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Canlead is introducing the CAND Tokens to the next generation of the SHARING ECONOMY for the buyer, agent and seller in any market. Sharing and Earning is the most powerful and effective form of recruiting and marketing. The CAND Token connects opportunities with people, and rewards referrals and recommendations.

Why Canlead

At Canlead, we believe your net-worth is the value in every referral opportunity you share with your network.

A Community Built On Trust

Canlead began when we provided opportunities and referrals to our community of suppliers and customers looking for a deal, be it a job, product or service. Now, we provide an online service of customers (hosts), referrers (leaders) and friends (candidates) who can choose to create a Canlead user account so they may list their unique opportunities or refer their friends

A Trusted Opportunity and Referral Service

Canlead makes job, product, service opportunity sharing and referral easy, enjoyable and safe. We verify personal profiles and opportunity listings, maintain a smart messaging system so customers (hosts), referrers (leaders) and friends (candidates) can communicate with certainty, and manage a trusted platform to transfer and collect payments (tokens).

What is Canlead

One platform for all your opportunities and referrals.

Take control with a personalised online opportunity and referral app, built just for you.

Canlead Listings allows hosts to share job and service referral opportunities on the Canlead platform — all on a no win no fee basis.

Invite friends and build your network.

Canlead Network lets you invite your contacts to join Canlead and add them as connections — it’s that simple!

Reach quality candidates without the agency fees.

Canlead Explore allows leaders to search for the referral opportunities on the Canlead platform, so they can refer suitable candidates to their hosts in minutes.

Chat to connections and community.

Canlead Chat lets you communicate with each other, ask questions, answer queries, organise meetings and negotiate fees privately.

How Canlead Works

The CAND Token is building an ecosystem for all content creators, consumers, recruiters, marketers, freelancers, employees and is not limited to any one company, app or entity.

What is Canlead?

Canlead is an ‘A.I Driven Opportunity and Referral’ platform and service where referrers (leaders) can refer friends (candidates) to opportunities posted by customers (hosts) to:

save money when hiring people or selling solutions

make money when referring candidates, business opportunities or job opportunities

get more of the right opportunities when seeking

At an advanced level, Canlead allows you to build your social and professional ‘opportunity & referral’ network and community so that you can increase your net-worth.

Canlead understands the value of human capital and social network, and offers some of the best social networking features to let you monetise your social network your way.

Canlead does not employ the candidates or leaders directly instead they are considered independent agents or freelancers.

Host, Leader and Candidate – Who are they?

Hosts – Service Providers, Recruiters and Marketers who are providing job and service opportunities.

Leaders/ Referrers – Freelancers and Professionals with valuable social capital taking the lead in the referral process to ensure the right candidates, products and services are recommended or referred.

Candidates – Anyone who are seeking for new or unique opportunities be it a job, product or service.

Canlead is an open platform dealing with a variety of Hosts where each Host is verified prior to allowing them to use Canlead; this ensures that you, as leaders/ referrers, are only referring the services of trusted Hosts. Canlead has a policy to verify listings from Hosts of the best quality, and self-regulated via the rating and review process to ensure standards are maintained.

How do I get the Canlead web-app?

The Canlead web-app can be accessed by entering the URL ‘‘ into your mobile device browser.

Is Canlead free to use?

Free for leaders/ referrers.

Free for candidates.

Canlead takes a 10% service fee for every successful referral transaction from the host.

Leader – Who is in a suitable position to make referrals?

These can be a variety of people with different roles. However, they will be similar to the types of roles described below, but this isn’t complete by any means:

Freelancers – who have an established professional network with whom they have personal relationships, but always seeking to monetize their social capital and grow their net-worth.

Recruiters – who already provide services to clients and can readily add a range of valuable services to enhance those relationships, and grow their network larger and quicker, cost effectively.

Sales Agents – who already provide solutions to clients and can readily add a range of valuable services to enhance those relationships, and grow their network larger and quicker, cost effectively.

Business Consultants – who require to develop new businesses and have existing clients who require additional products and services to address their business needs.

Account Managers – who have an established client base with whom they have strong relationships, but always looking to add additional value and being a useful “trusted advisor”.

Hiring Managers – who already have a team, and are hiring staff to fill new job vacancies or roles, but always looking for high quality candidates at low hiring cost from their existing professional network.

Anyone – who have a network but looking to add value and monetize their social capital.

Key factors for referring job, product and service opportunities to clients or people you know?

By dealing with clients you already know you will be in a good position to understand their current needs and identify others, so you will be doing them a huge favour, if you can introduce them to a Host they need.

