Token Count
1 GTN= $ 0.07

Greentoken - mining crypto-currency with lifelong free "green" electricity, based on wasteless garbage recycling plant.

100% recycling of garbage

Greentoken in a German pyrolysis reactor recycles 100% organic waste like: plastic, rubber, paper, wood, bones in the synthesis gas from which electricity is produced.

Free Electricity

Syngas produces 10 MW/h of electricity, of which 4 MW/h is used for the company's own needs. The remaining 6 MW/h is transferred free of charge to the Greentoken mining farms.

The largest Mining Farm in Central - Asia

A simple and understandable business for investors, based on 100% free, environmentally friendly electricity. We do what will work for you for decades.

Token GTN - provided with TOP 20 crypto-currencies

Mining Farm Greentoken on the GPU / CPU produces TOP-20 crypto-currency.

About Technology

High Temperature Pyrolysis Reactor

Pyrolysis - thermal decomposition of organic matter without oxygen at high temperature.

Garbage is processed in a reactor without access to oxygen at temperatures up to 1300 ° C without throwing dioxin, furan and heavy metals into the atmosphere.

When recycling 75% of garbage is processed into synthesis gas, 25% of residue is coke, pure carbon which is used as fuel for industry and is sold as a separate kind of raw material.

Reactors are manufactured in Germany and comply with all German Federal Emission Laws 17 Bim SchV (EU Directive 2000/176 EG) and comply with all regulations on emissions of harmful substances.

Test garbage recycling

In February 2018, successfully conducted test garbage recycling on a reduced copy of the reactor and determined the qualitative and quantitative parameters of the synthesis gas.

Application of technology

Industrial reactors are used to produce synthesized gas in companies such as «Audi», «Volkswagen», «Mercedes-Benz», «Boeing» and other companies.

About tokens

Farms will bring permanent passive income to GTN owners. We provide a transparent system for the distribution of tokens through the ETH smart contract, which directs revenues from the Greentoken mining farms to each client, in proportion to its share.

You will be able to profit from the project for as long as the whole mining crypt industry will live.

Distribution of income

Greentoken saves 25% of its income from free electricity and spends money on scaling.

25% of income will be spent on reinvestment, scaling and building up of the mining capacity. The accumulated capacity will be installed at the following plants, which will be built across the territories of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

70% of income will be distributed proportionally as dividends

GTN tokens Holders - Will be co-owners of equipment purchased with funds collected after the ICO, and will receive 70% of the profits from the entire capacity of the farm.


Askhat Kassymov

CEO, Project Supervisor

More than 10 years of experience in the energy sector and renewable energy. Member of the International Association of Energy Engineers (AEE) Certified Energy Manager Founder of the Public Association "International Association of Power Engineers". Businessman.

Paul Biller

Partner and co-author of the project, technology supplier

From 1989 to 1995 he created and headed the engineering firm SODIS, which was part of the group of companies HI-TECH Invest. In 1995 he was among the founders of the German firm "GABEX GmbH". In the beginning of 1998 he established the company BILLER IMPEX Industrieprodukte, which deals with advanced equipment for waste processing to date.

Gustavo Vega

Responsible for project management

The architect of the agricultural trade model in the Ministry of Agriculture of Ecuador. Colombia - CODITEQ / Goldratt Consulting - industrial model of reliability. Venezuela - PEQUIVEN / PALMICHAL - Social project of EPR "SISMODE" - Strategy and management of application of information technology

Tony Ayzenberg

Project Manager PMP, IPMA

CEO of Atlantic Bridge Co. From 1998 to 2012 he was a research fellow at the University of Information Technologies, Electrical Engineering and Telecommunications. From 2012 to the present time he studies the sphere of processing of organic waste into energy, heat or liquid hydrogen by pyrolysis. Engaged in the development of the oceanic theme, studying the application of pyrolysis technology in the water space by installing reactors on sea vessels.

Yerzhan Janabekov

Chief Engineer - Deputy Project Supervisor

Obtaining technical conditions, searching for contractors for design and construction works, monitoring during project adaptation, control of assembly works execution, preparation of documentation and passing state expertise, project approval. Obtaining all permits, conclusions and expertise for the construction of the facility, commissioning of the facility. Performance of works related to state and controlling organizations.


  • Q-2 2017

    The idea and the beginning of creating a project team

  • Q-3 2017

    Develop of concept and White Paper project

  • Q-1 2018

    Launch of the 1-stage of the Greentoken "Privat Pre-Sale" project.

  • Q-2 2018

    Developing a smart contract and launching the site

  • Q-3 2018

    Launch of the 2-stage of the Greentoken "Pre-ICO" project

  • Q-3 2018

    Construction and preparation of infrastructure for mining farms

  • Q-4 2018

    Launch of the 3-stage of “ICO”

  • Q-1 2019

    Running a farm's mining and commencing dividend payments

  • Q-3 2019

    Connection to the free network electricity from the plant

White Paper

Investment Info
Accepting ETH, BTC, LTC, DASH, BTH,
Token Info
Token GTN
Platform Ethereum
Type ERC20
Token Price 1 GTN= $ 0.07
Token Count 500,000,000
Pre-Sale Start Date 2018-September-15
Pre-Sale End Date 2018-October-15
Crowd Sale Start Date 2018-November-15
Crowd Sale End Date 2018-December-15

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Greentoken - Invest in ecology (GTN)

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