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1 MON = 0.000266 ETH

One Million Shop

One Million Shop is a place like no other on the Internet. You can buy here products and services settling the payments in cryptocurrencies. If you are a seller, you can settle your goods or services in cryptocurrencies or in a traditional way. If you are a buyer, you can pay for them without the necessity of exchanging cryptocurrencies into traditional legal tenders. Thanks to the MillionCoin token your shopping will become easier, faster and cheaper.

Release the cryptocurrencies potential with us! Buy and sell without limitations!

AT. Systems Bot

Get to know a professional tool for making automated transactions on cryptocurrencies exchanges. Get to know Bot that will help you earn more on cryptocurrencies. Our tool is characterized by simplicity of use and richness of tools as well as effectiveness and comfort that will enable you to achieve better results while trading cryptocurrencies. It is up to you to decide if you are using ready-made plans or if you personally set the key parameters in order to achieve optimal results.

Trust the technology of automation and maximize your profits!


Krzysztof Perek

CEO at One Million Group

Responsible for creating and implementing short-term and long-term strategy of the company. He has over ten-year long experience in sales and marketing as well as managing human resources. As one of the first entrepreneurs in the world he dealt in trading luxury goods for cryptocurrencies.

Marcin Walkowski

CEO at AT.Systems

He has been active on the cryptocurrencies market since 2009 which allowed him to study thoroughly the problems connected with this field. Co-founder of One Million Group. He is experienced in market analysis and project management within cryptocurrencies. He supervises the execution of work in the implementation teams and gains the key employees and clients for the company.

Michał Błaszczak

CSO (Chief Security Officer) at AT.Systems

Co-founder of Automated Trading Systems, security expert and experienced IT administrator. He has many years of experience in designing and improving IT security systems for the biggest global corporations

Karol Starukiewicz

CTO (Chief Technology Officer) at AT.Systems

Co-founder of Automated Trading Systems, IT administrator, programmer and security expert. Fascinated in computers since early life. He has done multiple implementations of management and security systems into corporate infrastructures. He puts his heart into programming, using his knowledge in this field to perform security audits.

Szymon Jaworski

Head of the Technical Department at One Million Group

He has many years of experience in logistics as well as preparing and realizing technical plans. His task is to supervise the proper functioning of the company and the quality of technical equipment available to the users.


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Investment Info
Accepting ETH, BTC
Token Info
Token MON
Platform Ethereum
Type ERC20
Token Price 1 MON = 0.000266 ETH
Token Count 34,000,000
Crowd Sale Start Date 2018-Feb-18
Crowd Sale End Date 2018-December-19

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