Token Count
1 BGL = 0.15$

What is Buglab?

Buglab is a Ethereum-based platform that connects companies with a global network of expert cybersecurity researchers.

At the center of our ecosystem, there are two programs - the buglab contest and Vigilante Protocol, helping companies all over the world to discover and fix vulnerabilities on their digital solutions or assets.


Buglab links clients with a global network of certified cybersecurity penetration testers in an incentivized environment. The testers are rewarded based on their cumulative discoveries in time-limit competitions.

  • Certified Pentesters
  • Full Customization
  • Real-Time Collaboration

Vigilante Protocol

With this, buglab provides an avenue for whitehats to share their own vulnerability discoveries. We then work with CERTs all over the world to verify those discoveries and notify companies at risk.

  • CERT & CSIRT Partnership
  • Verified Reporting
  • Automatic Rewards for Whitehats

Who is Buglab for?


Small and medium businesses, from all over the world looking for a more attainable and effective way of protecting their digital assets.


Computer Security Incident Response Teams, will be able to partner with buglab on building a sustainable vulnerability prevention system to help companies.

Pentesters & Whitehats

Buglab’s platform is built for global network of expert security researchers looking for a trusted way to help businesses worldwide and be compensated.

Problems of Traditional Penetration Testing and Bug Bounties

Cost Inefficiency

Whether it’s the billable hours model in pentesting, or the pay-per-vulnerability structure of bounties, companies do not get the most of out of their spending.

Lack of Resources

Cybersecurity firms typically assign just a few pentesters to each assignment, which limits the skillsets being leveraged.

Irrelevancy in Reporting

During bug bounties, researchers uncover large amounts of vulnerabilities without in-depth analysis, adding little value to the clients.

What are BGL Tokens?

A token on the Ethereum blockchain is a digital asset that is held inside a token contract, in trust for a wallet address.

The buglab token, identified as BGL, is based on the ERC20 standard for blockchain tokens.

BGL tokens are required for all transactions in the buglab ecosystem, from ordering a contest to rewarding pentesters and whitehats.


Reda Cherqaoui

Founder, CEO

Having started at the young age of 16, Reda is a veteran in the field of cybersecurity. Companies that he has helped ranges from banks to electronics manufacturers.

Alexander Belokon

Backend developer

Alexander is a developer with broad experience ranging from banking to pharmaceuticals. Living and breathing code for more than 15 years, he enjoys building highly performant and resilient backends.

Youness Aamiri

Blockchain Developer

In addition to speaking Arabic, French and English, Youness is also fluent in the script languages of HTML, CSS and PHP. Nowadays, he is focused on building a blockchain ecosystem to reshape pentesting.

Azdine Bouhou

Software Architect

Azdine is a seasoned software designer with experience in the field of insurance, legal and notary. Fascinated by the potential of blockchain technologies, he is now helping buglab build its own platform.

Amine Bioudi

Full Stack Developer

With years of UI design experience, Amine is passionate about building a platform to enable the best possible user-product interaction.


  • March, 2016

    • Development Begins.
  • February, 2017

    • French Tech Ticket. Acceptance and Team Relocation.
  • June, 2017

    • IBM Global Entrepreneur. Program Acceptance.
  • November, 2017

    • Partnership with CERTs & CSIRT Begins.
  • Q2, 2018

    • Public Pre-sale Opens.
  • Q3, 2018

    • Public Sale Opens.
  • Q3, 2018

    • Blockchain Migration Begins.
  • Q3, 2018

    • Public Beta Release.
  • Q4, 2018

    • Launch of Contest & Vigilante Protocol.

White Paper

Investment Info
Accepting ETH
Token Info
Token BGL
Platform Ethereum
Type ERC20
Token Price 1 BGL = 0.15$
Token Count 20,000,000
Pre-Sale Start Date 2018-June-30
Pre-Sale End Date 2018-August-04
Crowd Sale Start Date 2018-August-11
Crowd Sale End Date 2018-September-11

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buglab - Cybersecurity Penetration Testing on the Ethereum Blockchain

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