit market. article 

[4] Data regarding the car rental industry represents the industry’s total value. This is estimated to be around same size as its security deposit market. Businessinsider article

Product features

Simple claim process

Claims can be filed at any time with the press of a button and paid on first demand.

Easy access

Manage your guarantee easily through the app, wherever you are.

Add co-applicants

Add other people as co-applicants if the credit rating is too low or to share the responsibility. This also allows the guarantee amount to increase.

Your ID is your guarantee

You can use your guarantee anywhere just by having your ID with you. There is no need for registration.

Use while abroad

The guarantee is available globally through service providers working with Bailsman.

Ethereum blockchain technology

Bailsman provides all parties with an extra layer of security by creating open transactions with Ethereum technologies.

Beside the fact that clients have full control over their data, it also provides an environment where all transactions are easily identifiable and traceable by all parties involved. Guarantee providers can be sure of who they are really taking the risk against, while merchants can be sure that guarantees are provided by trusted companies.

  • 100% data privacy
  • Free of manipulation risk
  • Traceable data


Bailsman plans to become a universal guarantee-providing business spread across multiple sectors and connecting clients’ needs to the best offers available on the market.

As a security deposit is only one form of a guarantee, Bailsman sets out to expand its services to provide guarantees for a much wider range of segments - from car purchase installment payments to guarantees for daily purchases - enabling the “buy now, pay later” approach.

Cooperation with third party service providers using acquired data is another possible course of action for Bailsman in the future.

  • Car purchase installment payment
  • Buy now pay later
  • Third party services


All funds contributed in cryptocurrencies during the BAILS token sale will be held in escrow in a multi-signature wallet. Keys will be held by Bailsman and PricewaterhouseCoopers Legal OÜ (PwC Legal) - a cross-border provider of legal services with over 3,500 top lawyers in 90 countries. The multi-signature escrow wallet requires three signatures to move the funds - one from the PwC Legal and two from Bailsman.

Moving the funds will be possible upon fulfilling the terms set forth in the Escrow Agreement in which case PwC Legal (as escrow agent) and Bailsman would release the proceeds from BAILS token sale.


James Oates


A pioneer in Central and Eastern European investment for over 25 years, James has worked on Wall Street and in the City of London at some key investment banking companies. James has been advising government institutions and companies for more than a decade. Based on his broad experience in global and regional leading banking, he handles Bailsman’s relations with banks and financial institutions.

Indrek Rand

COO, Co-Founder

A founder of an asset financing company and an investor and an advisor at a payment solutions start-up and several others, Indrek has over 15 years of experience in financing. Holding a degree from the Tallinn University of Technology in Network Software and Intelligence Systems, Indrek runs Bailsman’s everyday operations and expansions to new markets.

Priit Puppart

Chairman of the Board, Co-Founder

As an entrepreneur with experience in soft commodities trading, Priit has a keen interest in finance start-ups. Having previously founded a consumer credit aggregation start-up, he is now focusing on developing Bailsman’s product and sales partnerships.

Reimo Hammerberg

Legal & Regulatory

A partner and a head of the Banking, Finance Insurance Practice Group in the largest law firm in region, Reimo is an active member of the Estonian Private Equity and Venture Capital Association. Reimo holds a LLM from the University of San Diego, School of Law. At Bailsman Reimo manages legal and regulatory matters including relationships with central banks and other financial services regulators.

Kadri Salus


Having previously managed several event and marketing projects in Europe, Kadri’s experience in marketing and project management is used to further product development and marketing at Bailsman.


  • 2016   

    Q1Concept developing and testing

  • 2017 

    Q2IT and Legal Development process start

  • 2017 

    Q4Development of Real Estate solution

  • Today

  • 2018 

    Q3Token Sale

  • 2018 

    Q4Official launch of real estate solution

  • 2018 

    Q4Release of Bailsman app, expansion to Finland/Sweden

  • 2019 

    Q1Real estate expansion to Germany

  • 2019 

    Q2Real estate expansion to UK

  • 2019 

    Q2Real estate expansion to other EU countries

  • 2019

    Q3Entry into car rental and accommodation market

  • 2019

    Q4Expansion outside EU

  • 2019

    Q4Start offering “Buy Now, Pay Later” solutions

  • 2020

    Q4Applying for required licenses for Bailsman to start offering its own guarantees

White Paper

Investment Info
Accepting BTC, ETH, BCH, LTC
Token Info
Platform Ethereum
Type ERC20
Token Price 1 BAILS = 0.03 EUR
Token Count 2,000,000,000
Pre-Sale Start Date 2018-May-16
Pre-Sale End Date 2018-Julu-01
Crowd Sale Start Date 2018-September-01
Crowd Sale End Date 2018-October-26

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Bailsman - Welcome to the Bailsman Token Sale (BAILS)

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