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About Us

We are team of professionals who would like to bring to the world new advanced insurance platform. We have different experiences and life paths. What we have in common is passion and drive in everything we do

Our Vision & Mission

Provide fair and transparent insurance worldwide

Blockchain technology can enable it.

We use blockchain "native" fairness and transparency and cross-border availability and add our expertise to make use of technology for better insurance products.

Develop open blockchain insurance platform

Anyone will be able to partner with us to launch own insurance products worldwide.

We would like to build platform which will allow to launch products with controlled risks and defend people. No more insurance crisis.

Launch affordable insurance products for everyone

Technology will ensure affordability.

Technology itself will ensure affordability of new insurance products. Platform will provide optimized product sign-up process, decisions transparency, calculated risks.

Drive blockchain solutions availability

Not only geeks should benefit from new blockchain world.

We would like to launch simply accessible products and make blockchain technology available to society in general, not to geeks only.

Our Project


Pavel Pribylov

Strategic Investor

Pavel is an experienced and successful businessman with strong vision that smart technology and smart people can and should bring value to society. Pavel created one of the major pharmacy chains in Russia and always was keen on new technologies. He believes that any enterpreneur has an obligation to develop our civilization.

Yuriy Mukhin


Yuriy is experienced CEO, with passion for business development. Yuriy has Ph.D. in economics; member of Academy of medical technical science. Yuriy has worked in senior positions in major international companies (Rhône-Poulenc, Eli Lilly), worked as CEO in major Russian companies and always had passion to use technology for business advancement.

Sergey Chekriy 


Sergey has vast of experience in IT and real drive to develop new and better technologies. He is working in industry since 1994, has Ph.D. in computer science. Worked in CTO role in successful fintech startups. Has experience in banking and corporate world. His last position was - Chief Corporate IT Architect in Societe Generale in Russia.

Vasiliy Rybakov 

Head of Glass Cube Ltd. (British Virgin Islands)

Vasiliy is experienced enterpreneur partnering with our technological company to run ICO and ensure future business operations. Director of Glass Cube Ltd. (British Virgin Islands)

Dmitry Bulygin 

Administrative Director

Dmitry ensures that we have solid legal foundation in our work.


  • Platform development - target architecture (as per whitepaper) and MVP as demo - May 2018

    • Done. Demo accessible via
    • Target architecture with BPM engine and all layers as per Whitepaper.
  • Platform development - MPV as real product accessible to public -Sep 2018

    • In process. Insurance product accessible to public by end of September.
  • Platform development - version with product constructor for one product type - possible to make use of Token - June 2019

    • It will be possible to construct own product (one type) on the platform. Thus it will be possible to make use of purchased token and sell/provide own product to customers (1000 customers per one Token)
  • Platform development - extended products constructor version - at least 3 product types - Dec 2019

    • Extended product constructor version, extended token value due to it.
    • Extended API version for partners.

White Paper

Investment Info
Accepting ETH
Token Info
Token ICHN
Platform Ethereum
Type ERC20
Token Price 1 ICHN = 0.1 ETH
Token Count 5,000,000
Pre-Sale Start Date
Pre-Sale End Date
Crowd Sale Start Date 2018-May-17
Crowd Sale End Date 2019-May-16

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