Token Count
1 PRKC = $0.5


When we started this idea, there was only one goal, to provide a world changing idea to the ICO community.

Through modern ingenuity and technology we can increase the supply of parking worldwide and lower the price of parking.

An Opportunity

This is the opportunity to invest in a token that is backed by the possibility to participate in profits generated by parking real estate assets around the world.

Growth With Us

Each year, 50% of net profits are shared with investors, the other 50% are reinvested into the business to help support continued growth.

A Technological Step Forward

To manage the infrastructure, the Parkade Team is developing the mobile application, designed specifically to help you park anywhere in the world with a click of a button

More Ways To Earn

In addition to company owned parking lots being listed within the application. Users will be able to rent out their own parking spots, offering an additional way to earn parkade coins or local currency, and benefit from the business.

The Parkade.Io Mobile Application

A mobile application which will be the benchmark for managing parking infrastructure around the world!

Parking for Everyone

Everyone, everywhere in the world will be able to access parking infrastructure or rent out parking spaces, to help change the way the world parks.

Manage the Infrastructure

We needed a way to manage the infrastructure purchased with the ICO proceeds, and will allow users to rent, reserve and park in spots with a touch of a button.

Earn through the Application

Renting out your own parking spaces will allow the Parkade community to increase the supply of parking worldwide, solve shortages, and earn at the same time.


Vik Kwatra


Mercy Cabiles

Client Relations Associate

Vanessa Tang

Client Relations Manager

Asya Stoyanova

Accounts Coordinator

Petya Yunakova

Accounts Manager

Daryl Hlushak

Construction Manager

Jeselle Aquino

Operations Coordinator

Lenine Darryl

Marketing Manager


  • Q1 2016

    We watched token sales and ICO’s begin to gain traction.

    Immediately, we saw a need to use the power of the blockchain to help change the world.

  • Q3 2016

    As a land developer, we noticed that parking costs and space in downtown areas was becoming more scarce, resultantly parking

    costs continued to rise.

  • Q2 2017

    With an idea formulated to change the way the world parks, we approached creating a focus group study to help build on and

    perfect the idea.

  • Q3 2017

    The focus groups showed support to simplify and grow parking options around the world, and a need to increase parking supply

    to help lower costs.

  • Q4 2017

    Our Parkade teams in both Canada and Estonia were put together, and we began this journey to launch the Parkade Coin ICO.

  • FEB 2018

    The Parkade idea was finalized, and whitepaper begins to be developed.

    Infrastructure for the ICO starts to come together.

  • APR 2018

    Design, logo, and website are conceptualized and finalized.

    The team agrees on the color green as the staple for the ICO and brand.

  • JUNE 2018

    The team finalizes the whitepaper, marketing and preliminary real estate research, everyone is excited and ready to launch Parkade Coin.

  • JULY 2018

    Information release, 30 days before the launch of the ICO.

  • AUG 15 2018

    Private Sale and Pre-Sale of the Parkade Coin.

  • SEP 14 2018

    ICO release and first purchases. Marketing of the ICO will occur in cities around the world.

  • OCT 2018

    ICO winds down, roughly 7 weeks after the ICO release.

  • NOV 2018

    Begin purchasing assets and application development begins.

    Construction will begin on applicable purchased property.

  • DEC 2018

    Planned launch of the mobile application, designed to provide the infrastructure to support the parking assets purchased around the world.

White Paper

Investment Info
Accepting ETH, BTC, LTC
Token Info
Fund Raised $ 300 M
Hardcap $120,000,000
Softcap $3,000,000
Token PRKC
Platform Ethereum
Type ERC20
Token Price 1 PRKC = $0.5
Token Count 400,000,000
Pre-Sale Start Date
Pre-Sale End Date
Crowd Sale Start Date 2018-September-14
Crowd Sale End Date 2018-November-01

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Parkade - Discover the Opportunity to Participate in Changing the Way the World Parks(PRKC)

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