Every referral you make that is accepted and becomes a signed business deal with the Host, earns you a referral fee. One successful job referral a month for a complete year will earn you a minimum £12,000 each year, whereas product and service referrals will varied significantly but they could earn you anything from £1,000 to £100,000 a year.

Is there a limit on how many referrals I can submit?

There is no limit on the number of referrals you can submit, however, they must meet the rules set by the Host for example, time period, referral fees, quality, etc. You should check the Host’s rules in the listings before making your referrals.

How does Canlead mitigate any risk?

When a referral is submitted, Hosts are notified in real-time. Hosts can choose to accept or decline a referral, but if the referral meets their criteria, the number rejected should be small. An acceptance of a referral establishes an obligation and you will see the notifications on your device immediately. Updates are communicated on the Canlead platform, so you know exactly what is happening and when.

We have a rating and review system to rank the Hosts, Referrers and Candidates referral conversion rate and interaction with a each other over the lifecycle of a referral. This ensures users take a professional approach, communicate and deliver their services to each other, although Canlead also has regular review meetings with the Hosts and Referrers to ensure all aspects of the end to end process are working as planned and as agreed by the Canlead’s Terms of Service, Privacy Policy and Payment Terms of Service.

The referral cycle for many business opportunities is a few months and we are working on ways to continuously protect the Referrer’s interest and encourage Hosts to provide regular updates. Referrers will be updated at each stage of the sales cycle via the our platform.

How many referrals should I expect to be accepted?

Providing you make sure your referrals meet the criteria that the Hosts have outlined then we expect your referrals to have a high acceptance rate, and typically 30% of referrals materialized into a cash reward. However, in circumstances where a referral does not materialize, please do not be disheartened as the Hosts or Referrers will outline the reasons to why this has been declined.

Is there any integration or API to an Application Tracking System?

No, as a social referral app it does not integrate to any applicant tracking system (ATS) to give greater freedom to the users. Canlead has been designed from the ground up to enable every employee to become a private recruiter. Employees already have a bank account with the company where payment transactions can take place.

How referral chains work

If there’s only one referrer in the chain, it’s easy – that referrer gets the entire reward, whether that person is your employee (in which case you pay them) or someone outside your company (in which case you can pay them via a credit card and then claim it as an expense).

If there’s more than one referrer, then the person who refers the candidate that gets hired receives half the reward, and the other half is split between the other referrers in the chain. Why split the reward this way? While we appreciate the efforts of everyone in the chain, we want to keep the incentive high for the person that keeps the chain going.

How much can I expect to earn?

The average referral fee is £1000 per successful job or service referral or a percentage of the deal value. You should typically expect to earn a minimum of £1000 for every successful referral you make; however, many of our referrers are earning considerably more in referral fees per successful referral – it depends on each Host, but many pay more than £1000 referral fees to encourage you to find and refer suitable candidates or services.

How do I get paid?

When a referral is converted to a signed business deal, your earned referral fees can be found in the “Payment Summary” area of the web-app, and paid into your bank account. All payments are securely processed through Stripe, a payment processing company.

How do I set up a payment account?

Hosts set up a payment payout account using debit or credit card to transfer payments to leaders/ referrers.

Leaders/ referrers set up a payment pay-in account using bank account to collect payments from hosts.

Which payment gateway is Canlead using?

Stripe payment gateway has been integrated to the Canlead platform to give the best possible payment experience.

Problems Canlead is Solving

  • Tokenizing opportunities based on the Canlead Sharing Economy 2.0 model.
  • Monetising social networks and reputation through sharing and earning.
  • Solving proof of opportunity and referral (POOR), adding transparency and reducing opportunity wastage in a multi-billion dollars’ market using Canlead Sharing Economy 2.0 model.
  • Providing access to quality services and talents globally, lower costs and higher quality of candidates.
  • Reducing complexity in billing, payment, cross-border payment and settlement systems.

Use Cases

Canlead lets you monetise your social networks through sharing and earning.

Company Employee Use Case

A vast amount of opportunities exist in today’s knowledge economy, most of which are un-touched, under utilised and wasted as there is limited technology available to monetise them.

The lost opportunity represents 10’s of thousands or 100’s of thousands of dollars to businesses, individuals and billions of dollars to the global market.

Canlead offers a platform that combines three major capabilities; Opportunity, Referral and Networking. Now anyone can sign up and use the 'opportunity & referral' mobile app to post opportunities, make referrals and collect rewards.

