Luckchemy - Provably Fair Online Gambling Platform
Token Count
1 LUK = 0.00004 ETH


Our goal is offering a full suite of gambling products, both separately and in collaboration with a number of partners. We strive to transmute the existing gambling paradigm into decentralized, trustful and provably fair system driven by off-chain cryptography and blockchain technology


Holders special draw

The more LUK tokens holder has in his wallet, the greater chances of winning in Holder's Monthly Lottery he gets

Direct impact on product development

LUK holders directly influence the platform development, new games and features via Feedback polls and voting

Early stage discounts

Buying tokens with discounts at early stages, investors will be able to use them later to participate in games or to sell at higher prices via exchanges


Provably fair games

Usage of blockchain and other technologies guarantees that players are able to verify each lottery result

Scalable and diverse platform

Luckchemy platform is aimed to offer a full suite of gambling products, with an initial focus but not limited to lottery, powerball, scratchers, sweepstakes, slots, poker

White Label

If you need the same platform for your brand, you don't need to develop it anymore. We are ready to provide our platform for your usage under your brand for a reasonable fee.

Legally compliant games

With our Sweepstakes games everybody in the world (including US participants) can play with Luckchemy. The platform offers free-to-play scratch cards and allows to win real prizes. We plan to add in-app purchases in the future.

99% return to player

Our lottery will offer the best returns in the industry. 99% return to players is significantly higher than in traditional lotteries and online blockchain alternatives. It becomes possible due to the fact, that funds from token sale will be mainly distributed for product development and marketing


Ability to try the product even during ICO

We are developing MVP now, so investors will be able to play games and see how Luckchemy platform will work already during ICO process


Integration with 3rd party games

To provide more gamers with exciting provably fair gambling experience, Luckchemy will allow integrations with other different games providers and platforms


Referral campaign during to


Alex Tatarchuk

Co-founder and CEO

Blockchain evangelist who gathered Luckchemy team all together, inspiring and being inspired with revolutionizing an igaming industry. The key area of Alex’s expertise - managing great mobile and web products - helps him to direct the team on the way of creating unique blockchain-based gambling platform with an exciting experience for players and provably fair games.

Alex Topchienko

Co-founder and COO

Proven professional experienced in blockchain, mobile gaming and digital marketing for over 7 years. Alex has a solid background in commercial analytics and business planning. He is also passionate about adtech, digital, mobile apps and tech innovations.

Mark Beck

Chief Marketing Officer

Mark Beck has spent over a decade in the gambling industry in a range of positions and markets (Australia, Las Vegas, San Francisco and UK). Mark has scaled some of the largest social casino apps in the world and specializes in user acquisition, in-game optimization, mergers & acquisition and finance.

Sergey Shkut

Head of Product

5+ years experience in the game development industry. Managed international mobile development project as a game producer. A proven expert in creating exciting experience for players and managing product development from A to Z.

Alex Evseev

Chief Legal Officer

After finishing service as a judicial assistant of the Chief Judge at the District Court Alex directed his efforts towards the IT practice. More than 5 years he is acting as an independent legal advisor for a great variety of startups throughout the world, namely in digital marketing, game development and e-gaming industries. With versatile background in law and unquenchable enthusiasm which Alex brought to our team we are more than ready to dive deep into the uncertain legal waters of todays' ICO world.


  • August-October 2017

    • Project start; Research and concept development; Team formation; Technical infrastructure creation; Platform logic development
  • November-December 2017

    • Product development; Design; Client-side and server-side logic development
  • January 2017

    • RNG algorithm development; Smart contracts development
  • February 2018

    • Uility token integration; Smart contract and platform tests
  • March 2018

    • MVP ready; Private round of investments closing; PR and marketing campaign; Scratch cards release; Token presale
  • April 2018

    • Token sale and investments attraction; Product development and improvement; Daily Lottery, Holders Draw release; Bounty program launch
  • May-June 2018

    • Companies registration in Gibraltar and Curacao; Token listing on crypto exchanges; Acquiring Curacao license; Referral program launch; Feedback polls release
  • Q3 2018

    • Public version of a platform launch; Sweepstakes release; Players attraction; Affiliate marketing program; White Label API development
  • Q4 2018

    • White label solution; Acquiring Malta license; Acquiring partnerships; Feedback polls; Multilingual interface; New games release; Secure smart contract for payment processing; Annual report
  • Q1 2019

    • New game release; Mobile app release; Multiplayer games; Product Growth & Support; Feedback polls
  • Q2 2019

    • Launch first 3rd party content providers; Feedback polls; Billing system development; New game release; Charity incentives

White Paper

Investment Info
Accepting ETH
Token Info
Token LUK
Platform Ethereum
Type ERC20
Token Price 1 LUK = 0.00004 ETH
Token Count 1,000,000,000
Crowd Sale Start Date 2018-April-30
Crowd Sale End Date 2018-July-20

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Luckchemy - Provably Fair Online Gambling Platform

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