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1 META = 0.012 USD

What is the MetaCert Protocol?

We see a world where you feel safe opening a link. We envision our solution, known as the MetaCert Protocol as an additional layer to the Internet Protocol Stack. It can sit between the Internet and the Web or it can be integrated within hardware or software that sits on top of the Internet.

It’s impossible for a single cyber security company to scale the submission and validation of domain name ownership and other Uniform Resource Identifiers (URIs) such as bots, wallet addresses, apps, and social media accounts across the entire Web. Existing crowdsourced trust and reputation initiatives for the Web haven't been successful, and we need participation from the community to help trust and reputation become ubiquitous.

The blockchain allows us to shift our centralized database to a decentralized registry. The Protocol features built-in game mechanics, rewarding participants with Tokens for submitting and validating the categorization of URIs. This incentivized system is the heart of the Protocol. In addition to rewarding participants, the Token will help mitigate the risk of bad actors trying to spoil the quality of the registry.

Everyone Benefits

Resource Owners

Owners of URIs such as websites, bots, wallet addresses, applications and social media accounts can request the verification of their digital assets by paying in Token. This will protect their brand and reputation while reducing the risk of impersonators building phishing sites, fake apps and spreading malware.


The Protocol's registry is machine-readable and can be queried for use by Internet Service Providers (ISPs), routers, crypto exchanges, Wi-Fi hotspots, mobile devices, browsers, websites, and applications to help address cyber threats. Information stored on the Protocol and accessible by Purchasers will include ownership identity, reputation ratings, content category type, submission information, validation records and dispute timestamps.

The MetaCert Protocol will provide purchasers an opportunity to integrate the data directly into their existing products and allow innovators to create new products that would not have been possible without it.


The Protocol will reward people who submit URIs for categorization in cryptocurrency token. The Token enables a unique reputation system to be managed so submitters can potentially become validators.


Experts in their respective fields are rewarded to validate submissions, incentivizing people who already take part in populating other lists to participate in the Protocol. Submitters can become validators once their reputation score is sufficient.


When using a hardware or software product that has integrated the MetaCert Protocol, consumers will feel safer when opening a link. They will also have the opportunity to become submitters to help improve the registry that is used to protect them.


Paul Walsh


As the first Technical Accounts Manager and International Beta Coordinator hired by AOL outside the US, Paul was part of the team that helped to launch technologies such as AIM, X2 56K modem protocol, Internet Radio and Online Games during the 90's. He was one of the two people who co-instigated the creation of the Standard for URI Categorization at the W3C, the industry standards body for the World Wide Web, and holds a full patent for URI security inside an app WebView. He is one of the seven original founders of the W3C Mobile Web Initiative and was amongst the first invited experts to the Semantic web Education & Outreach Program. Paul is a named contributor to 8 W3C Technical Specifications. In 2003 Paul founded mobile testing and web accessibility compliance company Segala. Segala was the first test house to become an Associate Member of the GSMA, generating $2.2 million in revenue in year one. While living in the UK he was Chair of the British Interactive Media Association between 2006-2009. He co-founded Shanti Life with Sheetal Walsh (MetaCert Board member), the first international Microfinance charity to gain charity status in India - it also has charity status in the US, Canada and UK.

Ian Hayward


As one of the first 50 coin carrying community contributors for Mozilla, Ian sponsored engineering build and maintenance of (2005-2009). As Mozilla's lead community admin of that site he helped shepherd and grow Firefox's grassroots marketing community. In 2009 Ian co-founded AppCoast where he and his team built the official browser add-ons for digg, Delicious, Microsoft, Yahoo!, eBay, PayPal, and Google. They also contributed to bug fixing for Firefox. Ian and his team built the first security add-on for Segala in 2005, which was formally endorsed by the W3C as one of the best implementations of the Semantic Web. He and Paul have been working together on many joint projects since then, before joining MetaCert in 2017

Kamrul Hassan

Chief Architect and Lead Engineer

As the only certified COBOL programmer in entire APEC region, Kamrul started out his career at Bank of Philippines Island (BPI) in 2000. He worked across some of Asia's largest fintech companies as a lead engineer and chief architect. He joined Segala in 2004 as a senior engineer where he was instrumental in helping some of the UK's biggest telco providers and digital agencies to build accessible websites and ads built in flash. He was also part of the compliance certification team that awarded compliant websites with the Segala Trustmark. After leaving Segala in 2011, he worked as startup CTO of Pandabed (Asian spin-off of Airbnb). He also worked as technical consultant for Ayala Health arm during it's foundation. Kamrul was the first Chief Architect for Compare Global Group, and creator of a financial comparison engine that powers more than a dozen financial comparison websites across the world today

Alfonso Valdes

Sys Ops

Starting his career as a Linux Systems Administrator and Network Management analyst gaining CCNA Cisco and CEH qualifications, Alfonso became a Security Specialist at Dextra Technologies working on projects for blue chip companies including Texas Instruments Later becoming a Senior Linux Engineer for Telecommunications company Sprint Nextel, Alfonso spent 3 years optimizing infrastructure and services with: NGINX, Varnish, Memcached, APC, Apache and MySQL tuning, Akamai CDN, CloudFlare, Amazon CloudFront along with organising system hardening and performing vulnerability assessments. For the past 6 years as CTO and Founder of his own specialist infrastructure company he gained valuable experience in the field of scalable architectures, distributed systems, and building cloud-native applications for clients while learning first hand of the value of entrepreneurial commitment.

Patrick Reilly

IP Attorney

Patrick is the founder of Intellectual Property Society San Francisco. He has a special commitment to encourage civic engagement with the evolution of intellectual property law, personal data rights and Internet identity. He is a graduate of the Defense Language Institute in Russian Language Studies, and has earned a BS in Sociology from the State University of New York, a BS in Electrical Engineering from the University of Toledo and a JD from Concord Law School. Patrick is a member of the U.S. Patent Bar and the California State Bar.


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White Paper

Investment Info
Accepting ETH
Token Info
Country Malta
Hardcap $10,000,000
Softcap $1,500,000
Token META
Platform Ethereum
Type ERC20
Token Price 1 META = 0.012 USD
Token Count 3,000,000,000
Pre-Sale Start Date 2018-August-23
Pre-Sale End Date 2018-October-31
Crowd Sale Start Date 2018-November-01
Crowd Sale End Date 2018-November-15

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