Agency Recruiter Use Case

If you are a recruitment agency owner running your business or a recruiter searching for talents to fit a client’s job description, the process is complex, expensive and time consuming, involving multiple parties with many stages from talent identification, interview to contract approval, invoicing and payment.

Canlead offers recruiters an 'opportunity & referral' mobile app that makes their search, selection and recommendation process easier, and improve the overall performance.

Freelancer Use Case

Many technology vendors, recruitment agencies and enterprises offer a referral scheme.

The chance to save or earn extra incomes in the 'opportunity & referral' market is compelling.

Canlead offers a user friendly mobile app where freelancers can post opportunities, make referrals and collect or share rewards.

Agency Recruiter Use Case

If you are a recruitment agency owner running your business or a recruiter searching for talents to fit a client’s job description, the process is complex, expensive and time consuming, involving multiple parties with many stages from talent identification, interview to contract approval, invoicing and payment.

Canlead offers recruiters an 'opportunity & referral' mobile app that makes their search, selection and recommendation process easier, and improve the overall performance.


Michael Quan

Founder and CEO

Michael has spent over 20 years in technology management, software and electronics engineering. An entrepreneur from an early age, began in audio electronics product development with two products launched in the 1990s, and an enterprise software solution sold in 2009. Master of Engineering, Electronics Engineering, King’s College, University of London, UK.

Nito Martinez

Technical Director

Nito has built a successful technology consultancy spanning across Spain, UK, Mexico and Colombia. He has extensive technology and business experience, who believes blockchain is the new technology wave. A technologist and business leader with over 20 years experience, speaks 5 European languages, and most importantly a modest person. Bachelor of Science, Computer Science, University of A Coruña, Spain.

Siri Narasimham

Business Director

Siri has built a successful technology recruitment business that turnover £35 million. A very well connected and respected professional within the recruitment industry. He has over 15 years of experience within the Digital Technology recruitment market, across private enterprises and public sector organisations. Siri was an industry specific advisor of the Canlead ICO project and now he is a member of the Canlead executive management team.

Dan Dale

Head of Business Development

Dan has extensive startup and established vendor experience, and strongly believe in Canlead’s ability to complement and disrupt the recruitment industry constructively. A highly motivated professional with over 15 years of IT sales and staffing experience. Dan is leading the business development at Canlead. Bachelor of Arts, Business Studies, Southampton Solent University, UK.

Filip Berdowski

Community Success Manager

Filip has over 15 years of technology delivery and operations management experience. He has managed complex projects and systems spanning across multiple countries and teams, including UK, USA, Australia, Germany and Poland. Master of Engineering, Software Engineering, Warsaw University of Technology, Poland.


  • July 2016

    Ideation & concept paper

  • December 2016

    Canlead registered in UK

    Requirements & design specifications

  • February 2017

    Software development & MVP version

  • September 2017

    Software development & beta version

  • February 2018

    User testing and product market fit testing

  • March 2018

    Business development & partnership agreed

  • April 2018

    ICO consultancy assessment & selection 

    ICO marketing firm assessment & selection 

    ICO legal firm assessment & selection 

    Blockchain technology development partner assessment & selection

  • May 2018

    Private investor identification and pre-sale

  • July 2018

    ICO community

  • September 2018

    ICO private crowdsale (tbd)

  • January 2019

    Decentralised app (blockchain) development & releases for sandbox and bug testing

    User, community and service support capability fully operational

  • April 2019

    Launch the world 1st Dapp (blockchain) ‘opportunity & referral’ platform on TestNet

    Sales and marketing capability fully operational

  • July 2019

    Developer toolkit (SDK) Plan

    Launch the world 1 st Dapp (blockchain) ‘opportunity & referral’ platform to the public

  • October 2019

    GOAL: onboard 100k users and 20 partners / customers

  • January 2020

    Development and release Referral-Plus product

    GOAL: onboard 150k users and 30 partners / customers

  • April 2020

    Development and release Referral-One2One product

    GOAL: onboard 200k users and 40 partners / customers

  • July 2020

    Development and release ‘Advanced Features’ 

    GOAL: onboard 250k users and 50 partners / customers

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Investment Info
Accepting ETH, BTC, Fiat
Token Info
Country UK
Hardcap $20,000,000
Softcap $7,000,000
Token CAND
Platform Ethereum
Type ERC20
Token Price 1 CAND = 0.04 USD
Token Count 1,000,000,000
Pre-Sale Start Date 2019-January-14
Pre-Sale End Date 2019-February-24
Crowd Sale Start Date 2019-February-25
Crowd Sale End Date 2019-April-07

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