Token Count
1 ETH = 50,000 MOOV

Our mission

We want to create the very first democratized ecosystem where automotive data can be anonymously and

centrally stored while using the blockchain for validity and security features. However, to do this, we need hardware

to harvest and get the data to our servers. That is why we have created the Cockpit Moto and the Cockpit

Auto. With our device, we will be able to provide an inexpensive and reliable solution that allows data to be

transferred without any network fees or monthly subscriptions while ensuring security, safety, and privacy. We

are building a secure database infrastructure on the cloud where we can compute massive amounts of data on

the fly. This will present our users with unique features that will run in the background of their everyday lives.

Working with well-established companies in the Big Data analysis, we are making sure that we have our users

covered, and we are allowing them to access their data how and when they want via either our app or through

our web portal.

01. The challenge

Most of our vehicles today are loaded with an army of sensors.

However, these sensors operate on a very rigid environment and make the data collected unusable and worthless. MOOVIN, unlocks the value of this data.

02. The ecosystem

The very first democratized ecosystem where automotive data can be anonymously and centrally stored while using the blockchain for validity and security features.

03. The MOOV token

This ERC-20 token centric ecosystem will allow us to provide our users with compensation of contribution on top of offering them unprecedented features.

All this while allowing unrestricted access to the centralized database via the MOOV Token.

04. The data

Using the device developed by our partners at A-malgam Technologies or the smartphone app developed by Mirego teams, every user can generate data and expand the central database, getting remunerated in MOOV tokens in the process.


Patrick Collet

Founder & CEO

Being the founder and CEO, Patrick is the driving force behind A-malgam Technologies Inc.. His main focus is to make this project come to life by keeping a well assembled team tightly focused on reaching their goals. Being an airline pilot for the last 19 years his previous work includes communications and industrial design. Before founding A-malgam Technologies Inc., this motorcycle passionate also founded Speedbird Motorcycles, a mechanical creative studio. Always on the edge of new technologies, the blockchain era has given him a much broader and elaborate view of where the ongoing Cockpit project can go.

Keven Foster

Co-founder & Lead Programmer

Keven is the co-founder and lead programmer of the A-malgam Technologies Inc. family. He develops and oversees the integration on all levels of our inhouse OS called A-lux. He has an amazing 10 years of experience in development programming for large governmental departments like National Defense Ministry, RAMQ, and MSSS as well as private companies like EXFO, Desjardins and Industrial Alliance. His broad spectrum of knowledge and his will to surpass himself have allowed him to become a Solidity expert with a solid blockchain know-how

Nicolas Toulouse

Hardware Designer

Nicolas is our hardware designer, his main work consist of building the electronic board and harmonize the software integration with Keven. His work experience at Gentec made him able to develop skills that allow him to design electronics with a very high degree of complexity. Nicolas has already developed the first versions of both Cockpit iterations and is presently overseeing the first beta production and testing

François Sévigny

Master Mechanic & R &D Technician

François is a Master Mechanic expert in electronic diagnosis. In the last 10 years, he has worked as a automotive technician and the past three as a motorcycle mechanic as well. He is in charge of implementation, testing and responsible for data logging and validation. His passion for technology has always made him go the extra mile, researching in depth about everything he learns. As a cryptocurrency and blockchain advocate, he has a thorough knowledge of trading platforms and the emerging fintech technologies

Vincent Dufour

Media and Community manager

Vincent has worked as a business representative for 6 years, where he honed his skills in customer relations as well as marketing. His objectives at A-malgam Technologies Inc. focuses on making sure the hard work done by the team is reflected by transmitting the core values of the company and by engaging in serious community-involved actions. His experience with cryptocurrencies and its related technologies makes him a valued asset.


  • May 2016

    Genesis of A-malgam Technologies Inc

  • July 2016

    Creation of the Cockpit Moto with patent

  • September 2016

    A-lux OS launch

  • February 2017

    Creation of the Cockpit Auto

  • June 2018


  • November 2018

    Beta testing of the Cockpit Moto /Auto

  • December 2018

    Database management, AI deployment and testing

  • February 2019

    Alpha testing of Cockpit Auto/Moto

  • April 2019

    Cockpit APP deployment with Cockpit Auto/Moto production launch

  • June 2019

    Start of Cockpit sale and launch of the Moovin ecosystem

White Paper

Investment Info
Accepting ETH
Token Info
Token MOOV
Platform Ethereum
Type ERC20
Token Price 1 ETH = 50,000 MOOV
Token Count 4,000,000,000
Pre-Sale Start Date
Pre-Sale End Date
Crowd Sale Start Date 2018-August-01
Crowd Sale End Date 2018-September-30

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